Young Love Chapter 75: Stay at farm house


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That night, Punya's parents arrived at Prakruth farm house.

Rishi was sitting on his grandma's lap... Punya and Prakruth were playing chess and the grandpa was monitoring the game.

"Hi everyone, good evening" wished Varun.

"Good evening Uncle, good evening Aunty. Welcome" said Prakruth warmly.

"Hi Rishi, how are you?" asked Varun.

"Strong and confident Dad" said Rishi looking at Prakruth.

"That was weird answer. What happened Rishi?" asked Eshwar.

"I'll explain Dad, Punya can you take Rishi upstairs?" asked Varun.

"No, Punya take him to the garden to pet's area" said Prakruth.

"Ok.. Come Rishi" said Punya stretching her hand.

Rishi was skeptical, yet he joined his sister and walked out.

Varun explained the whole story and waited for his parents to react.

"Prakruth, you're responsible and sensible than I thought.... But next time manage to share some truths as it is!!" said Eshwar and walked out of the house.

"Grandpa is angry" said Prakruth.

"He doesn't like secrets. If anything went wrong he wouldn't take it easily, hence that reaction. We love each and every member of our family is equal to our lives" said Gowri.

"He knows Amma, I was the one who told him to keep you away from this. We've troubled him too much already, we better thank him" said Varun.

"No Uncle, it started with me..." sighed Prakruth.

"Wait, who brainwashed Rishi??" asked Narmada.

Everyone started staring at Prakruth, which made him more guilty.

"We need to find it out Aunty. I've suspicion on few people but I can name them only when it's proved. Please don't ask me till then" said Prakruth.

"Ok we won't but before you punish them, inform them that I will get them imprisoned forever no matter whomsoever it is.. " growled Varun.

Prakruth nodded silently.

"Ok then we'll leave" said Varun.

"Uncle dinner has been arranged, please join us" said Prakruth.

"You're troubling yourself too much" said Narmada.

"I've a maid, there's nothing I did" chuckled Prakruth.

Grandpa walked in with his grandchildren as they all sat at dining table. Prakruth's dream of a whole family was fulfilled. He was overjoyed seeing the table full with family. His eyes welled up with happiness, Punya held his hand beneath the table to control him. He looked at her and gave a satisfied smile. Whole family enjoyed the fine dining which ended with dessert.

"Ok, Happy Prakruth?? One more thing, from tomorrow they'll stay at our farms" said Varun.

Prakruth was startled by this decision, he couldn't let Punya stay away... "Uncle, why? Doctor told Rishi should stay with me for a week. To understand who I'm and get rid of his fear... Now...?!"

"I know, only Rishi will stay here. Others will come and go. I can't trouble you continuously." said Varun.

"It's not at all a trouble Uncle, I'm also alone. Let them stay with me for few days... Please" begged Prakruth.

"It doesn't look good, we'll visit you whenever you want but we can't stay here" said Eshwar.

Prakruth had to remain quiet as he had annoyed the grandfather already.

"Only tonight, Rishi will stay there. Tomorrow he'll stay with you" said Narmada. Prakruth just nodded. They all left immediately.

Prakruth felt sad as the whole house was empty again. Loneliness haunted him again. The happiness which he had during dinner didn't stay for long time. He just stood at the balcony staring at star filled sky. He was lost in his thoughts.... When suddenly someone wrapped their arms around him from backside. He was shocked and held those hands. He managed to pull them in front of him....

"Punya!!!!" he exclaimed.

"Yes it's me" chuckled Punya.

"How did you get here??" asked Prakruth.

"Sleep walk!!" she chuckled.

Prakruth rolled his eyes...

"Ok.... Everyone were in deep sleep, I went to the terrace, got down from the tree at the backyard of my house and came here" explained Punya.

"Woah that's weird and adventurous" said Prakruth.

"Yes... I'm adventurous" chuckled Punya.

"How come they slept so early??" asked Prakruth.

"Early??? it is 2 am in the night. Idiot you have stood here like this from the time we left the house right???" asked Punya.

Prakruth paused a little and then replied "Yes... But how did you know I'm awake?... I haven't even kept my room lights on" wondered Prakruth.

"I called you many times, texted you... No response so I thought I will check this sad baby myself" smiled Punya.

"What if I had slept???" asked Prakruth.

"I would come and sleep next to you, like last night.." said Punya with a cute expression.

Prakruth chuckled and hugged her tightly. "You're making me addicted to you... How will I sleep alone after you go back home??" he asked.

"Why don't you enjoy the present moment? Don't ruin the present thinking about future" grumbled Punya.

"Ok Practical Punya. Tell me what should I do?" asked Prakruth.

"Hmmm will you do whatever I say?"

"Your words are my orders!!"

"Come then, now on the bed"

"Hmmm ok"

Both of them laid down on the bed next to each other, "Come closer" whispered Punya.

"Dangerous" he warned.

"Are you in denial?... Forgot what you told?..."

"Oops Sorry... Enough?" he moved close to her.

She pulled his collar and said "Kiss me"

He kissed on her forehead softly.

"Ugh... Enough of these, kiss me with passion" grunted Punya.

He kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her chin and embraced her warmly...

"Arrre I want more... This is sober" growled Punya pushing him away.

"All I can do is cuddle a little more but can't go ahead" shrugged Prakruth.

"Why?" she asked.

"Can we catch some sleep. I'll tell you about this sometime later" said Prakruth and turned away.

"You're overconfident about our relationship, you know that no matter what I stick around right???" asked Punya.

"Now don't try to act crazy to prove me wrong, please sleep. I've had enough of this day" said Prakruth.

Punya forcefully turned him towards her...

He raised his eyebrows... She widened her arms, inviting him. He chuckled and warmly embraced her.

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