Young Justice Rebirth Chapter 1: Chapter One the end of something is the starting of another


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I start to open my eyes slowly i really should reduce my nights of reading and watching anime but hey young justice last night episode was great like always but why im feeling different like something about me is not correct like im not my self anymore when i finally open my eyes i see white room white seiling white light and some kind of hospital bed several meters away from me and a girl in white uniform looks like she is an intern or somekind of nurse here in this hospital
[are you well its alright just relax your body little boy your in a hospital now you have been in a minor accident dont worry],accident what you mean by accident, hold on a second she is talking in english my country third official language is english but most of people talk french and why im in a hospital right now i clearly remember going to sleep last night after rewatching all of young justice up to the end on the first half of the third season then i suddenly woke up in this so called hospital,but why she is calling me little boy im a full twenty years old dude unless i have been transmigrated to the body of this little boy but the most imporatant thing right now is to play it cool act like a kid and try to find as much infos as possible without raising too many eyebrows.
[it's alright little boy no need to worry your alright we already called your uncle and he will be here shortly to look at you but for now just relax a little bit and take rest until i get the doctor to come check upon you listen here or you woudnt get any candy after this ok] "can you tell what happened i only remember going to sleep in the night then i woke up here i-im afraid are you going to take my blood and give it to mr.vampire"
interne-nursee [what cute boy you are no where not going to take your blood and give it to mr vampire ]
yosh looks like the pretence i give her is already working keep up the good work little me
intern-nurse [but to answer your question you seem to awaken your little meta gene when you went to sleep at night and when you didnt woke up for school in the morning your uncle check up on you and find you still sleepimg but when he couldnt woke you up he got worry and get you as fast as possible to the hospital,when we did check ups on you we didnt find anything wrong with you except that your face has changed to be more cute and your hair changed from blond to black and your blue eyes turened to heteroyou can say one is blue and the other one is green you should be happy now you can get yourself a girlfriend with that handsome look ]and get to skip a day in the school so its all sunchine and rainbows for you little max]
[you shouldn't overlord the patient with info dumps like that reina specially if he his a seven years old kid]
Reina [wha- doc how did you came here i didnt call you yet]
doc [*sigh* one of the more experienced nurses called me here after she saw you talking to the little kid over there now go and get the patient guardian to come up and see him so that both can feel more comfartable ok]
Reina [Yes doc bye bye little handsome max]
Max [Bye-bye leina]
'god he is so cute i want to strangle him' reina thaught process
doc [sorry about that little max my name is doctor le neige as im sure little reina explained to you earlier you have been asleep for over tweleve hours by now first we thaught that you were exausted or something but when we did every thing we could to wake you up and your heart stopped beating we were going to declare you gone but here you are alive and beating so we concluded that your metagene activated and saved your life but it made few changes to your body like your hair turned black from yellow your face is more shaped and refined at least to your age quota with your eyes been turned from blue both to one blue and one green i know you didnt understand anything from what i said but think of it like this you always had a pice of candy in your pocket but only now you decieded to eat and when you did the flavor changed you a little bit]
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