Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 189: Jealous? My A**!


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Lu Qiang was too anxious that couldn't notice the coldness in her voice and the way she was avoiding to look at him. He thought it must be because she was not feeling well. He asked again, "But you don't look good. Tell me if it's hurting again. We can call the doctor."

"Don't worry about me and attend your important guest as you are meeting her after a long time." She replied and turned on to her one side in a bed to face her back towards him.

Lu Qiang finally understood the reason behind her such behavior. She was jealous and he felt good to see this. He smiled and sat beside her. "Father told you who she is. No need to feel jealous."

"Jealous? My A**!" Jiang Yuyan replied still her back facing towards him with her eyes closed.

Upon hearing these words from her for the first time, Lu Qiang couldn't help but laugh and realized, it was another side of her personality and he liked it. "Haha! Then what is it? Go, get fresh and let's go for dinner."

"Nothing! Let me rest and you go have fun with your girl. I am not hungry." She said in annoyance as to know, Lu Qiang thought, she was jealous because of that girl and the most annoying thing was that it was the truth. She couldn't stop herself from feeling jealous when she saw him talking to one beautiful girl with whom he had already spent six months to teach her the work. Also, upon remembering, how that girl was talking to him as she knew Lu Qiang for ages and he belongs to her, it made her even saltier.

Lu Qiang remembered, what Jiang Yang said about her cranky behavior during her periods. He realized, she won't listen to him easily even if he tried to convince her with soft and caring words. He turned her towards him as she was facing her back to him and went on top of her but he was careful to not put his weight on her abdomen.

"Do you want me to show you, who is my girl? Be thankful for your periods or I would have let you see it, right at this moment."

Jiang Yuyan tried to push him away by using her hands on his chest, but he held her hands in his and pinned them in a bed on either side of her body. "Stop struggling. It's not good for you to waste your energy in this condition as you are already weak," he said in a commanding voice while looking into her eyes which made her give up on her struggle to push him away.

As Jiang Yuyan stopped struggling, Lu Qiang kissed her. Since the last evening in his office, Lu Qiang didn't kiss her even if they were together for a long time but now he didn't want to control himself. He was gentle this time and he was sucking and nibbling her lips slowly while savoring their taste. Jiang Yuyan too started to enjoy it forgetting what she was feeling moments before and both indulged in this slow act of love, savoring each other to their heart content.

Lu Qiang was not in a hurry and continued to do it slowly for a while then parted away from her lips and asked, "Did you miss it?"

Jiang Yuyan breath deeply and nodded while looking into his pitch black passionate eyes with her moist one, as saying "Yes!"

Upon seeing her nodding, Lu Qiang smiled as his sight continued to move from her eyes to her lips and asked, "Will you be fine if I kiss you for a while more in this condition.?"

Jiang Yuyan again nodded to say yes. Lu Qiang didn't wait and kissed her again. This time he slid his tongue in her mouth and played with her tongue till her tongue felt numb. She didn't have much energy and pulled her tongue back in a while. Lu Qiang realized and moved his lips away from her with the thread of saliva visible which broke when he moved further away.

Jiang Yuyan looked tired and was trying to breathe. Her eyes were watery too. Lu Qiang felt a bit bad. He wiped her wet lips with his thumb and said, "Sorry!" Jiang Yuyan shook her head and said while using her palm to wipe his lips, "You don't need to." Lu Qiang kissed her palm and said, "Let's go for dinner, they must be waiting for us.

"Okay!" she replied. Lu Qiang kissed her on the forehead and stepped down from the bed then helped Jiang Yuyan to get down too. "Get fresh and come down. I am going to my room to freshen up."

Jiang Yuyan nodded and Lu Qiang left for his room. As Jiang Yuyan went out of her room, Lu Qiang too came out from his room at the same time. Both went downstairs together. Everyone was already present in the living room. Upon seeing these two, coming downstairs together, everyone had different reactions.

Elder Lu looked at his wife and said, "See the future of Lu Mansion" to which Zhao Shuang nodded and said, "King and Queen of future."

Lu Jinhai and his wife Ning Jiahui too felt glad to see them together. Lu Jinhai whispered in his wife's ear, "Be ready to get Daughter-in-law and start the preparations soon." to which, Ning Jiahui nodded with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Jiang Yang poked Lu Feng and said, "By the look of it, I thought my sister will take time to get convince by your brother but they came early."

"We are Lus. Don't ever doubt our skills with women and my brother knows how to use them, really well." Lu Feng replied

Jiang Yang looked in his sister's direction and said, "Yeah! I never doubt it though as it's not easy to tame this tigress."

Lu Feng too looked in the direction of Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan and said, "Hmm! Right." When these two were busy with their talk they heard a voice.

"They look good together" upon hearing it both Lu Feng and Jiang Yang replied together while looking into the direction of Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan, "Indeed!"

Then, both looked in the direction of the voice and saw, that was Lu Lijun who was standing beside them and he too was looking at Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan.
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