Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 178: Making Up For The Last Night...


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After sharing a long breathless and passionate kiss, Lu Qiang finally let go of Jiang Yuyan but the way he looked at her with intense and hungry for more gaze, showed that he was not in a mood to stop just with this simple kiss. His gaze startled her and she moved back. Before she could move back further, he held her hand and took her to the couch in the office. Jiang Yuyan followed him quietly. Lu Qiang sat in the couch first then pulled her with a light tug which made her sit on his lap.

Lu Qiang tugged the loose hair strands which were hanging down on either side of her face, behind her ears as he found them as an obstacle. He moved his one hand behind her neck while he circled another one around her to hold her in a place.

Jiang Yuyan too circled her one arm around his neck and placed another one on his chest. With her hand on his chest, she could feel his heart beats which were way too faster. Lu Qiang kissed her again and started to suck and nibble her lips like a hungry wolf. This time, as Jiang Yuyan was sitting in his lap, she had an upper hand to control the kiss. After assaulting her delicate lips to his heart content, when Lu Qiang was about to slide his tongue inside her mouth to taste her sweetness, she moved back and broke the kiss, while Lu Qiang didn't want to part away from her soft lips.

Lu Qiang looked at her with a displeased look but Jiang Yuyan ignored it. He was about to say something but before that, Jiang Yuyan shut him out by putting her four-finger on his lips saying, "Shhhhhh!" She stared back into his eyes and said in a bold way, "What do you think, Were you the only one who missed it and craved for it?"

Lu Qiang looked at her with a questioning look, "Huh?" Her bold attitude never failed to make him speechless but he liked and wanted her to be like this always.

Jiang Yuyan moved her forefinger from his lips and said while caressing his lips with her thumb and staring at them, "I too missed it as much as you did, that last night every passing moment made me feel like coming to you in your room."

Upon hearing it, Lu Qiang held her tightly, got up from the couch with Jiang Yuyan in his arms and stepped towards one of the doors in his office. It startled Jiang Yuyan and she asked, "Where are you taking me?"

"To make up for the last night," Lu Qiang replied while looking in the direction of the door. As they reached in front of the door, he asked Jiang Yuyan to open it as his hands were busy in carrying her. Jiang Yuyan did what he asked her to do and opened the door by moving the doorknob with her hand. When they entered inside, she saw it was a huge and stylish bedroom. She didn't expect to see such a luxurious place behind that door as it was Lu Qiang's office, not his home.

Lu Qiang straight took her to the king size beautiful bed in the room and made her sit on the edge of the bed. Jiang Yuyan knew what he was up to and didn't say anything as she too missed him a lot last night and wanted it as much as he did.

Lu Qiang sat down on his knees and started to take off her sandals to which Jiang Yuyan said, "I will do it."

Lu Qiang didn't stop and said, "Stay still, let me do this." Jiang Yuyan smiled to see him doing it for her. She couldn't help but think, it is too romantic and found him too adorable. She was staring at him till the last moment until he removed her both sandals

As soon as he finished removing her sandals, Lu Qiang removed his shoes and his tie too. He looked at Jiang Yuyan who was sitting on the edge of the bed while staring at him. Lu Qiang didn't wait for a moment and kissed her. He circled one arm around her waist and pulled her towards the center of the bed while using his other hand for support from the mattress without breaking their kiss. Jiang Yuyan too circled her arms around his neck to help him move her easily.

Both reached in the center of that huge bed while kissing. Lu Qiang let her rest on the bed with her head on one pillow but still, both didn't part away. Lu Qiang bite her lips which made her feel pain but she couldn't make a sound as her lips were sealed but she buried her nails in Lu Qiang's skin on the shoulder which made Lu Qiang even more aggressive. It was hard for her to breath now so she too bit his lip as she got a chance to do so.

Lu Qiang stopped and looked at her. He smiled mischievously and said, "I warned you before if you bite me, I will go crazy and our clothes will come off. I don't mind though" and he started to open the zipper of Jiang Yuyan's dress on her back.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room, Jiang Yang was resting comfortably while Xiao Min was anxious to think what was happening inside as he was worried that Jiang Yuyan might make his boss's mood worse. Jiang Yang opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Min. "Rest assured Xiao Min, that devil must be calm to see his calming goat."

Xiao Min didn't like this idea that Jiang Yuyan could be the one to do this. He still thought about her as a rude woman from the airport but he didn't show it on his face. He just replied as, "Hmmm!"

Jiang Yang didn't fail to notice how Xiao Min was feeling. He smiled and said, "Stop worrying Xiao Min and trust your boss's judgment."

Xiao Min felt like being caught red-handed. He nodded and sat on a couch silently. Jiang Yang spoke again, "I think all of you can go home and I should go too." He stood up as he decided to leave the place.

Xiao Min looked at him in surprise and said, "But the boss is still in office and he didn't say anything yet."

Jiang Yang picked up his car keys which he put on the center table before and replied, "Xiao Min, you can't understand the situation or you don't want to understand it? Which one is right?" Jiang Yang asked straightforwardly which made Xiao Min feel a little embarrassed.

Xiao Min cleared his throat and didn't know what to say. Jiang Yang spoke again, "If you wait for your boss, no one would be able to go back home till morning. So trust me and do what I said. He won't say anything to you, instead, he would be glad to see it."

Xiao Min nodded and did what Jiang Yang said. Employees were happy to know this and the whole building was empty just in a while. Jiang Yang was still there and asked, "Xiao Min would you like to grab a drink with me?"

Xiao Min hesitated a bit and nodded as saying yes. Both of them left the office building too leaving Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan alone there.
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