Zhan Long Chapter 392: Takedown Lin Qiong


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Chapter 392 Takedown Lin Qiong

Since the battle at Moonlight Forest, [Legend] hasn’t been very active, Fang Ge Que’s points didn’t change much. I, on the other hand, went through a lot of large battles in the Wild Boar Forest and Bowl Valley, so my points have almost caught up with Fang Ge Que’s. Ye Lai led 8000 of [Judgement]’s warriors in a difficult breakthrough battle from Bowl Valley, leaving an uncountable number of corpses behind them, rapidly bringing his rank up to third place. Ba Li Ruo Feng and Simple, two masters of AOE attacks, had already been killed so their points were set meaning they could only slide down the rankings. Jian Feng Han’s points are in hot pursuit with General Li Mu and Old K’s points also rising. Looks like, as long as there are no major accidents, the second person to enter [Zhan Long Hall] will be Li Mu. That’s fine, he deserves it!

Lots of chaotic battles had broken out in the plain. After the night ended, Hell’s Core’s barren sands were completely dyed in blood. Countless players’ corpses lay on the sands. [Zhan Long]’s 2000 man elite army quickly and relentlessly fought in eight battles, and like swirling winds sweeping through the plains, we massacred almost 20,000 enemies. In the end, our own army had finally dwindled down to only 1500 men. Li Mu’s and Wang Jian’s weapons were almost broken.

Looking at my Emperor Qin’s Sword, its ability to never wear down meant it still had 100% durability, but the Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword only had 14% durability left. If it wasn’t fixed soon, it would lose its attack buff. Clearly, there was no way I could fight against the armies of Jiu Li City with just my Emperor Qin’s Sword.

“Sha Sha…..”

Matcha walked across the sand with her sword dripping fresh blood. She blinked a few times, then looked at me with a smile, “Boss, aren’t you tired? You’ve been at the very front of all these continuous and ferocious battles…”

I nodded my head, “Yeah, [Destiny]’s game helmet strains your brain. Plus, we’ve been intensely PKing for a while. It’s already five minutes past midnight, playing seventeen hours is probably the limit of a person’s body.”

Li Mu said, “Just got some news, [Legend] fought a small scale battle with [Vanguard], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Prague] to the east of the fort. [Legend] lost 3000 players while killing 7000 of Ba Huang City’s players. Now, most of [Legend] has gone offline to rest, even Fang Ge Que has already logged off. Boss, we should also get some rest, or else, if our comrades continue like this then all of our energy will be spent and everything will only get harder.”

I nodded and said, “Then let’s rest. All [Zhan Long] players return to the city, repair your equipment and replenish your potions. You must return online at exactly 12 o’clock noon tomorrow.”

Matcha said, “Brother Fox’s [Zhan Long Second Division] has already risen to Lv 3, it can have up to 900 members now. I have some friends scattered across Ba Huang City that can join so we can get another 900 people. At least we we will have more than 1500 members. To be honest, we have way too little people. If we meet [Legend] like this, then we’ll probably be instantly devoured by them…”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Haha, thank god the guild has Matcha. Thanks to her, finding new members isn’t a problem. You can do it!”



One after another, everyone turned towards Ba Huang City and sprinted back. I looked at Fort Zi Feng, and saw the city caught in the midst of a chaotic battle, Ba Huang City’s NPC Army Corps had even sent out the Flying Cavalrymen to support the armies. The battle had entered its most intense phase, but it seems that it will still take some time before it’s finished. It shouldn’t be an issue if we sleep for about 7 hours.

Before returning to the city, I messaged Lin Wan Er. It turns out that she and Dong Cheng Yue had also decided to sleep till around 11 o’clock. After eating some fast food, they would continue to battle.

I rushed back to Ba Huang City, finished preparing, and went offline.

Taking off the helmet, I felt a swelling sensation in my forehead, and the energy within my body kept rushing around wildly within my body. I clenched my fist and felt the energy around it instantly swirl into a snowflake. I couldn’t help but be stunned. I had only used around 40% of my strength and yet I still managed to make shape movement of my energy. Is this a sign that I’ve actually improved my mastery of ki by a lot?

Whatever, let’s sleep first.

After quickly eating two pork buns as well as drinking some cool water, I laid down on my pillow and fell asleep.


I slept all the way until noon, and was woken up by my phone alarm at 11. I hastily got up, washed my face, changed my clothes, and rushed downstairs.
Wan Er and Dong Cheng were already waiting at the entrance of the girls dormitory, but Tang Qi hadn’t arrived yet. I asked “Where is Tang Qi?”

Dong Cheng said, “Q-Sword dragged him off to do the dirty work. He had to lead a team of people to keep on attacking the city. Why don’t we just go eat first? Don’t think too much about him. Brother Xiao Yao, how is the battle between Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City going?”

“Not very well……” I sighed: “Jiu Li City is too strong, Ba Huang is struggling against them, especially against [Legend]. To think that they could actually maintain a 20000+ man army, even [Zhan Long] has already cut down to only 1500 men. Just talking about it makes me want to cry.”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile, “Alright alright, that’s enough. I’ve already looked at Jiu Li City VS Ba Huang City’s Guild battle standings. [Zhan Long]’s members are all at the top of the rankings. The points [Zhan Long] has is 11% more than the second place guild [Legend]…..”

I was a little speechless, “That was from being desperation and going all out, but because of that, we only have 1500 men left.”

Wan Er looked down at the leaves that had fallen on the ground, and used her little high heels to kick a small rock. She smiled and said “Alright already, [Legend] has registered 100,000 members, 50,000 of which are online right now. To top that off they have several divisions. On the other hand, your [Zhan Long] has around 5000+ people. To be able rival them in terms of points is miraculous. All that killing must have been giving a lot of experience, and all 3000 people in the [Zhan Long] main guild have definitely been a main force in the battles. Aren’t you guys getting close to becoming a Lv 5 guild?”

I grinned: “We’re alright, Lv 4 guild with 77% experience. As we are now, we’ll probably hit Lv 5 by the end of this City War.”

“Isn’t that great…..”

Wan Er tugged my sleeve while walking with me. She gently smiled and said “Level 5 guilds can hold up to a max of 10,000 people, [Zhan Long] shouldn’t have problems recruiting that amount of people. This way, you’ll be able to break 10,000 members easily. Also, you should develop your divisions early on. By the end of this game, whether it’s a guild battle, city battle, or country battle, the way to become the top guild is to have the greatest number of men!”

I nodded “Yeah, I know already. We have been trying our best to accomplish that. Oh yeah, you and Dong Cheng are joining soon right? There aren’t too many days left…..”

“I know~”

Wan Er glanced at me and replied. Her beautiful eyes shining with a mischievous light, “Don’t be too impatient, Dong Cheng and I have been pretty busy these days.”

“Oh? Busy with what?”

Wan Er turned around with her two hands behind her back. She charmingly looked back at me, her long hair softly fluttering in the wind and her beautiful cheeks making my heart squeeze. She then tilted her head and grinned, “Because, I want to get you a big mysterious gift….”

“Huh? What is it?”

“If I told you then it wouldn’t be mysterious anymore, so don’t ask!”

“But if you don’t say what it is, then I won’t be able to sleep” I whined.

“If you ask again, I will have Dong Cheng beat you up…..”

“Okay never mind, Let’s go eat!”

The three of us quickly sped through the school’s buffet style cafeteria, got some food, and finished it in 20 minutes. The two girls quickly went up to the dorms to continue leveling up for the City Battle. I also ran as quickly as I could to my dorm. Log On!



I appeared in the Ba Huang City Center, it was already noon. Li Mu’s message had appeared, “Xiao Yao, you’re finally online! Everyone is ready to go. They’ve finished gathering at the forest on the outskirts of the north side of the city. You should quickly come!”


Pulling out my sword, I ran out of the city. A little ways away, the closely packed [Zhan Long] warriors were ready, waiting for action. It looked like the Second Division had recruited to the max as we had 900 more men. Also, Qing Qian formed some temporary parties filled with Ba Huang City players who had not taken part in the City War so far. She had gotten about 1600+ more men. Just like this, [Zhan Long] managed to piece together nearly 4000 men.

Passing through Ba Huang Forest and Bowl Valley, the army headed toward Fort Zi Feng. As we swept through the plains, we slaughtered 500 Jiu Li City players. The area south of the fort had originally been Ba Huang City’s territory, but now I couldn’t see too many players from Ba Huang City. Everywhere I looked, I saw small groups of players from Jiu Li City roaming the area, killing Ba Huang City players for experience.

When [Zhan Long]’s army arrived, all of those soldiers quickly retreated. I didn’t pursue them since I didn’t have a high speed cavalry group. It would waste too much time.

Behind us, there were still large amounts of players coming in from [Vanguard], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] etc. Everyone was rested up. Finally it’s time for a fierce battle.


Looking at the City Battle Menu, the two sides didn’t have as much of a disparity in terms of men as there was yesterday.
Jiu Li City: 127829 men

Ba Huang city: 91727 men

We were basically competing each other in terms of size. The only thing that concerned me was the fact that 20,000 of the 120,000 players of Jiu Li City were comprised of [Legend]’s elites. Killing these people would be extremely hard. Fang Ge Que is a smart person, and this entire time, he’s been able to keep most of his forces intact. The Citadel Guarding Decree will most likely fall in Fang Ge Que’s hands, and whoever gets that, is without a doubt, the MVP of this City Battle.


Dancing Forest pointed towards the city walls and said “The NPC’s on Fort Zi Feng’s walls have been switched to Ba Huang City’s NPCs. Does this mean the fort has already been captured by us?”

“No!” General Li Mu pointed toward the east and said, “Look over there. Those plains are full of NPC skirmishes. Holy Crap, that’s a lot of people. Looks like the battle is about to finish!”

I looked over there as well. Indeed there were over 100,000 men battling in the plains. Ba Huang City’s Nightmare, Imperial Defense, and Desolate Cloud Army, the three great armies, were in the midst of a fierce battle against Jiu Li City’s Heaven’s Army!


“What are we going to do now?” Wolf was a little anxious.

I adjusted my grip on the Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword and smiled, “Let’s go beside the Desolate Cloud Army and set up our position there. We can also help in the NPC’s battle. We can’t really kill players right now, so why not kill some NPC’s for some points. We need to level up the guild to Lv 5. It would be frustrating to no end if [Zhan Long] doesn’t end up being Lv 5 by the end of this!”


Everyone excitedly went left towards the northern side of the fort. We stopped next to the Desolate Cloud Arm, and arrayed our shields in a formation while our long range players stood very still in the back. In the distance, drums shook the heavens as Jiu Li City’s Heaven’s Army took the initiative and made the first attack. They didn’t show any fear of Ba Huang City’s Three Great Armies.



The Imperial Defense commander-in-chief, Luo Ge, lifted his Ice Demon Axe, waved it around, and gave a battlecry “Ba Huang City’s warriors, come and charge at the enemy with me. Let us destroy Jiu Li City’s Lin Qiong for the Duke!!!”

The pounding of hooves rang all around as it signaled the beginning of the great battle.
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