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Lu Qiang moved down towards her chest. He moved his one hand towards her back to unhook the tiny piece of cloth covering her bosoms and another hand to pull down the thin straps from her shoulder. As he was about to take it down, Jiang Yuyan's body stiffened. Lu Qiang retreated his hand from her back and didn't unhook it and the other one which was about to pull down it, he moved it back too.

Jiang Yuyan noticed it and felt disappointed in herself. She never wanted to react in that way but it was her body that reacted involuntarily because of the trauma she had from her past.

Lu Qiang left her chest untouched while suppressing his desire to touch it. He didn't want the same thing to happen again which can make both of them stop halfway. This time he wanted to make her experience that beautiful feeling which she never felt before. From her chest, he moved down towards her stomach while trailing the kisses but made sure not to touch her bosoms.

When Lu Qiang kissed her on her stomach near the belly button, Jiang Yuyan felt the ticklish feeling in her lower abdomen and curled her toes. With his fingers, Lu Qiang traced the border of her undergarment to pull it down. Jiang Yuyan realized it and held both his hands with hers to stop him as she was feeling utterly shy and embarrassed.

Lu Qiang stopped as he didn't want to do anything against her will and also he understood it was natural for her to react in that way. He looked at her and said, "I won't go ahead if you really don't want it to but if you don't want it just because you are feeling shy or embarrassed then don't stop me. You don't have to feel that way with me and you know it clearly."

Upon hearing it, Jiang Yuyan let go of his hands as signaling 'Go ahead' but just then she felt a pain in her abdomen. Her expression changed and she whined in a very low voice but Lu Qiang didn't fell to notice it and asked, "What happened?"

Jiang Yuyan sat in the bed and said, "It's nothing. I need to go to the washroom." Lu Qiang moved to one side to give her space to get down from the bed. Jiang Yuyan immediately ran towards the bathroom and Lu Qiang felt worried to look at her.

When Jiang Yuyan went to the bathroom and checked, if what she thought was right or not and yes she was right. Her annoying periods had been arrived to put her into trouble which made her exclaimed, "Nono, it can't be, Why just now?" Why?"

She said it and sat in the bathroom helplessly while holding her head into her hands. She started to think, 'What date was it?' she counted and cursed herself for forgetting about it. She needed sanitary napkins and had a doubt that she had one with her. She felt like crying and pulling her hair out. She couldn't think of anything and continued sitting there while covering her abdomen with her palms as she could feel slowly the intensity of cramps was increasing.

Lu Qiang was worried and waiting for her to come out. When she took more time, he couldn't help but knock on the door to ask if she was okay. Jiang Yuyan collected herself and said, "Yes! I am fine." but her voice was low as she was in a pain. Lu Qiang noticed it and said, "But from your voice, you don't sound well, I am coming inside."

Jiang Yuyan replied in a hurry, "Nono! Don't." she stood up and walked towards the door in a hurry. She opened it just as much she could peek her head out and said, "Can you give me my bag?"

Lu Qiang turned and went to bring her bag which fell down on the floor when he kissed her suddenly to see her in front of him, in his office. He brought her bag and passed it to her. Jiang Yuyan checked inside if there was any sanitary napkin but as she thought before, there was none.

Jiang Yuyan felt frustrated with this and the cramps in her abdomen were making it worse for her. She suddenly realized, her brother was outside so she took out her cellphone and called Jiang Yang.

Jiang Yang received a call and said, "Are you enjoying my little sis?" Jiang Yuyan felt annoyed to hear it and said, "My a**!"

"Wohoo! Language sis. Tell me what happened" he asked in a serious way this time. She was calling him even when Lu Qiang was with her, which means there must be something serious.

"My periods came and I don't have sanitary napkins with me and I don't know what to do. I am in trouble. Help me, brother," Jiang Yuyan spoke everything in one breath as she was panicked. She too didn't understand what she just said as it was too fast to understand.

"Calm down. Take a deep breath and say it slowly so that I can understand. Wait! What? Did you just say, you had your periods." out of her fast speech, Jiang Yang was able to capture the word 'Period'.

"Yes, brother!" She felt relieved that her brother understood what she was trying to say.

"So?" Jiang Yang asked casually as it was not a big deal.

Upon hearing a casual reply to her serious problem she felt annoyed and said, "What 'so'? Help me here. You are sitting outside of the office, so come here and help me."

Jiang Yang replied, "What do you think, I am both of yours personal bodyguard or what to wait for you guys outside when you are having fun inside. Enough of dog food now so I am going to eat something tasty now."

Upon hearing it, Jiang Yuyan felt embarrassed and said, "No brother, I didn't mean it this way. Just come and help me please."
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