Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 274: Ready To Feel Her Man...


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"You might not like it and I don't want you to go through anything that you won't like," said Lu Qiang feeling worried about her.

"I like everything that belongs to you," Jiang Yuyan replied the same way Lu Qiang replied to her when she was worried to show him the scars on her body as she thought those were ugly. 

Lu Qiang didn't know how to reply to her as he was actually worried she won't like it and might hate other things too which they had yet to do.

Jiang Yuyan was out of the tiredness of her release and stared into his eyes to get his approval for what she had in her mind. 

"Are you sure," He asked as realizing she meant what she said a moment before.

"Hmm!" Nodding, she placed both hands on his shoulder. Getting up a little from the mattress, she turned him down to get on top of him.

Surrendering to her wish he lied in bed and let her get over him. Jiang Yuyan had intense look in her eyes, different from her usual shy self. Getting on top of him, she leaned down to kiss him and took control. 

She started to suck and nibble his lips while caressing his cheeks with her fingers and running them through his hair in between. She trailed kisses from his lips to his neck and started to suck his skin like she was craving it for ages. 

The warm touch of her lips and her tongue in the crook of his neck was making him go higher with what he was feeling, aroused by his woman's simple act of foreplay and called out her name, "Yuyan!" in his hoarse voice with his eyes closed to feel her touch deeply.

While going down she could feel his huge bulge under her sex and rub against it that made her feel aroused and panting heavily she bit on his neck. He started to have red marks on his skin and the marks of her teeth were visible to know how harshly she did it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Feeling her, sucking and nibbling on his skin Lu Qiang too left out light moans but when she bit him on the neck, he growled along with the moaning and clutched her waist in his hands. 

When she started to move her lower side against his manhood, he held her both butt cheeks in his hands and made her a bit move up and down as he was liking the warm and wet touch of her sex against his manhood which he could feel even through the cloth of his underwear. 

Jiang Yuyan moved further down to his strong chest. She nuzzled into it as she always found his manly scent seductive than his perfume. She licked his nipples and tugged them by pulling out with her teeth. She was following what Lu Qiang used to do with her always. 

She was doing it for the first time but the thought of doing something for her man and that bodily need made her find her own way and she was doing it really fine. 

Lu Qiang moved his hands back from her waist to her hair and ran his fingers through them while panting heavily with the sweet assault of her woman on him. Jiang Yuyan felt each and every inch of his strong chest with her hands while sucking and licking it. 

She moved further down to his toned abs and was amazed to see how seductively beautiful they were. She saw it before and touched it too but the way she was doing it at that moment was the first time and wanted to admire her man wholly.

Lu Qiang opened his eyes to look at her and saw she was looking at his abs and smiled. He moved his hand from her hair to her chin and made her look at him. She looked at him and held his hand which was holding her chin and kissed in his palm then looked back at the thing she was busy in admiring.

Taking a closer look at his abs while running her fingers across slowly she started to kiss them lightly and moved down further where she could feel his bulge.

Kisses from her till down to his abdomen were making him harder and difficult to control himself. Jiang Yuyan looked at his hard manhood and she touched it with her hand which made her heart to beat faster but she didn't think to stop. She tugged her fingers in the upper line of his underwear to pull it down but Lu Qiang got up and sat in a bed while holding her hand and said, "You don't have to. If you..."

"I want to, so don't stop me," she said in a firm voice before he could say anything further while looking into his eyes with serious expressions on her face. She looked at her hands which he was holding to stop her. Lu Qiang let go of her hands and helped her to remove his underwear.

While removing it, Jiang Yuyan's sight was fixed on his manhood. Though she saw it a few times before, it was the first time she was going to explore it. Removing his last piece of clothing, Lu Qiang was sitting in front of her on his knees. Jiang Yuyan too came on her knees and kissed him, circling her arms around his neck.

Kissing her back, Lu Qiang stood up on his knees pulling her up by holding her waist. Both were on their knees in that soft mattress. Her soft bosoms were pressed against his strong chest and his erect manhood was poking into her lower abdomen while pulsating a bit up and down.

Feeling his hard manhood against her lower abdomen, Jiang Yuyan had a strong urge to hold it in her hands. While kissing she moved her one hand down to his lower abdomen and held his manhood in her hand. To feel it completely she moved her hand along its length from its bottom to the crown.
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