Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband Chapter 142: Potraying A Future!!


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Four days passed by. It was a weekend, Saturday. Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan were sharing the same room during these days but still Lu Qiang didn't try to get close to her or kiss her while Jiang Yuyan still had that message in her mind. Both just slept while hugging each other. In fact, it was just Lu Qiang who hug her from behind and sleep like that.

These four days, it was just the same routine that Lu Qiang used to drop Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan to their schools and retrieve them back after their time was up. Jiang Yuyan was feeling frustrated because Lu Qiang didn't explain anything to her about that message, so she didn't talk to him properly. In a car even, Jiang Yuyan always kept looking outside of the window and didn't even look at him once and Lu Qiang was enjoying it. He found her cute whenever she was angry.

Saturday morning…

Jiang Yuyan got ready to go to out in the garden to get some fresh air. She wore a loose white top and blue jeans short. It was summer so she preferred to wear loose and comfortable clothes. With that she wore blue sneakers as she decided to go for a walk too.

When Jiang Yuyan came out of her room, she noticed, the lace of her right shoe had been loosened up. She stopped and bent down to tightened the lace of her shoe.

At the same time, Lu Qiang too came out of his room to go down stairs. When he saw Jiang Yuyan, tightening her shoe lace, he went closer to her and said, "Beautiful morning and the weather is really nice today, isn't it?"

Jiang Yuyan was still looking down towards her shoe and was adjusting the whole lace. When she heard Lu Qiang, she nodded and said, "Yes! It is."

Lu Qiang was still standing in the same place and was looking at her. He continued, "Both of you must be feeling good to get fresh air, finally."

Upon hearing the words, 'both of you' Jiang Yuyan felt puzzled. She lifted her head up to look at Lu Qiang and asked curiously, "Both of you?"

Lu Qiang replied while looking at her loose neckline which was making it easy to get little view of her bosoms as she was in bent down position, "Yes! Both of them." He said and pointed towards her chest with his chin.

Jiang Yuyan followed his sight and she realised, he was looking at her bosoms who were slightly peeking out of her inner clothes and were visible because of the loose neckline of her dress.

When she understood what Lu Qiang was referring to, she immediately straightened her top and stood up then said, "You pervert! How can you look at my.. cough**cough.. so shamelessly."

Lu Qiang smiled and replied in a very firm voice, "First thing, I have a full right to be a pervert and be shameless with you. Second thing, whatever we have, it belongs to both of us, so I have a right on them too, whether I see them or touch them. Third thing, I was not staring at them. When I came here, they were staring at me so, I just decided to have little chat with them."

Jiang Yuyan felt speechless with this reply from Lu Qiang.

Lu Qiang smiled mischievously and said, "And they are not 'cough**cough'. There is a proper word to refer them. Do you want me tell you?"

Jiang Yuyan frowned to hear it but didn't say anything. She turned around and left in hurry towards the staircase. Lu Qiang was smiling to see her annoyed and he too went downstairs.

Jiang Yuyan reached to the garden and she was still frowning. She decided to go towards the patio and sat there alone to calm herself down. Just as she was on the way to the patio, she saw, Lu Lijun was sitting on the table under the tree and he was drawing something.

Jiang Yuyan went closer to him and stood beside him to see what he was doing. Lu Lijun was drawing a scenery in front of him and that was the patio and pond around with a small bridge attached to it. He captured the beauty in front of him perfectly in his drawing and Jiang Yuyan was impressed to see it.

Jiang Yuyan felt surprised to see that Lu Lijun can draw this well at such a young age. That drawing looked so lively and realistic like it had been drawn by an expert artist.

Jiang Yuyan couldn't stop herself from praising Lu Lijun and said, "You draw really well. It's so beautiful and realistic."

Lu Lijun who was immersed in his drawing, turned his head to look at Jiang Yuyan when he heard her. He looked at her with cold expressions and didn't say anything. He looked back towards the table and picked up another drawing book which was occupying the remaining space on the table. He kept that book on one side to make a space on the table to sit.

Jiang Yuyan understood that he made space for her to sit, even though he didn't ask her to sit there. Jiang Yuyan sat beside him and was watching the view, which Lu Lijun was drawing with so much concentration in the early morning.

Lu Lijun didn't give attention to Jiang Yuyan once she sat there and continued to do his work with full concentration.

Jiang Yuyan too felt like to draw something. She looked at Lu Lijun and asked, "Can I draw something too?"

Lu Lijun didn't say anything, instead he picked up a drawing book he kept aside moments before and handed it over to Jiang Yuyan with sketch pencils.

Jiang Yuyan accepted it and said, "Thank You." And she too started to draw.

Both were busy in drawing, sitting side by side without disturbing each other. After sometime, Jiang Yuyan finished her drawing and said, "Done."

Lu Lijun looked at her and Jiang Yuyan showed him what she drew. Lu Lijun was quite surprised to see her drawing as it was too good and he didn't know Jiang Yuyan was a really good artist. He kept looking at the sketch and Jiang Yuyan could see he liked it and was amazed to see it.

Jiang Yuyan drew the view of patio which Lu Lijun was drawing but there was an addition to it. With the view of patio she drew back view of Lu Lijun sitting on the bench and was drawing. She drew as it was, what she saw when she was coming to the garden.

Lu Lijun took back the drawing book from her hands. Jiang Yuyan felt worried to think what would happen that he took the drawing book from her hands. Just then Lu Lijun stood up and stepped towards the back side of bench. He was standing at some distance on back side of Jiang Yuyan, from where he could see Jiang Yuyan sitting on the bench.

Lu Ljun started to draw while looking at back side of Jiang Yuyan. Jiang Yuyan understood he was drawing so she didn't look back to him, instead she picked up a drawing book on which Lu Lijun was drawing earlier and was looking at his drawing carefully observing it.

When Lu Lijun finished drawing, he came back to the bench, sat in his place and gave that drawing book back to Jiang Yuyan. Jiang Yuyan accepted it and saw what Lu Lijun drew.

Jiang Yuyan smiled to see it and said, "It's cute and looking so beautiful now."

Lu Lijun added to what Jiang Yuyan drew in her sketch. Jiang Yuyan just drew Lu Lijun, sitting on the bench alone and was drawing but Lu Lijun drew Jiang Yuyan sitting beside him and was drawing too.

It looked like a complete picture. A patio surrounded by beautiful scenarry and Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan both were sitting on a bench while looking at patio.

Jiang Yuyan smiled and said, "Wait, I have something more to add into it and started to draw it. Lu Lijun was again busy in what he was drawing initially.

Once again, Jiang Yuyan finished her drawing and showed it to Lu Lijun. Lu Lijun looked at the drawing and then moved his sight to their left side where Lu Qiang was standing under one tree and was looking at them with smile on his face with both his hands tucked in his pockets.

Jiang Yuyan added Lu Qiang into that sketch too. Now it looked like, Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan were sitting on a bench under a tree while looking at the patio and Lu Qiang was looking at them from far afar with the smile on his face.

Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun, both were unaware of the fact that they unintentionally both drew their future in that drawing book. A future, which would be making both of them suffer a lot.
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