Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 224: Why Are You So Beautiful?


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Once Lu Qiang put the glass on the table, he turned to look at Jiang Yuyan but he didn't go to her directly. He stood near the table at a distance of four to five ft away from her while staring at her from a distance to take a proper look at her. Jiang Yuyan was feeling nervous with the way he was looking at her without saying a single word since they came inside the home.

Lu Qiang's sight started to observe her from her hair to go down from her eyes, nose, lips, chin to her neck and it was making Jiang Yuyan feel even more nervous. He looked like he was trying to capture everything in his eyes.

The moment his sight moved from her neck to her chest and stopped there, Jiang Yuyan's breath became heavy and she clutched her dress in her both hands on either side of her thighs while looking at him.

Lu Qiang moved his sight from her chest to go down from her stomach while observing her curves in that beautiful mermaid fitting dress. once he finished observing her till her toes, Lu Qiang stepped to his right side to move around her in a circle to observe her from every angle.

Jiang Yuyan was standing frozen in her place to let him do what he was doing. His each step moving around her while staring at her was making her heart to beat faster. While moving in a circle with his sight fixed on her he reached behind her. Her beautiful golden brown hair, long till her elbows, tied loosely with a diamond pin, left open to cover her beautiful back.

Lu Qiang passed his sight along her back till the floor. Her bare back half covered with her loosely tied hair was looking curvy and alluring that he couldn't stop himself from going closer to her.

He strode towards her and stopped just a few inches away from her that she could feel his hot breath on the skin of her shoulder which made her exhale through her mouth. Lu Qiang moved her hair to one side to see her fair and slender back in a backless dress which ended just above her waist.

He moved her hair on her shoulder, allowing them to fall on one side of her chest and started to trace her bare back with his fingers along her slender back bone. "Why are you so beautiful that I don't want to stop myself whenever I see you," he couldn't stop himself from praising her beauty which made his heart heart to beat faster whenever he saw her.

Touch of his fingers on her bare back with his words, passed a shiver run across her spine and she held her breath. She had goose bumps all over which Lu Qiang noticed and whispered in her ears, "You are still so sensitive to my touch. I haven't done anything yet."

Jiang Yuyan exhaled through mouth to calm herself down and replied, "What you are doing right now is still enough to give me goosebumps."

Lu Qiang again whispered in her year, "Really?" he then looked at the back of her dress and said, "Let me see how to get rid of this thing on your beautiful body."

Lu Qiang looked at the back side of her neck. The dress was secured behind her neck with buttons to support front part of dress as it was backless one. Lu Qiang finally understood how to get rid of her dress. Without waiting for a moment he unhooked those thin strips tied behind her neck and top of her dress slipped down.

Jinag Yuyan held the top in her hand to keep covering her breasts. "You don't have to bother yourself with this dress, let it go. I don't want anything to come between us now." Lu Qiang said to look at her when she held her dress.

Jiang Yuyan hesitantly let go of the dress. It was not new for her what both of them were doing but his passionate behavior and the way he looked at her with intense gaze never missed to pass shiver across her body. His each move seemed to be new to her that made her gasp every single moment.

Yet the lower part of the dress was still fixed on her waist. Lu Qiang was standing behind her. He moved his hand across her curvy waist and stopped at the lower part of her back to unzip the dress there.

He pulled the zipper down which loosened the dress and her round butt cheeks were visible to him. Lu Qiang pulled her dress a bit down which made it fall in her feet. She was in just her panty now. Jiang Yuyan's heart was running faster and she felt heavy in her chest which made her breath deeply.

Upon seeing her reacting in the same way like before, Lu Qiang whispered again, "We are not doing it for the first time so relax."

Jiang Yuyan nodded to what he said and she tried to calm herself down. Lu Qiang removed the diamond brooch from her hair to open them completely and put that brooch in his pocket as he didn't want to move away from her to keep it somewhere on the table.

Lu Qiang turned her around to stand face to face with her. She looked at him with her scared eyes. Lu Qiang smiled to see her scared and said while tucking her loose hair strand behind her ears, "I will just go as far as you can take it don't be scared."

In her heart she was always ready to do everything but still she couldn't stop feeling anxious whenever that moment came. In a car it was different thing as she knew they won't be able to do much so she acted boldly but whenever she was alone with him like this, she couldn't help but feel anxious scared nervous and what not.
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