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Wu Feng Yuan shakes his head and clicks his tongue when he overheard Lee San Hong's words from outside ' That man is really seeking death' He tried to held in his laughter when he heard Lee Han Xiang's rebuttal towards the elder man.

After he heard Lee Jun Ting last words, he assumed he would leave the room now and attend the conference call. A few seconds after Lee Han Xiang stood up as well, he didn't want to continue staying in this suffocating room.

He excuses himself from the table then trails behind Lee Jun Ting, he remembered to close the door shut " Brother Jun Ting, congratulations on the engagement with Sister Qin Yang. "

Since Zhou Qin Yang is going to marry to Lee Jun Ting, naturally he must address her that way. When he first heard about the engagement from the news, he was stun for a moment but surprisingly he did not feel hurt. Lee Han Xiang figured his feelings towards Zhou Qin Yang must just be a fling.

Lee Jun Ting nods at his respect, he then stares at his cousin for a moment. Lee Jun Ting thought about Lee Han Xiang's actions earlier in the room " I appreciate your actions earlier but don't do it again. "

Lee Han Xiang knew what Lee Jun Ting meant, the reason why the whole room was hostile against him because of his place in the family. It maybe family matter but it was only between Lee Jun Ting and them. He didn't want Lee Han Xiang to get involve in it.

Lee Han Xiang couldn't say anything but nod in reply. Wu Feng Yuan who is standing at the sideline with his hands in the pocket, he chuckles " Not my place to say anything but I nearly laughed out loud when you spoke back to that old man. "

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Lee Jun Ting sometimes wonder how can Wu Feng Yuan be so talkative. Lee Han Xiang smiles " Hahaha... I better not do it again or else my head will be chop off"

" How long till the conference? " Lee Jun Ting takes out his phone from his pocket when he felt a vibration. Wu Feng Yuan and Lee Han Xiang gaped when he saw the cold aura Lee Jun Ting earlier suddenly smile, it must be a message from his beloved woman. It was like a land fill with snow instantly change to a field full of flowers in spring.

Wu Feng Yuan lightly slaps himself back to reality " In 30 minutes. "

" Well.. I won't keep you busy. I have to go back to the office too. " Lee Han Xiang blinks in surprise even though he knew who was it that could make his cousin smile that way.


Zhou Qin Yang literally had to blink twice when she watch Liang Xi Xi walk in her office. She was surprise that Liang Xi Xi would even approach after the previous incident on the cruise.

Liang Xi Xi rolls her eyes when she saw Zhou Qin Yang's dumbfounded face " Don't be so exaggerating. I am still part of Lee's Corporation legal team. "

Liang Xi Xi somehow manage to accept that she could never be with Lee Jun Ting, she still needed time to recover but this could not be an excuse to slack off her work. She still needed to show professionalism as part of Lee Corporation.

Zhou Qin Yang close her mouth and raise her eyebrow" If you are looking for Jun Ting, he has moved back to the main office branch. "

" You think I only look for him around here?! " Liang Xi Xi huffs and slaps a brown envelope on her table. Zhou Qin Yang ignored her rudeness and pick up the file, though she did not feel any hostile in her actions. It's more like Liang Xi Xi is trying to be friendly towards her.

Zhou Qin Yang reads the content of the envelope, Liang Xi Xi sits down on her office couch and cross her legs " It the case against the previous Director of Designs. If you agree to the content, just sign it. He would be settled legally."

" Huh? You mean he was never punished legally for his actions? " Zhou Qin Yang picks up her pen as she is satisfied with the agreement.

Liang Xi Xi sighs " It was our job to but President Lee insist on punishing him the harsh way by putting him in his misery. Somehow even though he was cast away, this guy still manage to find a job in New York. "

It explains how he still was able to leave the country and find a job in New York, he probably hide sufficient amount of cash he took from the company to survive. Liang Xi Xi snatch the envelope from her desk and walk away " See you around anyways. "

Zhou Qin Yang chuckles after Liang Xi Xi slams the door, she really amused Qin Yang with her childish personality.

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