Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 146: Don't You Want To Taste Me?


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Lu Qiang was standing in front of Jiang Yuyan's room door. He knew she was angry and he had to do something about it. He knocked on the door and waited for a while to let Jiang Yuyan open the door. Usually, he directly enters into her room after knocking once, but this time he waited for her as she was angry. After waiting for some time, Lu Qiang knocked on the door again but still there was no reply. Finally, he opened the door and entered inside. He saw, Jiang Yuyan was lying on the bed on her stomach with her head buried under the pillow. He stepped towards her and called her name but Jiang Yuyan didn't reply.

Finally he too laid down beside her on the bed and said, "I too am feeling sleepy at this hour of the day, let me get my pillow to hug it and sleep."

Lu Qiang turned to his side in the direction of Jiang Yuyan and put his arm on Jiang Yuyan's back as she was lying on her stomach and his leg on her thighs.

Jiang Yuyan still didn't move. Lu Qiang moved closer to her and hugged her tightly from the side but it made her breath quite difficult. She finally reacted and removed that pillow from her head.

When Jiang Yuyan came to her room, she was upset with what Lu Qiang said. She went to her bed, laid down on it lazily and covered her face with pillow. After some time, she heard a knock on the door but she didn't get up to open the door as she knew it was Lu Qiang. She let him stood there to knock on the door again but didn't bother to get up and open the door. It was her way of showing him, how mad she was.

When Lu Qiang slept beside her, she was aware that he might do something to annoy her so she decided not to react to any of his mischief, but when he hugged her tightly, she was unable to breathe comfortably and she had to react.

Jiang Yuyan frowned, looked at him and said, "Are you trying to kill me?"

Lu Qiang smiled and said, "Nope! I am just hugging my pillow. It's not my fault if my pillow is too delicate to handle my cuddle."

Jiang Yuyan tried to turn and get out of his hold but Lu Qiang held her even more tightly and said, "I am feeling sleepy and I need my pillow" and closed his eyes.

Jiang Yuyan frowned again and said, while still trying to get out of his hold, "Go and get the other one."

Lu Qiang held her tightly in one place by circling his arm and leg around her to stop her from moving. When she stopped struggling, he turned her on her back in just one move, went on top of her and said, "But I like this pillow more."

Jiang Yuyan again tried to move but she couldn't as Lu Qiang put almost all of his body weight on hers as to not let her get away.

He then looked into her eyes and asked, "Why are you upset?"

Jiang Yuyan looked in the other direction by averting her sight from his and said with a cold voice, "I am not."

Lu Qiang replied, "Yes, you are and this pretty face of yours is shouting to me saying 'I am upset, I am angry'."

Jiang Yuyan knew she can no longer deny the fact that she was upset, so she decided to accept it and said, "What if, I am? Does it matter to you?"

Lu Qiang replied, "Of course it matters to me, and that's why I am here with you right now. So tell me now."

Lu Qiang knew what was bothering her so he thought he should clear it with her but he wants to hear from her first. He was glad to see her jealous and enjoyed it but he had enough so preferred to stop it and asked her directly.

Jiang Yuyan shook her head and said, "It's nothing and I don't want to tell you."

Lu Qiang smiled mischievously and said, "If you don't tell me, I will kiss you, which you don't want me to do, I guess."

Jiang Yuyan shook her head and said, "I won't tell you."

Lu Qiang moved closer to her and said, "So you want me to kiss you, right?"

Jiang Yuyan felt like she's been trapped. She didn't want to tell him as she herself was confused on why she was upset, and if she didn't tell him, that would mean she wanted him to kiss her.

She replied, "I don't want to tell you, let me go."

Lu Qiang shook his head and said, "Nope! I won't since you're not telling me, and that's good since I am desperate to kiss you at this moment. It has been few days since I tasted you. You might have missed it too."

Jiang Yuyan shook her head and said, "No! I don't."

Lu Qiang moved his lips closer to hers and said while touching his lips to hers, "Really? You don't want to taste me?"

When Jiang Yuyan felt the touch of his lips on hers and his hot breath on her face, she gulped down her saliva and breathed heavily. She wanted to touch his lips too. She couldn't say no and waited for him to kiss her.

Lu Qiang knew about her condition and he too wanted to kiss her as it was very difficult for him to be close to her and not to do anything while controlling his desires. He was already controlling himself for the past few days and now it was getting difficult with each passing moment. For a second, Lu Qiang thought to forget his resolution and kiss her with all his might and ravish her completely but he stopped. He moved his face back from hers and looked at her face.

Jiang Yuyan was anticipating to get kissed by him and she wanted it too but when Lu Qiang moved his face away, she felt disappointed and tried hard not to show it on her face.

Lu Qiang looked at her with his intense gaze and said in a hoarse voice, "Do you know, how difficult it is to control myself when I am this close to you and feel like ravishing you completely."

Jiang Yuyan heard him and her expression changed to a soft one. She could understand how hard it must be for a man to control his desires.

Lu Qiang moved away from her and freed her. He was sitting on the edge of the bed to calm himself down and Jiang Yuyan was looking at his back while lying in a bed. She couldn't decide what she had to do at that moment.

Jiang Yuyan sat on the bed too and was about to say something but Lu Qiang stood up and said while still facing his back to her, "That message was nothing. It was just a prank played by Lu Feng, intentionally and you are the most important thing in my life." He said it and walked towards the door and went out of the room without giving Jiang Yuyan chance to speak a single word.

When Jiang Yuyan heard him, she felt guilty for being upset with Lu Qiang without any reason. She wanted to say something but Lu Qiang had already left the room.
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