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Looking at the pretty bride and handsome president Lu, everyone couldn't help but praise them. Though everyone already saw them in an engagement ceremony, the wedding was a different occasion and seeing president Lu as a groom was the most awaited thing for everyone and the bride of president Lu.

"Such a beautiful couple."

"Both are adorable together."

"Bride is so pretty. I heard she is a childhood love of president Lu who was in the USA for a long time."

"That's why we never heard him dating anyone as the girl he liked was away from him and he was waiting for her to come back."

"That's true love."

The media people started to click pictures from the separate place given to them in the wedding hall. Other than just the bride and the groom, everyone's sight followed the best man and the maid of honor. 

Most of them recognized the two and it shocked them to see who they were. Lu Feng and NIxxxie were among those children from rich families who avoided to show themselves most of the time. Everyone praised them too. 

"Song Meilin's daughter is as pretty as her. Never saw her like this," someone among the quest said.

"Look at another son from Lu Family. He is next in line. So handsome just like president Lu."

Xi Family was invited to the wedding too. Song Meilin was sitting with her husband and both couldn't help but feel surprised to see their own daughter looking so pretty and royal.

"I never knew she liked to get ready like this. She is looking so pretty," said song Meilin to her husband. She avoided talking to her husband most of the time, but at this moment she was so happy and forgot the hatred towards her husband.

"She is your daughter, isn't is obvious for her to take after you," Xi Guiren said. He too was happy to see his daughter. This time Song Meilin didn't mind his words and smiled lightly. 

As the couple reached closer to where the family members were sitting, Mo Ruolan had no words to say feeling emotional. Jiang Peizhi held her hand, trying to console her. 

Jiang Yang noticed it and said, "Don't cry and try to drown this beautiful venue in your tears."

"I am not crying. I am just so happy to accommodate that happiness in my heart," Mo Ruolan replied. 

"Don't tease your mother Jiang Yang or she might cry for real," Jiang Peizhi said.

"Mom, you can be happier if you look at the person in my heart present here too," Jiang Yang said.

"I know Lu Feng since he was a kid so there is nothing to know about him." Mo Ruolan said teasingly. If her son can be a tease then how come she back down in front of him.

"Mom, now you are teasing me. You know whom I am talking about," Jiang Yang said, and An Tian laughed a little.

Leaning closer to Jiang Yang, An Tian said in a low voice, "Now I know from where you got your funny side. Your mom is cool."

Jiang Yang agreed. "I know really."

"Both of you look ahead." Jiang Peizhi stopped them as the bride and the groom were on the stage.

Looking at Nixxxie who was standing beside the bride, Mo Ruolan whispered to her son, "I liked your girl. Well done."

"Thank you!" Jiang Yang whispered back.

Once the bride and the groom were on the stage, the emcee welcomed them and asked them to stand in front of the dice where the priest was present. The wedding started as both stood up in front of the priest, facing each other, the best man standing behind Lu Qiang and the Maid of honor standing behind the bride. All the sights in the hall fixed towards the stage.

"Mr. Lu Qiang, are you willing to take Ms. Jiang Yuyan as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day onward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" 

Looking into the bride's eyes, Lu Qiang said, "I do."

"Ms. Jiang Yuyan, are you willing to take Mr. Lu Qiang as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day onward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?" 

Smiling, Jiang Yuyan replied while looking back into Lu Qiang's eyes. "I do." The brightness in her eyes was showing how happy she was as if it was a dream come true moment for her. 

Later there was a moment to exchange rings and as the emcee announced it, the two girls approached the stage from either side with the ring boxes. Receiving it from a girl, Lu Feng passed it to Lu Qiang and Nixxxie did the same. She held the bouquet from Jiang Yuyan's hand and passed a ring to her. 

As they exchanged the ring, the priest said, "Now I pronounce you as a husband and a wife." Looking at the groom, the priest said, "You can kiss the bride."

Stepping forward, Lu Qiang kissed Jiang Yuyan and there was a huge clapping sound in the hall with the emcee announcing, "Congratulations to the couple." 

Parting away, Lu Qiang asked, "Are you happy, Mrs. Lu?"

Nodding Jiang Yuyan replied, "Yes, Mr. Lu."

It was a time for the couple to sit on the royal-looking chair. They sat and best man and the maid of honor stood beside them. It was time to cut the cake. The shots of wine were served to everyone present in the hall to make a toast. Once they cut the cake and the groom and bride finished offering it to each other, Jiang Yang went to the stage as he was the one to give a toast.

Jiang Yuyan, Lu Qiang, Lu Feng, and Nixxxie looked at him. Holding a mic in his hand, Jiang Yang cleared his throat and smiled looking at the couple.


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