Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 191: Always Protecting Yuyan...


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After Dinner, everyone came to the living room. Lu Jinhai called Lu Qiang out from there as he had something important to discuss with him and asked to follow him to his study room. Jiang Yuyan too heard what Lu Jinhai said and decided to back to her room as Lu Qiang won't be in the living room.

Lu Qiang signaled Jiang Yuyan that he will be back soon which nobody could notice but was enough to convey his message to her. Then he left with his father. As Jiang Yuyan moved to go back to her room, but elder Lu called her and asked her to sit with him for a while as he didn't get a chance to talk to her since yesterday morning.

When Jiang Yuyan stayed back in the living room, Lu Lijun too stayed back because Lu Qiang was not there and he was worried his bitter mouth aunt Su Hui might say something to Jiang Yuyan which could hurt her. Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were about to leave to go out to the garden but they stopped to hear what Su Hui said to Grandma Zhao Shuang.

"Mother, as you know, Zhi Ruo is going to stay here in Lu Mansion, so I think, we should make the best arrangements for her as she is very special to us." Su Hui said it and looked at Jiang Yuyan who was not paying attention to what Su Hui was saying as she was busy talking to elder Lu.

Zhi Ruo was sitting beside Su Hui and said, "There is no need to trouble yourself, aunt Su Hui, I am fine with anything as I am not going to stay here for long."

Su Hui looked at Zhi Ruo with her eyes wide open and said, "What are you saying Zhi Ruo. You are …."

"Su Hui is right. You are our guest and also Zhi Guang's daughter, so it's our duty to provide you with everything best." Grandma Zhao Shuang said before Su Hui could finish what she was about to say.

Everyone in the living room was aware of what Su Hui was going to say as she had a full plan to make Zhi Ruo, a daughter-in-law of Lu mansion, so grandma Zhao Shuang stopped her before she could say anything inappropriate in front of Jiang Yuyan. Though elder Lu was talking to Jiang Yuyan, he heard what Su Hui said and he too was upset with what Su Hui was trying to do.

Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were aware that aunt Su Hui was going to mess up the things. Jiang Yuyan was sitting silently there beside Lu Lijun while elder Lu was regretting to stop Jiang Yuyan, from going into her room.

As the elder Lu was about to ask Jiang Yuyan to go back to her room, just then something clicked in Su Hui's mind again and she said, "Mother you are right. We should definitely give the best to Zhi Ruo so why don't we make her stay arrangement in the room on the second floor, beside Lu Qiang's room? That room is the best one in the whole Lu Mansion."

Upon hearing it Jiang Yuyan who was sitting there silently, looked at aunt Su Hui as she was stunned to hear it. Others too were shocked to hear it. Ning Jiahui couldn't stop herself and finally said, "Su Hui, you already know that Jiang Yuyan is staying in that room so how can you…."

Before Ning Jiahui could complete her sentence, Su Hui spoke as ignoring what Ning Jiahui was saying, "So What elder sister? After two years of university, Jiang Yuyan is going to leave this mansion. It's not like she is going to stay here forever." Su Hui then looked at Jiang Yuyan and asked, "Am I right Jiang Yuyan?"

Jiang Yuyan was startled with this sudden question and it was a bit insulting for her, what Su Hui said. Before Jiang Yuyan or others could say anything to this rude woman, Lu Lijun spoke after placing his palm on the back side of Jiang Yuyan's palm which was resting on her thigh on Lu Lijun's side.

"Aunt Su Hui, don't forget, that room belongs to me, to start with so only I have a right to decide who will stay in that room and my decision is Yuyan. Other than her no one is allowed to enter in that room, not even my mother." When he said it, his expression and voice were calm but in his eyes, there was hidden anger which he was trying to suppress.

Jiang Yuyan was again surprised to see how Lu Lijun always tried to protect her and felt glad about it, but when he put his palm on her hand, she could feel the normally placed palm of Lu Lijun later gripped her hand tightly as he was speaking to his aunt.

She could feel something was not right and thought he might be angry but in contradiction to her assumption, his expressions were normal. As she was sitting beside him, she couldn't see his eyes properly so she was confused to see what was it? Why he reacted that way?

Lu Feng who was standing a bit away from the sofa with Jiang Yang beside him, didn't fail to notice Lu Lijun's eyes and exclaimed in a voice that only Jiang Yang could hear, "F**k! This is not a good sign. I need to stop this woman or something might happen, that nobody would like to see."

"Woman?" Jiang Yang asked in a surprise.

Lu Feng sighed and replied, "Yes! that woman over there, who is, unfortunately, my mother,."

Jiang Yang was shocked to see how Lu Feng was calling his mother and said, "Why are you…."

Jiang Yang remembered, in the past how much Lu Feng used to love his mother and they used to call him a mama's boy. Then, what had changed after all these years? He was in his thoughts and Lu Feng pulled him out of it.

"Don't ask anything, Jiang Yang. First, let's stop this and take Lu Lijun and Yuyan away from here." Lu Feng said it while stepping towards them and spoke when he reached to the sofa, "Lu Lijun is right and his decision is always the final one here, even Lu Qiang won't say no to him." He then looked at his mother and said, "So, stop this right now as there are so many empty rooms in this mansion. Mother."

Elder Lu Felt glad as Lu Feng came to stop his mother and sided with Li Lijun. Elder Lu wanted to shut her mouth by nice scolding but the presence of Zhi Ruo was stopping him and others too.

Zhi Ruo smiled to hear what Lu Feng said and replied, "Brother Lu Feng is right. I don't think it's a good idea to move Jiang Yuyan somewhere else as it would be more convenient if I move into an empty room."

Su Hui didn't look happy to hear it and said, "But…."

Zhi Ruo stopped Su Hui and said with a smile on her face, "Trust me, aunt, I am really fine. Thanks for caring for me. Now show me my room, I am tired and sleepy too,"

Su Hui finally agreed and said, "Okay!" Then she asked butler Xu Dui to prepare one room on the first floor, in a south wing for Zhi Ruo.

Lu Feng felt relieved to see, Lu Lijun was normal and his eyes looked calm. Jiang Yang was thinking, why Lu Feng was this much worried about a simple argument between these people but ignored it as he thought, it was nothing.

After seeing, Zhi Ruo was going to be in another room and aunt Su Hui agreed to it too, Lu Lijun let go of Jiang Yuyan's hand. Jiang Yuyan looked at her hand and felt it was hurting a little. She thought, 'How can he had such a strong grip. It was not a normal thing. Was he really angry or what?'

While thinking about it, She continued to look at him but his face was expressionless which made her feel even more confused. She had a doubt since she came to Lu mansion, that Lu Lijun is not what he looked from outside. There is more behind this innocent looking face, but what?
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