Young Love Chapter 76: Cleansing up....


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"Good Morning Saab" said Prasad.

"Good Morning Prasad" said Prakruth without lifting his head. He was busy checking accounts.

"Hello Darling" said a sweet cute voice. He lifted his head and saw chilly- Prasad daughter.

"Hello baby, how are you? Where were you all these days???" asked Prakruth lifting her up in his arms.

"I had exams" said Chilly.

"Oh how it went?" asked Prakruth.

"Well... I will pass. I'm intelligent you know... Right?" asked Chilly.

"Yes I know.... So now it is your summer holidays. Will you stay with me?"

"Yeah if my grumpy father agrees" she whispered.

Prakruth chuckled and turned to Prasad "Prasad, let chilly stay with me for a month. You know maid is there for her bathing and cooking. She can keep company to Rishi. What do you say?" asked Prakruth.

"You can also bathe me, I'm still a small girl. I won't mind" said Chilly.

Prakruth started laughing.... "Ok I will do baby. Anymore orders??" he asked.

"I want loads of chocolates, dolls and you should play with me" said Chilly

"Here's a deal, I'll give you a new friend to play with. Is that ok?" asked Prakruth.

"Who??" she asked.

"Rishi.... He's upstairs. Come I'll introduce you to him" said Prakruth.

"Ok bye Dad" said Chilly holding Prakruth's hand.

"Saab, I will go to the farms now. While coming back from lunch, will get her clothes" said Prasad.

"Ok" said Prakruth walking inside the house carrying Chilly upstairs.

"Rishi, can I come in?" asked Prakruth knocking at the door.

"Yeah, door is open. Don't be formal" said Rishi.

It had been three days since he arrived here, his theory of vampirism was diminishing and he had started believing Prakruth as a human.

"Here is Chilly, your new friend" said Prakruth "Chilly this is Rishi, say Hi" he added.

"Hi Rishi, I'm Chilly" she introduced herself.

"Hi baby" he said.

"Look don't call me baby, only my darling Prakruth should call me so.... You can call me Chilly" she said.

Rishi chuckled and said "Ok Chilly"

"You guys play with yourselves, I'll go see work" said Prakruth and walked away.

"Get chocolates while coming back" screamed Chilly.

"Along with Ice creams..." replied Prakruth.

"See that's my darling" said Chilly.

Rishi instantly liked her innocent and cute face. It was very easy for both of them to get along because of same age. They conversed for hours, played chess for some time, had lunch together and fought over the video game. When they were tired, they slept on their respective sofas.

Days went like an super fast express. Punya was learning all agricultural basics from Prasad and theory from Prakruth. Rishi was completely cured of his hallucinations and his mind was returning back to normal. He kind of liked Prakruth and became friends with him. Punya's grandparents health improved gradually and they wanted to go back home.

On the day of departure, Punya was packing Rishi clothes in Prakruth's room.

"Hi my angel....all set to abandon me and go" said Prakruth hugging her from behind.

"No, don't use such harsh words....I'm just taking break from Mr.Sober" said Punya.

"So you think I'm boring...unromantic and slow....Right??" asked Prakruth.

Punya turned towards him, wrapped her arms around his neck and said "I don't think ....I know you're" she whispered in his ears.

"Is that so?? then have this" said Prakruth and started playing on her ears with his tongue, kissed her earlobes, went down her neckline and bit her hard leaving a mark.

Punya who was moaning while he was kissing, shrieked when he bit her. It was surprising for her.

"Ouch, that was weird of you!!!" said Punya giggling.

"You didn't like it huh??" asked Prakruth with a naughty smile.

"I did. Ok gotta go. Bye" she wished a good bye with a hug.

"Wait!!! Wear the overcoat please" he said.

"Why?" her eyebrows crumbled.

"Come look for yourself" he pulled her in front of the mirror.

"Oh my God, you've left a bite mark?!!!" she exclaimed.

He nodded with complete naughtiness. "I want you to come back immediately after that goes away" he said.

"Sure... To explore more fun" she winked.

"Ok, let me get that luggage down"
he said.

"OK Hero" said Punya and walked ahead.

When they reached the portico, her grandparents came in the car.

"Rishi, we're leaving. Come" she called her brother. He was talking to Chilly and wished her a goodbye.

"Prakruth thanks for helping me out, for being my friend, for Chanchala i. e, chilly and everything, I love you" said Rishi.

Prakruth widened his arms, Rishi came and hugged him.

"Hey that's my darling" said Chilly.

Everyone laughed.

"Duh, everyone's laughing at me? Because I'm a small girl. Remember when I'm adult, I'll marry Prakruth only" said Chilly

"Chilly relax, we'll wish them a happy journey now." said Prakruth.

"Happy Journey Punya, HappyJourney Rishi" she said.

Rishi came close to her, gave her a chocolate and said "Thanks"

"Welcome" she said smiling.

"Ok hurry up kids. Punya has her CET exams tomorrow" said Eshwar.

Grandchildren and Grandparents left the farms happily.

"Will he come back?" asked Chilly.

"Not really, he stays in Mangalore... If you want, I can admit you in his school....."said Prakruth.

"I'm not staying away from my parents or you or this farm. Don't try to get rid of me" she said angrily.

"Ok... Fine...." he said.

"Come we'll play" she said.

"I've work, Chilly. Please"

"Shut up and follow me or I'll open the love birds cage" she threatened.


"I know. A monster" she said walking inside.

Prakruth had to follow.

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