You Are My Colour Palette Chapter 144: Chapter 143: Nice too meet you 2


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Zhao Mei Rong felt a certain warmth in her heart when she heard her niece greet her, she couldn't help but let out a chuckle " Don't need to be so stiff "

Zhou Qin Yang stares into her eyes before relaxing her stiff shoulders, she signals her aunt to sit on the sofa and quickly serves her tea. Zhao Mei Rong politely take the cup of tea from her hand " Am I really not disturbing your work? "

Zhou Qin Yang shakes her head " No, I have done most of it already. "

" Hahaha.. good..good.. Don't overwork, take some rest if you feel tired. " Zhao Mei Rong eyes turn soft, seeing how Zhou Qin Yang looked so much like her late sister. Zhao Qin Yang title her head when she notice Zhao Mei Rong staring at her, her muscle tense again " Um.. Aunt Zhao, is there a problem? "

Zhao Mei Rong realise that she was caught staring and shyly smile " You look so much like your mother especially your eyes. "

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The ocean blue eyes run in the Zhao family, it would be rare to find a person having blue eyes outside of the Zhao. Zhou Qin Yang's eyes are consider one of the brightest and beautiful among the Zhao family member because she inherited it from her mother. Even Zhao Mei Rong's eyes are only light shade of blues.

Zhou Qin Yang blush, only a few who have seen her mother will say that to her. To her is the biggest compliment to her as it's the only thing she felt that she still have from her mother.

" What brings you here, Aunt Zhao?" Zhou Qin Yang then realise, what could possibly bring Zhao Mei Rong all the way here.

Zhao Mei Rong place her cup down, " I just want to come here and greet you. My father and mother told me about you not long ago. "

" Oh.. That means about my mother.."

" Yes, I already heard about it." Zhao Mei Rong whiffs her tea and sips it. Zhao Mei Rong then stop her hand when she saw Zhou Qin Yang staring at her sadly,

" Don't look at me like that, my dear." Zhao Mei Rong extends her hand and held Zhou Qin Yang. Even though it's the first time Zhao Mei Rong held her hand, Zhou Qin Yang's heart wells up. It's been a long time since she had a mother figure, Zhao Mei Rong's aura resembles her mother well.

" You had it harder didn't you? " she pulls her niece into a hug. " Thank you for griefing for my sister. "

Both women stayed in that position for awhile, Zhao Mei Rong then pull back " Actually, I would like to ask if you could give me your mother's grave location? I would like to visit. "

Zhou Qin Yang wipes away the little tear that was about to roll down her cheeks, she took a piece of paper from her desk and wrote down the address. Zhao Mei Rong stood up and took the paper from her " Thank you, Qin Yang."

" Thank you for visiting me, Aunt Zhao " Zhou Qin Yang smiles.

Zhao Mei Rong looks at her watch " I have something else to do so I will leave first. Next time I will bring your uncle along. Call me if you ever need help with anything. "

" I will , Aunt Zhao. Please have a safe trip. " Zhou Qin Yang sends her off to the door. As soon as she heard the footsteps died out from behind the door, she heaved a sigh of relief. Zhou Qin Yang smiles and skip her way to her table, she pick up her phone and text Lee Jun Ting about her encounter earlier


The room temperature was beyond cold even though outside was scorching hot, Wu Feng Yuan who was standing outside of the room could even feel the cold air against his skin. He wasn't allowed in the room as he wasn't a member of the Lee family.

Few pairs of eyes staring intensively into Lee Jun Ting's cold hazel eyes like hyenas ready to attack the wolf in front of them, wanting to tear him down from his title. These old men had the nerve to request for a meeting as soon as he touch down N city. As if Lee Jun Ting had so much time in his hand when he actually have an important conference call with important clients from overseas.

Since his father handed over him the president title, he is consider the head of the Lee. Lee Jun Ting glance at his watch and lean back on his chair, he crosses his legs " If we are going to have a staring competition, let's do this another time. I have more important things to do."

" Like what? Warm the bed for a nameless girl? You are bringing shame to this family " his third uncle, Lee San Hong sneer at him. Lee Jun Ting replied back a piercing gaze, one that Lee San Hong could feel a chill through his spine. He didn't let it show, he is not willing to let this brat see his weakness. Lee San Hong felt that his contributions to this family was enough to make him the head after his father died but it ended up to his useless brother.

Lee Han Xiang who came in to represent his father shot back with a disrespectful tone " Third Uncle, you better watch your mouth. Brother Jun Ting is still the head in this family, you are not respecting him."

Lee San Hong glares at Lee Han Xiang " You stupid brat, how dare you speak against an elderly! "

Lee Han Xiang ignores the elder in front of him and look back at Lee Jun Ting, he would only respect his father, Brother Jun Ting and fourth uncle in this family. Lee San Hong's face flush red in anger when Lee Han Xiang ignores him, he is gonna lash out.

Before he could open his mouth, Lee Jun Ting slams the table all of the sudden. Everyone in the room jolted up in their seat, he shot at strong, unbreakable glare across everyone's eyes in the whole room especially at Lee San Hong " Did you request for a meeting for such meaningless agenda? "

Everyone went silent. The fire in them to speak out against him burnt out as soon as they heard his threatening tone, only Lee Han Xiang was doodling with pen and paper provided for him. Seeing that no one dare to speak, he buttons his suit.

It didn't matter what they say, Lee Jun Ting is still above all of them " If anyone daring enough to let me lose respect for them, will not be allowed to sit at the table anymore. "

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