Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 282: Kissing Her Like Crazy...


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In the evening, Lu Qiang came to receive Jiang Yuyan and this time he had to drop her to Jiang residence because soon her parents were going back from China and they wanted to spend more time with their daughter before the departure. Lu Qiang came to receiver her without a driver, driving the car by himself.

It was Lu Qiang's fixed schedule to call Jiang Yuyan during her lunchtime and to drop a message before coming to pick her up but this time the whole day he didn't call or message her. Jiang Yuyan was worried not to see any call or message from him. Moreover, she remembered when he left after dropping her to the university, his face was serious and she was in deep thought as to think about what might have happened.

When Jiang Yuyan came out of the gate of the university with two bodyguards following her, Lu Qiang was already present there, parking his car exactly in front of the gate. All the students were looking at the black luxury car parked in front of the gate and most of them could guess whom that car belonged to.

Seeing her, Lu Qiang lowered the window glass on his side but didn't look at her and started the engine. One bodyguard opened the car door for her in a hurry. Jiang Yuyan didn't fail to notice the cold expressions on Lu Qiang's face and the change in his behavior. She immediately sat in the car while both bodyguards bowed to him.

As she sat comfortably in the car and put on the seatbelt, Lu Qiang moved the car. On the way to the Jiang residence, Lu Qiang didn't talk anything and Jiang Yuyan was puzzled to see why he was behaving like this and what might have happened.

She tried to talk to him by telling him the things in the university but his reaction was limited to only "Hmm!" and when she asked him the questions about him, his answers were only in a single word or in 'yes' or 'no'.

Jiang Yuyan finally gave up and preferred to be silent thinking he might be trying to concentrate on the driving or must be in thought of something important in the office. She could sense that he was driving a bit rashly and looked upset with something.

Lu Qiang hardly behaved like this in front of her but whenever he behaved like this, it always made her nervous. She just gulped and swallowed the words she wanted to say and stayed silent peeking glances at his cold face, all the way till they reach to Jiang Residence.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Soon they reached the parking lot of the basement of the building of Jiang residence. Lu Qiang parked the car and turned off the engine. Both unbuckled the seat belts with Jiang Yuyan still having puzzled expressions on her face while Lu Qiang was still having those same cold expressions.

The moment Jiang Yuyan touched the door handle to open the door, Lu Qiang held her arm to stop her and pulled her towards him with a light tug. It startled her and before she could understand anything, Lu Qiang kissed her but this time the kiss was harsh and she couldn't get the chance to react to it.

He put his one hand on the backside of her neck to hold her at a place while his other hand was on her back to pull her towards him, not letting her move away from him. He kissed her like crazy as he was upset and taking it out on her.

Jiang Yuyan tried to keep it up with his pace but she couldn't as he was not giving her any chance to do her part, dominating every bit of her.

Sucking and nibbling her lips harshly, he slipped his tongue in her cavern and tasted her, leaving her breathless and leaving her with the thought of what might have happened to him.

Jiang Yuyan had no chance to do anything in front of this strong man but she could only let him kiss her without resisting him till the moment he felt content with it. Suddenly, she remembered, something like this had happened before when he kissed her harshly like this and that moment too, he was upset with her.

Before Jiang Yuyan's mind could process further Lu Qiang pushed one button in the car beside the seat. The next moment, the backrest of the seat on which Jiang Yuyan was sitting moved back. Without parting away from her delicate lips, Lu Qiang hovered over her pushing her back in the seat.

Being on top of her, Lu Qiang pinned both hands above her head while still kissing her and not giving her a chance to breathe for a single moment. He was using his teeth more than his lips and his tongue. He was biting and pulling out her lips out and made them swollen, being careful of not to make them bleed.

As he was on top of her, he started to explore her body with his one hand while the other one was still holding her hands above her head. He moved his hand from her back to her chest touching each and every inch of her skin.

Soon Lu Qiang realized, Jiang Yuyan was out of breath and her face was red. The moment he parted away, Jiang Yuyan gasped deeply. With her eyes closed, she was trying to get as much air she could take in her lungs. Her head was dizzy due to lack of oxygen and her eyes were moist.

Seeing her struggling like this, Lu Qiang let go of her hands moved back from her chest to let her breath comfortably and waited for her to be calm. Once she was done, she opened her eyes to look at him. Her eyes looked full of a question.

She was not upset with him with what he just did with her but she wanted to know the reason. Lu Qiang understood her unspoken question and said in his cold voice, "From next time, you don't have to ask for anyone if the person didn't come."
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