Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 272: Immersed In A Passion..


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From her neck, Lu Qiang shifted down to her shoulders. he caressed them with the hands first, then started to kiss them while biting with the teeth. This time there was no gentleness in both of their actions. Both looked high on adrenaline and wanted to devour each other at the very moment.

when Lu Qiang moved his hands to her back to unzip a dress, just then the car stopped. Lu Qiang realized they have reached the home. He retreated his hands and made her sit on the car seat. Just as the last time the driver didn't get out of the car to open the door for them and continued sitting inside with the partition on.

Lu Qiang opened the car door and stepped out of it first. He offered Jiang Yuyan his hand and accepting it, she stepped out too. Noticing she didn't have her sandals on as he took them off in a car, he lifted her in his arms and walked inside in a hurry to go to their bedroom as both were greedy to get each other as soon as possible. 

Jiang Yuyan calmly let him lift her and surrounded her hands around his neck. She was looking at her man who was walking easily while carrying her, with no expression on his face. 

Crossing the living room and the butler and the servants which were present there to greet them, Lu Qiang walked towards the staircase avoiding them as there was no one but only two of them. 

Jiang Yuyan too didn't look at anyone or noticed anyone there as her whole focus was on admiring her man and how much she looked at him, it was not enough for her.

As Lu Qiang crossed the staircase while still carrying her in his arms and reached the room he put her down. They didn't have patience and just as he closed the door, they hovered over each other.

Kissing each other like crazy, both were moving around the bedroom as how much they kissed it was not enough for them. Pressing and rolling each other against the wall, then moving to some other random corner not knowing where they were moving immersed in a kiss being unaware of the stuff in the bedroom. Soon the floor was occupied with the things they made fall down, immersed in lovemaking.

Moving her hands from his neck to his collar, Jiang Yuyan started to unbutton his shirt. After unbuttoning only the top two buttons somehow while keeping up with a kiss she was not able to unbutton the next one. 

Lu Qiang stopped kissing and pulled both sides of his shirt to unbutton the shirt without going in a hassle to do it one by one which made the buttons to fall on the ground and roll in different directions in a room. He removed his shirt and threw it on the floor, not breaking eye contact with her even for a single moment.

Once he was done, they resumed. Kissing her passionately while rolling his tongue with hers, Lu Qiang moved his hands to her back and unzipped her dress and with a simple tug, it fell on the floor. Realizing she was wearing something different that he never saw her wearing it before Lu Qiang stepped back to take a look at her. 

Jiang Yuyan was wearing a black lace almost transparent corset with a panty having a garter belt attached to her stockings that made her curvy body to look seductively beautiful. Seeing her in a new form, Lu Qiang exhaled from his mouth and got back to her as it was difficult for him to hold back.

There was a study table beside Lu Qiang. He took her to the table and pushed all the stuff on it to make a space which made everything fall down. 

Lu Qiang made her sit on the table by lifting her with his one hand surrounding her waist and the other one holding her leg which was surrounding his waist. Jiang Yuyan was sitting on the table with her both legs on his either side being ready to resume what they were doing. After kissing for a while, Lu Qiang moved to her chest, kissing and licking her skin.

He removed the black lacy transparent corset and threw it on the floor too. Her bosoms were bared in front of him and he didn't wait to grab them in his palms and knead them to feel their softness. Soon the hand replaced with his soft lips and warm tongue. 

Jiang Yuyan clutched his bare and strong shoulders with her hands and left out soft moans with her head tilted up in pleasure, she was feeling with each of his move. Soon her hands moved from his shoulder to the back of his head and while running her fingers through his hair she was pressing his face against her breast even more.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

As he was sucking and nibbling the pink peaks of her pearl white bosoms she felt the force building up somewhere down in her core. Now she knew what it was as she was familiar with it and she was ready to face it. 

Once Lu Qiang was done with tasting her soft bosoms to his heart's content, he lifted her in his arms and took her to the bed. Putting her down in a bed, Lu Qiang removed his pants belt in a second and throwing it on the floor, he removed his pants too. Jiang Yuyan looked at him and her sight fell on the bulge under his underwear which made her gulped and breathed deeply. 

Lu Qiang went on top of her and sat between her legs. He ran his hands along her legs from her knees to her thighs towards the garter belt on them. He traced it with his fingers and moved his head down to her thighs. He got an idea of how to open that belt while running his fingers across it. 

Using his teeth, he separated the garter belt from the stockings she was wearing on one leg and did the same with the other one. He pulled down stocking which made her pretty legs visible.
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