Zhan Long Chapter 687: You're Mine!


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Chapter 687 - You're Mine!


When I smashed my Yuan Rong Boot against the black rock, a spark exploded off of it. My heart jumped a little inside. This mountain isn’t just hard. I had actually jumped from such a high spot and still couldn’t find a soft place to land.

Behind me, Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian all landed. They walked towards me.

I looked at the ground and suddenly kneeled down. I reached out to touch the “cliff”. The ground was not a cliff. Rather it was a thick layer of steel. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and sliced at the rock. “Keng!” The tip of my sword had only left a ten centimeter deep trace on the ground. These weren’t even the same kind of traces that normal rock would have left. Instead, it looked as though an iron bar had been cut. I was starting to understand the meaning behind its name.


Wang Jian furrowed his brows, “Steel Blade Mountain, is this mountain really made out of steel?”

Wan Er nodded, “Probably. From the looks of it, this is a dead volcano, but its also an steel mine. The earth’s heat melted all of the steel, and when the volcano exploded, it left behind a layer of steel, thus creating this landscape. The entire mountain is wrapped in a steel shell.”

Wang Jian was stunned, “Doesn’t that mean that there isn’t an inch of grass here? If there aren’t any plants, then where are the animals? Where are we going to find mobs to kill….”

I was speechless, “Think carefully, what did you use to get over here?”

Wang Jian glancd at the enormous tree and wryly smiled, “Ah. That’s true. But, to be able to grow out of a thick piece of steel, these trees have a really strong will to survive….”

“That’s not all…..”

I jumped onto my horse and lead it to the side of the mountain, “I cannot imagine what kind of will it takes to do that. Even in an environment as harsh as this, it still doesn’t give up on its will. Look, there’s even some grass over there…..”

Wan Er quickly walked over and saw what i was looking at. There was a patch of grass that was around 10 square meters. There were some plants that looked like a brambles. When I got close, I leapt off of my horse. I pulled out my blade to shake the bramble, only to notice that none of the stem or leaves were green. Rather, there was a thin layer of bright steel on the plant.

I reached out to pull at the leaf. Then, I pulled hard. “Ka!” Pain ran through my finger. It was like pulling a steel wire. When I looked at the edge of the stem, the juice that was squeezed out wasn’t green but rather a liquid that was steel colored. I clicked my tongue. This plant is actually made out of metal!

Qing Qian walked forward and smiled, “I can’t imagine. Can animals even eat this plan? Won’t they get poisoned to death if they eat it….”

Wan Er smiled softly, “The environment in the game won’t be the same as in real life. Look over there, some of the leaves under that iron tree have been eaten. If I’m not wrong, there’s some monsters here!”

Wolf said, “Should we wait for everyone to get here?”

I shook my head, “There’s no need. We’ll go and scout out the road first!”



I leapt onto my horse again and urged it forward. I then summoned my Ancient Heavenly Tiger to walk in front of us. Wan Er guarded Dancing forest and Qing Qian. Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K had their horses follow behind us. We walked along the path and carefully made our way forward to scout the place ahead. We’ve never been to this map before, so we couldn’t be overconfident. Even though we were strong and would not likely have our entire team destroyed, losing a level was still a heartbreaking thing.


Qing Qian pointed forward and said, “There are some red dots heading our way!”

Everyone stopped and held their breath. Not long after, we heard the sounds of hooves beating the ground. At the other corner of the mountain, a black beast came trotting our way. It looked like a wild horse, but with a pitch black body. On top of that, it’s hair did not shine at all. Instead, it was a thick layer of steel armor. This armor wasn’t man made however, but rather naturally grown on the horse. On top of that, this type of wild horse carried a fierce light in its eyes. It opened its mouth and released a burst of flame.

“F*ck, what is this thing?!” Li Mu whispered.

I lead my horse forward and read out the stats in the team chat——

[Steel Blade Beast] (Titan Tier)

Level: 130

Attack: 1000-12700

Defense: 11000

Health: 260,000

Skills: [Steel Blade] [Wild Flame] [Flame Hoof Burstraid]

Introduction: Steel Blade Beast, this is a special type of beast that lives on Steel Blade Mountain. It has the appearance of a wild horse, but has a devastating strength. It lives off of the plants on Steel Blade Mountain. These plants contain steel and flame attributes, which caused the beasts to mutate, and gave them a steel body and allowed them to control fire. However, they are vicious beasts. Once they become violent, they are capable of taking lives.

“OK, the monster has appeared. Prepare to kill….”

I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword. The Steel Blade Beast walked forward with flames coming out off its nostrils. It lowered its head to chew on some of the plants growing on the mountain as though we weren’t worth its attention.

Li Mu urged his horse over. When he was 40 yards away, the Steel Blade Beast began to get violent. It looked up with a savage glare in its eyes at Li Mu. It suddenly charged over at us with terrifying speed. “Peng!” It knocked Li Mu into a Confused state. It then roared and, activated flames around its body and on its hooves. It then threw a [Flame Hoof Burstraid]. Li Mu had 40,000 health while he was on a mount. In that second, he lost over 20,000 of his health. D*mn, this Level 130 Titan Tier monster’s attack output really was on a different level!

I threw a [Heal] to Li Mu. I wasn’t a healer, nor did any of my equipment add any [Heal] effects, so I could only give him 1650 of his health back. It was only to help him survive.

I then commanded my Flying Scythe War Horse to charge forward. With a whinny, it sprinted out, locking [Charge] onto the beast. The attack stunned the Steel Blade Beast and I then swung both of my swords which dealt some continuous cuts. Wan Er and the rest came forward to help. After a few hits, it was killed, dropping 2 Gold and 33 Silver. This little thing was even more profitable than the Magma Ox. Everyone was so excited they couldn’t stop grinning.

“Well well, do you think it can drop equipment too?” Li Mu smiled.

I nodded, “Yup. These Steel Blade Beasts should be the main monster on this Steel Blade Mountain. Let’s wait for a bit, let the other thousand brothers catch up. After that, we’ll split up into ten hundred man teams and start clearing this Steel Blade Mountain. Besides that, tell the brothers to keep this map a secret. I don’t want to be interrupted while we’re grinding levels.”

Li Mu said, “Don’t worry about that. These 1000 are all of [Zhan Long]’s elites. That won’t be a problem.”


Right at that moment, Qing Qian blinked a few times and said, “Listen, I think I hear something….”

As she said that, the mountain began to shiver.

I widened my eyes and looked around. Stunned I shouted, “F*ck, there’s a whole flock of red dots running our way. We…. did we just poke the hornet’s nest?”

I quickly charged forward and looked down the hill. A large group of Steel Blade Beasts were charging our way. It was truly a frightening scene. There were at least 50 of them. Dealing with a rampage of more than fifty Tian Tier monsters was not going to be an easy task. On top of that, we only had 100+ people with us Most of them were still in the middle of climbing.

“Careful, meet them with our shields!”

Once I shouted, everyone seemed to realize what was going on. Yue Yao Yan, Ling Xiao Xie and the other knights all rammed their shields into the ground and prepared to meet the Steel Blade Beasts charge. I stood in front of them and said, “In a second, I will take command. Our first priority is to kill. Kill them one by one, don’t use area attacks. Create an iron bucket formation. Make sure our formation isn’t broken!”

Everyone here was smart and reacted quickly. The heavy tier players quickly made a circle and protected the ranged players.

A few seconds later, the herd was in eyesight. I threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] from a distance to attract ten of them towards me. I then marked all of them one by one with numbers and then growled, “Start with number one and kill them off one by one. Healers, make sure you watch the health bars of all the outer formation players. Don’t let us get killed!”

Once I finished speaking, a few of the Steel Blade Beasts had charged against my blades. One after another, they rammed into me, and forced me to retreat a few steps. I then immediately pushed back. I swept out my two blades and began to use [Drain] against the mob. My Ancient Heavenly Tiger already activated its attack, while the people behind me followed en suite.

“F*ck, their firepower’s a little too strong..”

Ling Xiao Xie shouted. He took the attack from four of the Steel Blade Beasts. The [Wild Flame] was especially hard hitting. Flames rose up around the monsters, dealing burn damage. Ling Xiao Xie took too much damage and the healers hadn’t noticed in time. With a grunt he fell to his knees. Wan Er quickly had her Purple Kirin Dragon fill in the spot.

I charged forward with all my might. Not long after, we gradually began to gain our footing. A dozen or so of the Steel Blade Beasts had died. Right at that moment, Qing Qian hesitated. She was staring right at one of the Steel Blade Beasts and pointed it out, “Brother Xiao Yao, look….look….”

I looked at where she was pointing and a shiver went down my spine. I felt my heart start beating like crazy. The name above the Steel Blade Beast was still “Steel Blade Beast” but there was actually a 1 next to it. On top of that, it was a mount type pet!

[Steel Blade Beast] (Saint Tier Mount)


Special: Can be Tamed

Required Level: 115

All of the Fifth Advancement Players had a skill that allowed them to tame beasts. My Flying Scythe War Horse was already good enough and so I looked to my side. Li Mu grinned widely, “Is it for me?”

“Then it’s yours. Its a Saint Tier Mount, much better than yours!”

“Alright then. Nobody hit the Level 1 Steel Blade Beast. Stop your area attacks!”

Li Mu opened his palm. A horse whip symbol floated above his palm. The first time he tried to tame it, it failed. That Level 1 Steel Blade Beast roared and bucked its hooves. It looked a little pissed off.

Li Mu bore with the attacks from two other Steel Blade Beasts. His head had nearly been turned towards the cliff by the beast attacks. But he still opened his palm and smiled, “Baby, you’re mine!”


The second time he tried to tame it, he succeeded!

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