Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 182: Adorable Lu Qiang!


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The sales girl was young looked like in her early twenties. She looked at Lu Qiang in a surprise and asked again to confirm it, "All brands? All sizes?"

Lu Qiang nodded and said, "Yes! Now make it fast." Salesgirl didn't ask any question and she did what Lu Qiang asked her to do without any question. Next, it was time to pay the bill. While paying the bill, the middle age man on the counter looked at Lu Qiang in a surprise too and asked, "Sir! Are you sure, you want all of these?" Lu Qiang straight starred in that man's eyes and replied with counter-question in his usual bossy style, "Is there any problem?"

"N-No Sir, I was just making sure of it." The middle-aged man replied as Lu Qiang's bossy attitude scared him a little. He created a bill and quietly packed all the stuff in two huge bags.

Lu Qiang didn't say anything and handed him over his card to make a payment. The moment, that man held Lu Qiang's black card in his hands, he almost dropped it in a shock. He immediately made a payment and handed it back to Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang picked up those bags and stepped out of the supermarket to go towards his car. When the man on the counter saw, Lu Qiang was sitting inside his black Luxury car, he almost had a shock of his life. He realized the man who left his tiny supermarket was not an ordinary person.

Soon Lu Qiang reached to his office and stepped out of the car in hurry without giving his driver a chance to open the door for him. He picked up both bags and walked fast inside the building. When he entered inside, one man was waiting for him with one shopping bag in his hands. Lu Qiang recognized who that man was to see the logo on the bag in his hand and stepped towards him. He received that bag and the man left.

On the way to the supermarket, Lu Qiang called to one designer friend of him who designed clothes for him. He called him and asked to send some lingerie sets to his office. He reached to the lounge and saw Jiang Yuyan was not in the room so he understood she was still in a bathroom.

Lu Qiang knocked on the door and Jiang Yuyan opened it the moment she heard it. She again peeked out her face to see outside of the bathroom. Lu Qiang was standing there with two huge bags in his hands. Jiang saw them and asked, "What are these?"

Lu Qiang replied, "The things You wanted."

Jiang Yuyan widened her eyes and asked as she was shocked to see those huge bags in his hands, "This much?"

"I didn't know what brand you use and also the size, so I bought each of everything. Check, which one you want." Lu Qiang replied as he was not feeling anything odd about buying so many sanitary napkin packs for her.

Jiang Yuyan didn't know what to say, whether to appreciate him or criticize him for this. She didn't have much time to think about it as she was in a pain too, so she just said, "Show me."

Upon hearing it, Lu Qiang put a small shopping bag in his hands aside and emptied out both huge bags on the floor. Jiang Yuyan was really shocked to see it but she found him too adorable and innocent too. She was laughing in her heart forgetting about the pain she was experiencing at the moment.

This person in front of her was the president of a giant conglomerate who always got everything ready in his hands even before he asked for it but he went to buy sanitary napkins for his woman and the way he did it, that was too adorable.

Jiang Yuyan pointed towards the brand she wanted and told him about the size too. Lu Qiang immediately found out one pack and passed it to her and then he remembers about the sets of undergarments, she asked him to bring for her. He picked up the small shopping bag which he kept aside a while ago and handed over it to her.

Jiang Yuyan asked him to give her dress which he removed when they were busy in their intimate act. Lu Qiang passed her a dress. Jiang Yuyan received it, closed the door of the bathroom and gave out a sigh of relief.

Till Lu Qiang came back, the pain in her abdomen became worse. She was maintaining normal expressions on her face while talking to Lu Qiang so that he won't be able to see, she was in a pain. She had a shower first, washed her clothes and was ready to wear her clothes. Jiang Yuyan picked up a small shopping bag and pulled out clothes from it. To her surprise, there was a stylish and expensive set of lavender color lingerie with one more dress inside of it with the same color, which looked like of her size.

Jiang Yuyan changed her clothes while thinking, how thoughtful Lu Qiang was. Though she was in a pain, his actions were able to bring a smile on her face, making her forget about her pain.

She came and out of the bathroom, just to see Lu Qiang who was arranging all sanitary napkin packs in one of the compartment of the wardrobe in his lounge.
Jiang Yuyan smiled again to see this adorable man but hide it as she didn't want to show him this.

When Lu Qiang arranged everything properly he closed the door and got back to Jiang Yuyan. She was trying hard not show him that she was in a pain but still, Lu Qiang noticed her pale face and asked, "Are you not feeling well? I will call a doctor."

Jiang Yuyan shook her head and said, "No! No need actually. Its normal thing. I will be fine soon." She said it and went to the bed as she desperately wanted to lie down.
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