Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 273: Her Wish...


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Pulling it out with his teeth, Lu Qiang separated the garter belt from the stockings she was wearing. After being done with one leg, he did the same with the other leg which made the fair skin on her pretty legs visible.

This time not a single word was spoken. Both were in sync and both could understand what others wanted by just looking into the eyes or sensing it just like that. Removing the stockings and throwing them on the floor, Lu Qiang hovered over her to kiss as her swollen lips were waiting for his attention. 

Kissing her ferociously again while pinning down her hands in the mattress on her either side with their fingers entangled with each other, he went down on her. Trailing kisses and nuzzling into her soft skin he stopped at her lower abdomen. 

The panty she was wearing was from one of the most expensive brands. It was black lace panty with soft silk expensive material which hid the only necessary part between her thighs. Lu Qiang kissed her between her thighs over her panty which touched her sensitive part and nuzzled into it.

Jiang Yuyna inhaled deeply being ready for the next things. Nuzzling over her sex and smelling that seductive aroma from her made him feel like to devour her at the very moment. Without waiting for a single moment he tore her panty and threw it somewhere. The heavenly space between her two legs was exposed in front of him. He parted her legs and moved ahead to taste her sour salty and organic fluid. 

This time Jiang Yuyan didn't try to close her legs but she was relaxed and allowed him to do what he wanted. Lu Qiang parted her lower lips and ran his tongue through them from bottom to upward towards her nub. The touch of his warm tongue sent a shiver through her spine and she moaned with her back arched up.

Licking and playing with her already swollen nub, Lu Qiang was enjoying the way she was reacting to his touch. Jiang Yuyan's hands which were resting on a mattress while clutching to the bedsheet moved to the back of his head and she pressed his face against her. 

Lu Qiang moved his head up to look at her and said, "Greedy, huh?"

Feeling that he stopped and moved back, Jiang Yuyan opened her eyes to look at him while wanting for more. Hearing his words she felt puzzled and didn't know what to say. 

"Want more?" Seeing her puzzled he asked to which she nodded as saying 'Yes'.

Lu Qiang smiled and went back to what he was doing. Licking and sucking her sensitive spots, leaving her gasping for the air, he inserted his finger inside her and started to move it slowly in and out. He knew the sensitive spot inside her and started to play with his finger inside.

"Ahhh! Ummm…" Suddenly she moaned loudly as to sense the pleasures feeling in her core.

Hearing her, Lu Qiang could guess he was in the right direction and also she was wet like ready to get her first time with him. He worked his finger to move faster, swirling his tongue around her nub. Soon there was a change in Jiang Yuyan's body which was reacting to his work.

Clutching his hair tightly, with her legs folded in knees and toes curled to bury in a mattress while her back arched up to make a curve and her head tilted up, Jiang Yuyan gave out a loud moan while crying out his name. "Ahhhhh….Lu Qinag….ummmm!"

She fell back in a mattress gasping for air, still saying his name, with her mind in a fuzzy state. Lu Qiang stopped once she was done and went back to her. Looking at her with a smile on his face he said, "Nothing is better than seeing you crying out my name. It makes me want to do it more and more."

Jiang Yuyan opened her eyes to look at him. Breathing heavily and being still immersed in the moment of her release she asked, "Are we done?"

"Hmm!" Lu Qiang nodded as saying yes. She was looking at him as he stopped after doing it only once opposite to what he did with her last time.

Understanding her unspoken question he said, "You are already tired as the whole day was hectic so tonight I am letting you go" but seeing her still staring at him, he asked, "Do you want to go for more?"

"N..No! No more but…" she said and stopped suddenly.

"But?" he asked to know what she wanted to say.

Jiang Yuyan felt hesitant to say what she wanted to, so Lu Qiang asked again, "Tell me, Yuyan." 

He wanted to know what his woman wished for as he didn't want to leave her unsatisfied. Moreover, he always enjoyed making her go through her release again and again as much as she liked it.

" same...for you," she said with a very low voice with her words scattered.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hmm? You wanted to do what?" he asked as not being sure of what she wanted.

She gulped and replied while staring into his eyes and this time she was not hesitant, "What you did for me, I want to do the same for you."

Hearing her, Lu Qiang's heart almost skipped a bit. He didn't know what to say and exhaled deeply. Seeing him not reacting to it, she asked, "Won't you like it if I do it for you?"

Startled by her sudden question, he replied, "N..No! It's not that. You might not like it and I don't want you to go through anything that you won't like."

"I will like everything that belongs to you," she replied but Lu Qiang didn't know how to reply to her as he was actually worried she won't like it.

Jiang Yuyan was out of the tiredness of her release and stared in his eyes to get his approval for what she had in her mind, not wanting to give up.


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