Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 223: Both Are Insane In Love...


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Lu Qiang wanted to unzip her dress to pull it down below her chest but he couldn't figure out, how to and said in frustration, "Damn An Tian! I am going to cut the money of this dress to half."

These lines from Lu Qiang made her smile and giggle. She was amazed to see how this simple thing like unzipping her dress could annoy him this much so she said while trying to hold back her giggle, "It's simple."

"It is simple for you but not for me. Why everything related to a woman is so critical?" He asked annoyingly.

"Just to annoy men like you by not giving them anything easily." She answered to tease him with a smile on her face as she found it funny to see this always calm person in a frustrated mode.

Lu Qiang agreed to her words and said, "Hmm! I can see that. Now help me to take it off."

"We are in a car. Once I take it off, It would be difficult to put it back." She said with worry in her voice.

Lu Qiang could understand her condition but he couldn't stop feeling annoyed as he had to stop their love moments. "Next time I will ask him to make all your dresses easily accessible."

His words made Jiang Yuyan laugh even louder. She couldn't hold it back this time. Lu Qiang was looking at her because of the way she was laughing. After so long since their childhood days, he saw her laughing with her heart open. He forgot what he was up to and he was looking at her. She had tears in her eyes with this much laughing. She looked at Lu Qiang who was looking at her like he was seeing something precious.

"What happened?" she asked while controlling her laugh.

"You look beautiful when you laugh. I want to see you like this always." He replied and wiped her tears.

"Okay! I will be always like this as long as you are with me" she said while looking into his eyes with love for him in them.

"Then you will keep laughing at every moment of your life as I am not going to leave you for a single moment ever."

"If it can make you stay with me for each and every moment of my life then I won't mind laughing always even if others think that I am insane."

"I think we both are insane in love," Lu Qiang said and gave her a peck on the lips. Lu Qiang moved away from her and sat in his seat. He helped her to get up and sit then he said, "We can continue to rest in our home. Car is not that comfortable."

Jiang Yuyan made herself sit comfortably and said while straightening her messy hair, "I wonder how they do things in a car? It's very difficult to be comfortable here."

"Do you want to check, how they do things in a car. I won't mind to give you that experience as I really want to do it in the car with you, once." He said while looking at her with his lips curved upward to show his dangerous intentions.

She gulped to hear it and said, "No need. I..I was just joking."

Both sat in a car quietly with the smile on their faces. Soon the car reached to their home which Lu Qiang build for only both of them. Lu Qiang stepped out of a car without even waiting for a driver to open the door for him. He stepped towards the back passenger seat door on Jiang Yuyan's side. He opened it and offered her his hand. she accepted it and stepped out of the car.

"Let's go," he said while holding her hand tightly and taking her with him inside the home. Lu Qiang was walking faster and Jiang Yuyan was trying to catch up with his speed.

Driver Xu Bai didn't look at both of them and continued sitting in the car. when Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan disappeared from his sight, he stepped out of the car. He opened back passenger seat door and took out Lu Qiang's jacket and bow from the car and stepped to go inside of the home.

Once Lu Qiang reached inside the home, A butler and few servants were present there to welcome them as Xu Bai already informed them about his boss's arrival. Everyone greeted Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan who entered the home while holding each other's hands.

Lu Qiang didn't reply back to their greetings as he didn't see or heard anything. Jiang Yuyan eyes met with butler's to which butler nodded as greeting her and looked down to not look at her again. Jiang Yuyan felt a bit embarrassed but quietly followed Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang took Jiang Yuyan straight upstairs to their bedroom like he was in a hurry for something important. Butler understood and he asked other servants to go back to their rooms and rest as it was a late night. In a while driver, Xu Bai came inside and he handed over Lu Qiang's jacket and bow to the butter and left.

Once they reached the bedroom only then Lu Qiang slowed down his walking pace and finally Jiang Yuyan got the chance to catch her breath. He stopped in the center of the room and stood while facing her.

Jiang Yuyan looked at him while trying to calm herself down by breathing deeply. Lu Qiang understood he made her walk fast with him and she is tired. He looked at the glass jar on the table which was filled with water. He stepped towards it and filled one glass with water for Jiang Yuyan.

He went back and offered it to her. Jiang Yuyan said thank you and took only two to three sips of water. All this time Lu Qiang was staring at her face. She gulped to see his intense sight and stood frozen on her place with a glass in her hands.

Lu Qiang took that glass from her hands and drank the remaining water while still staring in her eyes. His sight didn't move from her face for even a single moment. He stepped back to keep the glass on the table.
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