Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 264: In A Bed, In A Pain And....


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Lu Qiang moved his sight and his fingers from her jawline to her neck and said calmly while still staring at where ever he was running his fingers "Do you want me to go back?"

"No! I mean he was about to come so..."

"I decided to give him a break from you as I missed you." Saying it he looked into her eyes intensely and hovered over her again on a couch.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Yuyan placed both of her hands on his chest to stop him from coming closer to her and said, "Wait! Attendant might be coming any time soon."

"Don't underestimate me this much, love. When I am here, no would dare to come inside," Lu Qiang said and sealed her lips and didn't give her a chance to talk again.

It didn't take time for them to lie comfortably on a couch by changing their positions from sitting to sleeping one. Lu Qiang moved his hand to the back of her waist and lift her up in a swift move to make her lie down and to be on top of her.

He parted away from her lips to look into her eyes and said in his hoarse voice, "You are so fresh and smelling so good that I am feeling like to take you right here at this moment."

Jiang Yuyan gulped to hear it and said, "Then, I..I won't be able to attend our engagement."

Lu Qiang gave out a deep sight and said, "hmm! I know, so I have to control for now but I can do at least something that won't stop you from attending the engagement."

"What?" Jiang Yuyan asked with scared expressions on her face to make sure if he meant what exactly she thought about hearing his words.

"I want to taste you," saying it Lu Qiang slipped his hands under her gown from below and moved it from her thighs to her waist.

Jiang Yuyan held his hand and exclaimed, "No, stop!"

Lu Qiang looked in her eyes and said with one corner of his lips curved upward, "This room is soundproof."

Jiang Yuyan had nothing to say and Lu Qiang started to move his hand in between her thighs. When he was about to reach the place where he wanted to be, she said, "I am starving. I need food."

Lu Qiang retreated his hand immediately and asked to look into her eyes, "You haven't eaten anything?"

"I did but I am hungry again after these tiring beauty treatments. I was bored and now I am hungry," She replied with sad expressions on his face which showed how much she was starving.

Lu Qiang moved back and made her sit. He instructed the attendant to finish whatever is there as fast as she could and took Jiang Yuyan out for a lunch to one expensive hotel which had a VIP private rooms in its restaurant. He ordered food and as soon as it arrived, Jiang Yuyan started to dig in it as she was starving for ages.

Lu Qiang was looking at her. Noticing it, she asked, "Why aren't you eating?"

Hearing her he picked up chopsticks and started to eat.

Lu Qiang was while smiling to see how focused she was on food and he asked, "What exactly they have done to you that you are this much hungry?"

Chewing and swallowing the food in her mouth she replied, "Nothing much but it was so boring and when I am bored to death I get hungry as I waste all my energy to handle that boredom."

Lu Qiang smiled to hear her unique reply and said, "I used to think girls like all these things and they can give all the time in the world to be in salons and spas."

"Hmm! That's true but it's not my cup of tea instead I would like to do something productive," She said still being immersed in food like a cute squirrel not bothering to look at him.

"I see but I came there so that we can do something productive but you stopped me," he said to tease her but there was no use as she couldn't see or sense anything other than the delirious food in front of her.

Jiang Yuyan swallowed the food in her mouth and said, "I mean! I would have paint. That's the best thing to do for me."

"You have yet to experience other best things that's why you are saying it," He said again.

Hearing it she finally looked at him and asked curiously, "Other things?"

"The things, we haven't done yet," Lu Qiang replied and she looked at him with puzzled expressions to know what exactly he meant.

Seeing her still not getting it, he said while staring in her eyes, "You and me in a bed and you are in a pain and ….."

Her eyes were opened widely to hear it and she wanted him to stop. "Cough-Cough! I..I got it."

He passed her water as she was coughing. Jiang Yuyan drank it and didn't look at him. Seeing her flustered he didn't want to leave the chance to tease her and said, "So, what do you think about it? Isn't it the best thing to do, pain with pleasure."

She didn't know what to say so she found her excuse in food and said, "L..let me eat!"

Lu Qiang stopped teasing her and let her eat. Once they finished it Lu Qiang took her to the hotel room which he had booked in the same hotel as to let her relax after lunch.

When they reached inside the room she asked, "Why we came here?"

Lu Qiang held her hand, took her to the bed. He made her sit on the edge of the bed and said, "Soon we have to go to An Tian and before that I want you to rest as you must be tired with all the things you have gone through since morning. I don't want you to feel tired during our engagement ceremony."
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