You Are My Colour Palette Chapter 146: Chapter 145


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If you allow people make more withdrawals than deposits in your life. You will be out of balance and in the negative. Know when to close the account.

- Christie Williams


Wang Jie startles when her husband slams open the door and huff into the room in red, Lee San Hong removes his coat and throws it on the floor. Wang Jie instantly wrap her arms around his arm "Dear..what's wrong? Calm down. It's not good for your health. "

" That useless brat thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he got the position ! Doesn't he know the reason why Lee Corporation is so successful?! I contributed my whole life just to be disrespected by him! " Lee San Hong had an urge to throw everything he sees in the room.

Wang Jie pats his back, she knows her husband have been after her nephew position for a long time. Naturally as his wife, she has to support him. " He will come to realize your hard work one day. Just let him enjoy his place now, counterattack when you find his weakness."

Lee San Hong's flames slowly calm down with his wife's sweet voice, he then recall his wife's words ' A weakness..'

His evil light bulb lights when he thought of something, Lee San Hong turns to his wife " Honey, you are a genius. That brat is full of weakness and I am going to drag him to the corner "


Ning Zhi Yang who was behind the counter raise his eyebrow at the two suspicious men standing in front of him. One of them had a black cap and a mask over his mouth, Ning Zhi Yang felt his presence is something you cannot ignore the moment he step into the building. The other wore a formal attire with a tablet in his hand, he somehow looked annoyed being here.

Even though Ning Zhi Yang couldn't see his mouth but he knows he is smiling behind his mask because of his eyes " Hello, I don't have any appointment but can I request for Zhou Qin Yang's time? "

Ning Zhi Yang noticed that Zhou Qin Yang has a lot of visits lately, he wonder is she a famous person or something but he knows that she is getting married to the company president " Hold on. I will contact her for you " Ning Zhi Yang dials in Zhou Qin Yang's office. After two rings, a neutral voice answers " Zhou Qin Yang speaking, "

" Miss Zhou, this is the front desk. Two men are here to see you but they don't have a- " before Ning Zhi Yang could finish his sentence, the man in mask snatch the phone from his hand " Xiao Yang, do you recognise this sexy voice" he said in a playful tone, Ning Zhi Yang mouth widen at the way the man talk towards Zhou Qin Yang. The man that came with him didn't have any reaction as if he is used to this.

Zhou Qin Yang massage in between her eyebrows, she sighs " Ah Fu, hand back the young man the phone. Don't disturb his job. "

" Eh... you are really amazing. You instantly knew it was me, maybe my voice is really sexy " Ahn Qiao Fu chuckles and hand back Ning Zhi Yang the phone with a friendly smile. Ning Zhi Yang nods at Zhou Qin Yang's approval to let Ahn Qiao Fu and his manager, Hong in.

While they were in the elevator, Ahn Qiao Fu hums and move his body along with the elevator song. Hong who was staring at this cheerful person's back, he still don't understand how is this woman manage to keep Ahn Qiao Fu from behaving himself.

" Hong, if you gonna keep staring, my head might bore a hole " Ahn Qiao Fu turn around and smile. Hong stares at him intently " I still don't understand why this woman is so important that you have to come all the way here to see her. Don't tell me she is your lover or something because I recommend you to break up before it gets out"

Ahn Qiao Fu widen his eyes at his manager's words. he immediately waves his both hands back and forth " Me with Xiao Yang? No way ! I would be murdered by someone" he suddenly thought of the engagement news.

He pats his manager's back " Don't worry. It's not what you think, Xiao Yang is my saviour. When you meet her, you will understand "

The elevator door opens and Ahn Qiao Fu skips out of the elevator, when he arrived at the main area, his eyes easily spotted the woman in a light blue blouse and black pencil skirt talking to one of the employee. Ahn Qiao Fu never thought there would be a day he would see Zhou Qin Yang in a office attire.

Zhou Qin Yang look to her side as she felt someone was watching her, she smiles and excuse herself from her employee " Ah Fu, let's talk in my office "

Like every visitor that steps in her office, they are always in awe with the interior. Hong close the door behind them as soon as Ahn Qiao Fu steps in. Hong observes the woman that he is suspicious about. Zhou Qin Yang notice his presence in the room, she looks at Ahn Qiao Fu " Ah Fu..This is ? "

" He is my manager, Hong. For safety reasons, he follows me out whenever I am alone. " Ahn Qiao Fu signals the man to introduce himself. Zhou Qin Yang could see his uncertain expression, she smiles " Hello, I am Zhou Qin Yang. I am just his friend, don't worry about it. Thank you for taking care of Qiao Fu "

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" Xiao Yang was the one who saw my talent and brought me in the entertainment circle. Without her, I wouldn't be where I am now " Ahn Qiao Fu sounded excited. Hong then realise who was the woman in front of him, he had seen her on the news.

He offers his hand for a greeting " I am Hong. Pleased to meet you. "

" Same here. I hope he did not cause a lot trouble for you " Zhou Qin Yang accepts his greetings and chuckles. Zhou Qin Yang turn back to Ahn Qiao Fu and frowns " What are you doing all the way here? It's dangerous for someone like you. What if you got into a scandal? "

" Sighs.. you are chasing me out already? I just here to give my thanks for the job offer. " thanks to Zhou Qin Yang, he manage to work with one of the world well known perfume brand.

Zhou Qin Yang slaps his back and looks at Hong" You could have just send a text or give me a call. Don't trouble the people around you "

Hong was surprised when Zhao Qin Yang daringly hit Ahn Qiao Fu on his behalf for troubling him to come all the way here. Ahn Qiao Fu massage the burning feeling behind his back and act pitiful " How can you hit a handsome man? Xiao Wei and Ah Jie asked me to pass you something as well "

"Hmm..? What is it? " Zhao Qin Yang sit on her chair and hold her hand out to let Ahn Qiao Fu give the 'something' to her. Ahn Qiao Fu reach behind his coat and pull out a golden envelope wrapped with a ribbon " Their wedding invitation, they have been busy with the preparation so they can't hand it to you personally"

Zhou Qin Yang smiles " Thank you. I bet they did be arguing over which wedding dress is better "

" Yeah I bet ! " Ahn Qiao Fu laugh at the thought of Lu Wei Wei and Liu Hao Jie arguing. Hong let his guard down when he realise the friendly atmosphere in the room. Hong came to realise why Ahn Qiao Fu is friend's with her. He easily relaxes his shoulder and let both of them continue their chat

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