Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 190: Future King...


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Everyone in the living room was very happy to see Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan together, except for Su Hui. She didn't like Jiang family as they were too close to Lu Jinhai and he considered Jiang Peizhi as his brother. She always thought, Lu Jinhai gave more importance to Jiang prize instead of her husband Lu Chen who had the same blood as Lu Jinhai.

She never liked Jiang Yuyan much too, as she was pampered by elder Lu even more than his own grand-daughters. whenever Jiang Yuyan came to Lu mansion in the past, it was always about her and everyone just paid attention to her only.

When Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan reached downstairs, all went to the dining table except for Lu Qiang who suddenly had a call from country Z about something important matter of business over there. Lu Qiang excused himself and asked others to start dinner and he will join in soon. When everyone reached the dining room they sat on their own designated chairs. Zhi Ruo was unaware of which chair belonged to whom and unintentionally sat in the chair which was empty and closer to where she was standing. That chair was the one where Jiang Yuyan sat always, beside Lu Qiang.

To see Zhi Ruo sitting in her chair, Jiang Yuyan didn't sai anything as Zhi Ruo was the guest of Lu Family and moved to sit on another empty chair which was on the other side of the dining table. When she passed behind from Lu Lijun's chair, he stopped her by holding her hand and said, "Wait!" it startled Jiang Yuyan and others too when they saw it, but before they could ask anything, Lu Lijun spoke while looking at Zhi Ruo, "That chair belongs to Yuyan. You can sit in the other one."

Jiang Yuyan felt surprised to hear it and she realized, Lu Lijun too called her as only 'Yuyan' instead of her full name. Till now he never called her with any name and it was the first time he was saying it. He was the fourth person to call her like this other than those three important men in her life. Lu Feng and Jiang Yang too noticed the same thing and smiled to know, Lu Lijun was one of them too.

Zhi Ruo felt a little awkward to hear what Lu Lijun said as it was not her fault totally and nobody stopped her from sitting there but she apologized and immediately stood up to sit in the chair next to her.

Sui Hui didn't like the way Lu Lijun treated Zhi Ruo. She intentionally let Zhi Ruo sit in that chair as it was near to Lu Qiang', so she said, "Let her sit there. What's the big deal, if she sits in that chair?"

Upon hearing it nobody said anything as they didn't want to spoil the atmosphere. Also, Zhi Ruo already sat in another chair so there was no point to stretch it, but who could stop Lu Lijun and he spoke while looking at Su Hui, "It is a big deal aunt Su Hui. It's exactly like, me sitting in grandfather's chair."

Lu Lijun then moved his sight from Su Hui to Jiang Yuyan while still holding her hand and said in a commanding way, "Sit in your place." She obeyed and sat in her chair without a single word. It was like, Lu Qiang was ordering her to do so.

When Lu Lijun said it, everyone looked at him. It showed, how much importance he gave to Jiang Yuyan. Jiang Yuyan herself was shocked as she thought, she was in a dream. Something like this never happened when Lu Lijun took stand for someone else except for his elder brother. Su Hui didn't talk much as she knew it was not a good idea to mess up with this little guy as he was pampered by Lu Qiang himself.

Lu Qiang still didn't come back and they started the dinner. After a while, Su Hui spoke again to look at Elder Lu, "Father, My cousin and Zhi Ruo's father Zhi Guang wants to marry his daughter to the son of our family and he was expecting it to be Lu Qiang."

Upon hearing it, most of the people on the dining table who knew about the relationship between Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan were shocked and they looked at Jiang Yuyan. Jiang Yuyan too was shocked to hear it, but didn't show it on her face and continued eating quietly.

Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were aware that she must be shocked to hear it but couldn't do anything at the moment but to wait for Lu Qiang to come back soon. The same thing applied to the elder couple and Lu Qiang's parents. They too were thought if Lu Qiang could come back soon.

Elders couldn't say 'No' to what Su Hui said as Zhi Ruo was there and she might feel offended. Also, Zhi Guang was a very important person and disrespecting him or his daughter was not the best idea at the moment by considering the fact, how he stood beside Lu Qiang like a strong pillar during their downfall. They thought to leave this matter in Lu Qiang's hands but these people forgot, someone was there, whom no one could stop, Lu Lijun.

Lu Lijun stood up from his chair and said while moving to his brother's chair, "Aunt Su Hui, brother won't say Yes' for this marriage ever" and he sat in Lu Qiang's chair.

Su Hui felt annoyed to hear it from Lu Lijun when elders were not saying anything. She said, "Lu Lijun, leave this to elders to decide. You are still too young to understand these things."

"Might be, but old enough to understand what my brother wants." Lu Lijun said it as serving the food in Jiang Yuyan's dish. It was clear for others what Lu Lijun was pointing towards. In their hearts, they felt proud of Lu Lijun, as he did what they couldn't. He was a kid, so no one could feel offended with his words but enough to convey the important message.

Lu Lijun picked up one beef piece in his chopsticks, served it into Jiang Yuyan's dish and said, "Eat this. You look weak."

While others were happy, Su Hui felt bitter to see how Lu Lijun was taking care of Jiang Yuyan while Zhi Ruo had no idea, what was going on. Su Hui couldn't stop herself and said, "It looks like, in future, you are going to take a place of Lu Qiang by pushing him aside." What she said, was not the good thing to say it. All felt annoyed and Lu Feng was about to stop his mother but a voice stopped him.

"He doesn't have to push me away. Everything, that I have and I will have in the future, belongs to him only and he would be the next king of this family, aunt Su Hui." That was Lu Qiang who saw what happened there when he just came back and decided not to meddle until there was a need for him to do it. He was listening to everything while standing outside of the door of the dining room and others were unaware of it. He was happy about what his younger brother said and felt proud too.

Before Su Hui could say anything further, Lu Chen stopped her and said, "Enough now Su Hui." Lu Chen was aware of his wife's nature so he preferred to stop her before she could say anything bitter. Elder Lu finally spoke, "Let's eat in peace. We can discuss these things later." and everyone obeyed it.

When Lu Qiang reached the dining table, Lu Lijun was ready to get up from Lu Qiang's chair but Lu Qiang stopped him and said, "In my absence, this chair belongs to you only and you have to take care of someone too."

Lu Lijun knew who that 'Someone' was and nodded as saying 'Yes!' Lu Qiang sat in Lu Lijun's chair and continued to eat. Lu Lijun too continued his dinner while taking care of Jiang Yuyan by serving food in her dish in between.

Lu Qiang, Lu Feng and Jiang Yang were looking at Lu Lijun with smiles on their faces for what he said a while ago and what he was doing at that moment. It was like, others had to take care of him always but this time he was taking care of someone.
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