Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 143: Younger Lu Qiang!!


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Lu Qiang came downstairs too, when Jiang Yuyan left. He followed her to the garden. When he reached there, he saw Jiang Yuyan was standing beside Lu Lijun and she was talking to him about something. He halted in his steps and decided to see how both of them will behave with each other. He was specially curious about Lu Lijun's behavior.

When Lu Qiang saw, Lu Lijun made space for her to sit beside him, he felt surprised and what happened next was the most beautiful thing he had seen. He never expected that his cold hearted younger brother would allow anyone to be with him other than his two elder brothers. He was glad to see them starting to get along with each other.

While Lu Qiang was busy in observing these two, someone suddenly came from behind and put a hand on his shoulder. Lu Qiang turned his head to see who it was? It was Elder Lu who was standing beside him and was looking at Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun with a pleasant smile on his face.

Lu Qiang too had a pleasant expressions on his face, which grandpa didn't fail to notice. Elder Lu smiled and said while looking in the direction of Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan, "I think, your biggest concern is going to vanish soon."

Lu Qiang too was looking in the same direction as Elder Lu. He replied, while looking at Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan, who were still busy in drawing, "I think so too grandpa."

"Me too grandpa" They heard one more voice and turned to look at it. It was Lu Feng. He stepped forward and stood beside grandpa and said again, "I think Lu Lijun will accept Jiang Yuyan as a part of Lu Qiang's life and his life too."

Grandpa replied while looking at them two, "I am sure about it. Moreover, Jiang Yuyan is a lovely girl who can make anyone like her."

Lu Qiang replied, "Agreed!" while Lu Feng nodded to what grandpa said.

All three stepped towards Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan. As they reached near them, Lu Lijun picked up his drawing book and showed to Lu Qiang what he drew. Lu Qiang knew, Lu Lijun can draw very well but still he was surprised to see this new drawing and he praised him, "It's too good Lu Lijun."

Jiang Yuyan stood up to greet Elder Lu when she saw these three people.

"Good Morning Grandpa!" She said it with smile on her face and moved her sight from Elder Lu to Lu Feng and wished him good morning too but she didn't look at Lu Qiang. Lu Lijun looked at her as she wished everyone but his elder brother. Jiang Yuyan noticed him staring at her and she understood why. She immediately looked at Lu Qiang and wished him good morning.

Lu Qiang smiled to see this and wished her back, "Good Morning!"

Lu Lijun picked up a second drawing book from the bench on which Jiang Yuyan was drawing before. He showed what both of them drew together to Lu Qiang. Lu Qiang liked it and said, "Both of you make a great pair of artist. It's really good."

Grandpa Lu and Lu Feng felt curious too and wanted to see what these two drew in a book. When they saw it, grandpa replied, "Indeed, it's beautiful. Both of you should work together in the future." Lu Feng too agreed to what Elder Lu said.

Jiang Yuyan looked at Lu Lijun and asked, "What do you say Lu Lijun. Will you work with me?"

As usual everybody was expecting Lu Lijun to reply by nodding or he will just ignore her but he surprised everyone and said, "Yes! You draw really well."

It was almost a mild shock for these four people and the happiest person there was Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang looked at Jiang Yuyan who was able to melt his ice cold brother and mouthed 'Good Job' to Jiang Yuyan to which she just smiled in reply.

It was time for breakfast so everyone went inside the mansion and went to the dining room. Everyone sat in their respective chairs and this time Jiang Yuyan sat beside Lu Qiang without any hesitation as Lu Lijun was not that cold to her.

After finishing half of his breakfast, Lu Qiang excused himself and went out saying he had something important to do. Jiang Yuyan heard it and again thought about that 'Something important' message. She felt upset again but tried to cover her sadness. Lu Lijun again noticed that Jiang Yuyan's dish was empty and she was not eating properly. He looked in the direction of the door but his brother was not there so he stood up from his chair and started to serve her food.

After being done with serving, he didn't go back to his chair, instead he sat in Lu Qiang's chair and said to Jiang Yuyan, "Brother will take time to come back, so eat your meal properly." he then replaced Lu Qiang's dish with his and started to eat while sitting on Lu Qiang's chair.

When everyone heard this, they looked at Lu Lijun. He was behaving like Lu Qiang. All the words he said and the way he said in a cold voice, it all looked like Lu Qiang. Jiang Yuyan was still looking at him in surprise so Lu Lijun looked at her and said in a cold voice again, "Eat!" and started to eat his own food with no expression on his face.

Jiang Yuyan felt like he was a younger version of Lu Qiang. She couldn't help but obey him just as she listened to Lu Qiang while others were still looking at Lu Lijun's serious behavior as he never behaved like this with anyone. They too felt like they're looking at a younger version of Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang came back after a while. He saw that Lu Lijun was sitting on his chair so he sat in Lu Lijun's chair. In reality, Lu Qiang did it intentionally. He wanted to see, if Lu Lijun will do the same thing for her today as what he did yesterday while having breakfast, and he was glad to see that Lu Lijun cared for Jiang Yuyan too.
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