Zhan Long Chapter 733: Stone Tigers


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Chapter 733 - Stone Tigers

I am simply unable to predict every single event correctly, and the movements of the [Dawn] guild are one of the them. An hour later, we received information that the Hand of Waterloo led his remaining 700+ members of the [Dawn] guild into Moon Valley. Originally, the plan was to kill off the remaining survivors of [Hero’s Mound]. Who would have thought that they would run into a group of members from the [Legend] guild that just returned from Tian Ling City. Fang Ge Que personally led the team with the three great generals: Enchanted Painting, Lu Chunyang and Xuan Yuan Feng. Together with 200+ Earth Bane Horsemen, he charged into Moon Valley and fought a battle with the members from the [Dawn] guild. Both guilds suffered equal losses but perhaps it was due to the fear of the vanguard led by Fang Ge Que and Enchanted Painting, that Hand of Waterloo led everyone to retreat to the Breezy Plains and adopted several defensive positions. As such, the [Legend] guild didn’t dare to be careless as they stayed at Moon Valley to train their levels and explored the map.

However, based on my inference, the [Dawn] guild members are not reckless men. Seeing as they knew when to retreat and when to advance, it was obvious that they wouldn’t have submissively given away Moon Valley to us Chinese players. The next move in their plans would probably be to unite the players from England and together in one big army, force their way into Moon Valley, and force us Chinese players to the borders and eventually expel us into the wastelands.

If Fang Ge Que hadn’t arrived to help, I fear that the [Dawn] members could have just accomplished the mission with just the 700+ Moon City horsemen they had. After all, the 120 horsemen from [Hero’s Mound] were just simply unable to stand up to the might of the cavalry of the [Dawn] guild.

In this way, this unexpectedly gave [Zhan Long] an exceptionally good chance to train levels. We had very few people, just barely 20 mounts. As there was no need for us to join in on the fun at Moon Valley, we might as well go to Rubble Forest and sweep the area clean.

As we trained our levels, we also paid attention to the information from the outside world. Flame Cloud City, south of Tian Ling City, was also beginning to move. An unclear number of Flame Cloud players had entered into the southern territories of the War God’s Map. They fought against our players in areas like Panlong Peak and Starry Moon Swamp. Ye Lai lead five hundred of his Frost Ram Horsemen over and split up with [Legend]. Main players like Scholar, Drunken Moment, and Dawn of Purgatory lead a thousand of their horsemen into the Panlong Peak area. Apparently, they had already fought against three hundred of the Indian players from Flame Cloud City. Each had their own victories. Just based off of their current attitude, Flame Cloud City really was the most average of the cities. The Indian players’ plans and thoughts were already known by everyone.

Thankfully, the Chinese Server was well reputed for their strength. [Legend] and [Judgement] held fort in the south. No matter how strong the players from Flame Cloud City were, they still wouldn’t be able to break through our defense. Besides, the country battles had yet to open. Even if they fought their way into Tian Ling City and killed the king, they still wouldn’t be able to invade the city. The Indian players weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t try something like that.

Once I thought about that, I let out a long sigh. I’m afraid that the upcoming battle won’t be changed by anything. All that [Zhan Long] can do is prepare as much as they can. When the armies come, we can only do our best to hold them off like a dam and we are going to be the soldiers of the future country battle. The sole reason for [Zhan Long]’s battles was for the sake of China’s honor!


“Ka cha!”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword sliced through, and cut the Limestone Giant in half. It cried out and finally fell to the ground. After it had died, it dropped a pair of Limestone boots. Wan Er smiled, “Your luck isn’t bad today, you got another pair of boots~”

I smiled and urged my horse forward. After walking around another stone pillar, I saw another group of Limestone Giants that had just spawned. However, right as I turned around, I felt a shudder run through my body, but it had nothing to do with the Limestone Giants.

“Pig, what’s wrong?” Wan Er had noticed my expression and softly asked.

I opened my both, but couldn’t say anything. All that I could look at was the purple vines on the pillar. I reached out and pointed at, excited saying, “That… isn’t that….”

Wan Er was startled, “Purple Spirit Grass!”

I nodded, it was the Level 12 Herb Purple Spirit Grass. We had searched all over Tian Ling City, looking for this herb. Now that we were in the Rubble Forest, we actually managed to find such a precious herb!


“Wan Er, what level is your alchemy and herb picking skill at?” I asked.

“Level 11, I haven’t reached Level 12 yet….” Wan Er said with a red face, “I’ve been spending all day playing with you guys, wasting a lot good opportunities for grinding skill levels….”

I was a little speechless, “Alright. That Purple Spirit Grass is mine!”

I rushed forward and leapt off my horse. I leapt up and plunged my Brilliant Flame Emperor into the pillar. Afterwards, I carefully picked the herb. “Ding!” My herb picking experience increased a bit. I put four bundles of the herb into my bag. Afterwards, I looked up to look for some more. The herbs grew sparsely. I had to climb up a few more meters before I could find the next group. As before, I picked some more.

This area spawned the Purple Spirit Grass. Every pillar grew around 3-5 bundles of the herb. And so, I stopped killing monsters and started gathering the grass. I waited until Li Mu and Wang Jian had completely killed all of the Limestone Giants. Around then, I had finished picking all of the herbs in the area. I had a total of seven stacks, around 694 herbs. That was around enough to level up my alchemy.

I rode on my Flying Scythe Horse and turned around to ask, “Who here has alchemy pots?”

From the crowd, Yue Yao Yan added, “I brought some. Guildmaster, how many do you need?”

“However many you have!”

“I have 200 stacks of them, each with ten pots. Pay up….”


I bought all of the alchemist pots from Yue Yao Yan and then borrowed some Dragon Spit Grass from Wan Er. I then immediately began making the new pill. Purple Spirit Grass x3, Dragon Spit Grass x4 and Alchemy Pots x15. In the next moment, the alchemy pots and the ingredients all disappeared. A few Purple Spirit Pills appeared in my hand. At the same time, I heard a bell ring——


System Notification: Congratulations, you’ve created [Purple Spirit Pill]x5, Because you are the first player to make the Purple Spirit Pill, you have received the reward: Charm x20!


Another 20 charm. Now I had a total of 553 Charm. Getting the charm was an extra bonus, but the stats were pretty great. I can tell from the monster drop rates.

As I stood there, I used up all of the alchemy pots. I had created a total of 500+ Purple Spirit Pills. I then smiled, “Come come, everyone who witnessed this get’s a split of the profits. Everyone gets ten Purple Spirit Pills. You have to save it though, I’m not sure you’ll get any more in the future….”

Li Mu laughed, “Purple Spirit Pill, does it have good stats?”

“Check it out for yourself!”

I threw the ten pills over to Li Mu. That kid looked at it and shuddered——

[Purple Spirit Pill]: Instantly recovers 10,0000 mana and 20,000 health points. Cooldown: 30 seconds. After taking this pill, the user’s MaxHP and MP will increase by 40%. Furthermore, it will increase the user’s attack power and magic power by 10%. The user must be level 120 in order to use.


“D*mn….” Li Mu gulped. I could see a fiery excitement growing in his eyes as he coarsely said, “That’s too OP…. it recovers 20,000 health instantly. Not only does it recover our points and health, it also increases attack power by 10%. This is completely unfair. Is this the pill of immortality! Xiao Yao, can I have another hundred pills?”

“F*ck off….”

I continued dispersing the Purple Spirit Pill. I gave ten to each person, leaving myself with a little over a hundred. I gave some more to Wan Er and Dong Cheng. After all, those two girls live with me. If I didn’t give them some more, then I’m afraid that I would be nagged to death. Of course, they could also wait upon me and do my every bid. Who knows.

After I completed everything, I continued forward. All of the monsters outside of the Stone Forest had been mostly cleared out.

Not long after, we entered the central area of the map. Screeches sounded throughout the map. I urged my Flying Scythe Horse forward and went around a pile of rubble. Only then did I find out that there was an enormous valley at the center. There were numerous monsters in the valley. Just a bit ahead of me was a fierce tiger. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the normal colorful tigers we see in real life, but rather a mossy green and grey Limestone Tiger. It must’ve been brought to life by magic.

I felt my heart jump a little. I glanced behind me and asked, “Is there anyone with a mount crystal?”

Qing Qian sat in Meng Yao’s lap and smiled, “Brother Xiao Yao, I have some, a total of forty. What is it?”

I lowered my voice and said, “I have a feeling that this “Ancient Stone Tiger” monster can be made into a mount….”

Li Mu smiled, “Then why don’t we hurry up?”



Everyone pushed forward and cleared out the stone tigers one by one. After killing around a hundred, the first LV 1 mount appeared!

Qing Qian handed a mount crystal to me and began to tame the stone tigers. In the end, it succeeded in one try. The stone tiger cried out and brushed against my leg. The Ancient Stone Tiger roared, as though it was trying to get more affection.

I wasn’t planning on taking this mount so I tossed it over to Wan Er and said, “Later on, Wan Er, you decide on who gets this mount. How about we take a look at its stats?”

Wan Er nodded and waved her hand over it. The Stone Tiger’s stats appeared before my eyes. It was a Level 120 Saint Tier Mount. It was another level above the Steel Blade Horses. On top of that, its stats were also far over that of the Steel Blade Horses——

Special Attribute: Green Cliff Shield, Increases the user’s defense power by 80%

Special Attribute: Petrify Attack, Every ten attacks, the user will deal an attack with a [Petrify] skill. The effect lasts for five seconds



The little beauty raised the mount crystal and looked at me for a long time, “The great system overlords seem to be putting us Chinese players at a disadvantage, isn’t that right? Such a strong mount is actually spawning in Moon City….”

Li Mu grit his teeth and said, “That Petrify skill is just too great, it’s practically a bug. D*mmit, if all of the Steel Blade Cavalry had that skill, then wouldn’t we be undefeatable?”

Wang Jian and Matcha were both speechless.

Everyone here had been through a hundred battles in the game so naturally they understood the strength of the Petrify. Furthermore, this skill allowed the Petrify to work after only ten attacks. If the Steel Blade Horsemen had that Petrify effect, just what kind of an effect would that be? We’d be able to break through formations and cut through armies easily. We could break through anything using that Petrify. It seems as though anything is possible.


“Let’s hurry….” I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword and said, “Let’s try and get more of those Stone Tiger mounts before the Moon City players find out…”

It was at that moment which I finally regretted not bringing all 6000 Steel Blade Horsemen. If I did have that many mounts, then these mounts were nothing. But now, I was realizing that [Dawn] was our [Legend], which must have a powerful cavalry as well. Once it's been brought to us, then it will definitely becoming something we must consider.
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