"You are mine" Chapter 26: Revelations


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"Madam, are you alright?'', the maid named Cecilia followed her and could hear the things being smashed inside. A loud thug hit the door and the maid involuntarily backed away from the door. She did not dare to go inside, scared that she might be hurt. She is very well aware that her madam is capable of hurting other people. She did it before with Christine and she could do it to her too.

She has been with the Arante's before Celine came into the Mansion. She was only 15 when she started working with them and after being with them for 30 years, she knows everything that happened.

Cecilia is afraid that her madam will be plotting another scheme against Christine and she hope that Christine will be ready for it. She also hopes that either Jolo or Joseph will be there to help her.

The smashing of things continue inside the room and Cecilia cannot do anything but wait outside the door.

"What is going on Auntie Cecilia?'', she heard Jolo asked from behind. She was not aware that Jolo was already there. A few seconds and she saw Christine also going up the stairs.

"What are you doing in mom's door, why don't you go in?'', he asked with a confused look in his eyes.

"Madam is not in a good mood", she said hoping that her Madam is already done smashing things inside her room.

"Why?'' asked Christine who was already there with Jolo. She already has a feeling that she was the reason that Celine is upset. She left them without eating her food at dinner. She really wonders why Celine hated her that much.

"I don't know Miss Christine but you don't need to worry, she will be okay and I will stay here until she calls me", Cecilia said trying to dismiss them.

"Is she always like this after that...", Jolo can't bring himself to say that incident. He is feeling a little guilty because instead of staying with her, he chose to stay away.

"Yes master Jolo'', she said without looking at him. She herself doubts that it is the only reason. Because before Christine arrived, her madam was always in a good mood.

"Okay, are you sure she will be okay?. I can talk to her and find out", Jolo offered.


Jolo "-------''

Christine "-------''

" I mean, not now. We need to let her be for now and she will be okay. No need to worry because I will not leave her side", she explained and hoped that Jolo will not persist.

"Are you sure?'', Jolo wanted to make sure. He actually doesn't have the energy to face her mother now so he was relieved to hear it from Cecilia.

"Yes Master Jolo, don't worry about her, I will not leave her.''

"Thank you".

Cecilia just bowed her head down, signaling them to leave her.

Jolo understood. He signaled for Christine to follow her. They have to talk and he wanted to sort things out with her. Christine nodded and followed him. She missed her friend and she wanted to talk to him as well.

At the end of the hallway, there was a door to the right that leads to a balcony with a mini garden. Jolo leads her there. It was there favorite hangout spot in the mansion. Jolo started to feel anxious. It will be the first time that they will talk about what happened. He knows that he will be opening old wounds but he has to get it off his chest. He has been carrying it all along and he needs to close this chapter of his life.

In the balcony, there is a mini garden at the center which was filled with roses, daisies and other flowering plants. The bench at the corner was now replaced with a swing, obviously due to Claire. Claire must have stayed here most of the time since her toys are all over the place.

Jolo gestured that they use the swing. Christine just followed and was also anxious. She also has questions that needed answers like why she was sent away? Why Joseph hate her? Why Celine despised her? What happened to his birthday party?

She sits on the swing while Jolo sat on a chair opposite her. There was silence after they have settled down. Each one has deep thoughts and anxious at the same time.

"Ahem", Jolo broke the silence. He looked at her with regret in his eyes. He was rehearsing it when he was on the plane going home and he thought he was ready but right now, he is just at a loss of words.

"How are you?'', Christine can't stand the awkwardness between them.

"How are you?'', Jolo said at the same time. He needed to bring himself to talk.

They smiled at each other and started to laugh. They laughed hard until their stomach hurts. Christine was happy to see her friend her again and she loved laughing with him. It was a long time since she had a good laugh, five years to be exact.

"I will go first. I am okay. I have been doing commercial and ramp modeling", Christine said.

"Yeah I know, I saw you on TV. You were so beautiful. Especially that shampoo commercial, you looked so good in that commercial", Jolo said proudly.

"I am proud of you. I even told my friends that you are my sister and they won't believe me but they wanted to get your name and number, hahaha", Jolo said laughing.

"You should have given them my number. You still have my number right?'', she asked with a little hint of dismay because he never called her even once after she went back to her grandpa.

Jolo's face became serious and he felt guilty. He should have called her but he was a coward back then.

"I am sorry. Yes, I still have your number", he said looking down.

Christine laughed at him, he looked ridiculous pretending to be sad.

"It doesn't fit your character to be sad, hahaha", she said trying to lighten up the mood.

"I am really sorry for what happened", Jolo replied looking directly in her eyes.

"Me too. But what really happened back then?'', she asked him.

"It was my fault that you were sent away", Jolo confessed.

"Why would you say that? How it became your fault?'', she was confused. All she knew was they were celebrating Jolo's birthday when all of a sudden, it was stopped by Joseph and all the visitors were sent away, including her.

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