Young Love Chapter 77: World of friends and enemy....


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It was a bright summer day, college campus was full of students who were prepared to decide their future. Entrance test for all professional courses was scheduled for three more days. Friends who were busy all summer studying got an opportunity to meet.

"Hi.... Siri... Long time" said Punya as soon as she saw Siri amidst students.

"Hi..." said Siri and hugged her.

"How are you?" asked Punya.

"Good... You?" asked Siri.

"Super.... Have you prepared well??"

"Yeah kind of... But going to tuitions even in summer was boring" said Siri.

"I understand that"

"Everyone isn't as lucky as you to get tutored by the love of their life" said Siri.

Punya chuckled "But he was strict enough to teach me"..

"I know how much. Same farms, same house, same car, might be same bed too"

"Shut up... He knows his control. He's responsible" said Punya.

"Yet you're blushing which is tells me something happened" teased Siri.

"Nothing. Leave that... Who else was there with you in the tutorials??"

"Thank God, Jyoti had accompanied me.... Or I would explode"

"What about Disha??? She was also supposed to be with you"

"Nope, no updates on her" said Punya.

"Hi Punya" said a male voice.

"Hi Vedant, Hi Jyoti" wished Punya.

"Did you see Tarak?" asked Vedant.

"Not yet, might be he's with Thrishul. You know (quote) the doctors...." said Punya.

"Yes I know they're interested in Medicine but I bet Tarak won't make through" said Vedant.

"Sshhh Siri" whispered Punya.

"I heard, I am also not so confident about him" shrugged Siri.

Everyone started laughing.

"Hello everyone" said Thrishul who walked into the group with Tarak.

"Hi, Hello, Hey...." everyone responded.

"Did you find your class room Punya?" asked Thrishul.

"Yup... On the top floor" said Punya.

"Mine too, come we'll go to the classroom" said Thrishul.

"Hello young birds" said another male voice. Everyone turned and it was Prakruth. Punya's eyes sparkled seeing him.

"All the best everyone" wished Prakruth.

Everyone responded with a thanks except Thrishul. He acted as if he never heard.

"Where's Disha??" asked Thrishul.

"Still not seen" said Siri.

"There she's" said Jyoti pointing far away. Disha was walking towards them with her cousin Tara.

"Oh complications Punya do well...I'll leave. Bye" said Prakruth and tried to walk away.

"You're leaving already??" asked Tara.

"Yeah. I just came to wish them. I've some work" said Prakruth.

Punya texted him, "Why are you being so rude to her?"

Phone beeped. Prakruth opened his phone and looked at the screen and smiled.

"Should I play nice to her??" he texted her back.

"Yes" she replied. He just nodded looking at Punya.

"Tara can I drop you home??" asked Prakruth.

"Yeah Sure. So Sweet of you" said Tara "Bye Everyone. All the best" she wished. She wrapped her hand around Prakruth's hand and walked away.

"Holy cow.... You've one more competitor" whispered Siri.

"I know what kind of a person Prakruth is. Don't worry" said Punya and "Come we'll head to our classrooms" she added.

At the evening, Roshni called up Prakruth. He rejected the calls.

She texted "Punya is in danger"

He called her immediately.... "What are you up to?? Why target her now???" he screamed.

"Oh oh... Relax. You shouldn't have messed with my experiment"

"You're speaking about Rishi... He's safe from the devil you installed in his brain" said Prakruth.

"I know that because he's not listening to me... I know I lost control over stupid brain of his. If he had continued with me, you both would've been separated. I would spare her..." she said.

"You can't hurt her. I won't allow you to..." growled Prakruth.

"Tch tch tch.... Are you always with her to protect her??" asked Roshni.

"Roshni stay away from her" he yelled.

"Don't scream, I'm here right behind you" she said.

He turned behind and sighed. She was smirking at him....

"Come on tell me what's your plan?" asked Prakruth.

"We aren't so close to discuss everything I do but if you promise you'll get closer... I can stop all this. Anyway it's just waste of time" she scowled.

Prakruth dialled Punya's number, it was busy...

"Oh calling darling Punya.... Look she's sitting on the wall... That's her favorite place" Roshni showed a video on her phone.

"Thank God..." Prakruth sighed.

"Yeah.... Thank God. As the death resulted from a fall looks obvious" said Roshni.

"There's a parapet wall beneath.... She can't die even if she falls" said Prakruth.

"Well, keep your hope up... BYE." said Roshni dialing a number on her phone. "Do as directed" she said over the phone and disconnected the call. "Time is ticking...." she said and boarded her car.

Prakruth eyebrows curved and he tried calling Punya again, it started ringing....

Punya was laughing at a joke, Tarak just cracked... She received the call and said "Hi" and continued to laugh....

"Punya, it is me" he said.

"I know.. I'll call you later" she hung up.

"Damn it..." he tried calling her again.

She kept cutting it. He called Jyoti instead.

"Hello senior, exam was cool" she said.

"We'll talk about it later, ask Punya to get down from that wall.... Now" he said.

"Why what happened?" asked Jyoti.

"Jyoti listen carefully, someone is trying to push Punya. So act quick.... save her please." he pleaded.

"I just came downstairs, she's on third floor. Wait I'll go back" said Jyoti.

Roshni who was eavesdropping said "No use, tell her she can meet Punya in few seconds on the ground floor".

"You...." frowned Prakruth as he moved towards the car. Roshni drove away.

"Jyoti signal her from below, call friends next to her... Do something. Save her" Prakruth spoke as fast as he could.

"I'm waving... no one is looking at me"

"Punya is sitting on a wall right? There's a parapet wall behind her right??" he asked.

"She's on the wall... Oh my God...." gasped Jyoti.

"Why... What happened???"

"The parapet wall is removed for renovation. There are open sharp iron rods hanging out" said Jyoti.

"God.... I'll hang up.. Call her" said Prakruth.

"Even you try" said Jyoti.

Punya's phone started ringing, "Your boyfriend can't stay away from you.... What magic have you created on him?" winked Tarak.

Punya chuckled.

"Ok let her talk, come we'll disperse" said Siri. All her friends dispersed leaving only Punya behind.

Punya picked Prakruth's call and said "Can't wait talking to me huh. I've spent only few hours away from you... Already..."

"Shhshhh Punya shshh listen... Why are you still near the class. Come down" said Prakruth.

"What ?!! ... I'm waiting for Thrishul" said Punya.

"Get down from the wall please" he said.

"How do you know that I'm on the wall??? Are you in the campus???" she asked in a surprised tone.

"First listen to me... Then I'll tell you why, when, where, how, etc etc" screamed Prakruth.

"You're acting strange.... Aaaahhhhh"

Thud thud and phone call got disconnected.

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