"You are mine" Chapter 25: horse incident 2


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[here is a little rewind from chapter 6 so you will be able to connect the past to the current situation]

"Who is in danger?', Joseph asked which made both of them turn in shock.

"Master, Cecilia suspects that Christine will be in danger", Gary explained since Cecilia was already in shock.

"Why?", he roared and made Gary and Cecilia flinched.

"Young master Jolo and Miss Christine decided to go horseback riding this morning and planned to go to the plantation. Miss Christine took Sky but according to Cecilia, she heard Lucas last night that Sky is not feeling well but did not inform me before he went home. I did not know so I let her use since she is the friendliest of them all", Gary explained it all in one breath. He is already feeling a bit nervous and scared of Joseph's expression.

"What are you waiting for, get Poseidon and get a horse for you", Joseph commanded in a hurry and took the saddle. Poseidon is his favorite horse, an all black Arabian breed. Gary hurriedly took Poseidon out of his stable and geared him. It only took them a few seconds and Joseph has already mounted Poseidon and broke into a furious gallop. Gary hurriedly took his horse and followed Joseph.

His heart beating so fast, something bad could happen if the horse will become restless especially if the rider is an amateur. But most of all, he is scared of what Joseph will do if anything bad happens to Miss Christine.

Christine was riding Sky, it's a white Arabian breed mare. Its mane is so white and she thought her name should have been snow since she is as white as snow. Jolo was riding a brown Morgan horse. Since it is her first time to ride a horse, they were just trotting. Jolo and his horse are nearby to guide her. thirty minutes passed and Sky was already acting weird. Its ears are pinned back close to its neck which means he is angry and about to bite or kick. Jolo and Lucas briefed her yesterday on the behavior of horses so at least she will know how to react. She alerted Jolo who signaled her to calm down. Just as she tried to calm down, Sky started to stomp indicating that it is irritated and she did not know why. Sky may not like the way she rode her but she followed everything that Lucas and Jolo taught her yesterday. She was nervous but she tried herself to calm down. She gently touched Sky's head and neck to calm her down. She calmed for a few seconds but after that, she neighed loudly and started to run and it became faster. She is already in panic and tried to cling herself to Sky so she will not fall. Her heart was thumping so hard, she is really scared. The horse continued to run towards the forested area of the hacienda.

"Help", Christine cried out although she herself can't hear her voice but her heartbeat. Sky lifted her 2 forelegs making Christine yelped as she almost fell if she was not able to hold onto Sky's neck tightly. She felt hopeless and just wanted to get out of there but how can she get off her? She was running fast restlessly galloped.

"Calm down, touch her and pet her", a voice was giving her instruction. Her eyes closed, she breathed deeply to calm herself. Her left hand extended to touch the neck of the horse and she whispered her name repeatedly. Sky calmed a little bit and slowed down. She just kept what she was doing, eyes still closed, suddenly she felt a strong arm around her waist and lifted her. She had her eyes wide opened and she yelped. She was lifted in the air like a feather and she landed on the back of a black horse and her back touched a strong chest. She was shocked, her mouth open but no words came out.

"Get Sky and follow us in the barn", commanded the person behind me whose solid rock chest is against my back. She was still so shocked with what happened and she felt her whole body trembled. She closed her eyes again as the horse she is riding picked up the pace and started to gallop. The strong ar is still supporting her. The horsed slowed down after a few minutes and is now just trotting.

She did not know that she was holding her breath and knowing that she was already out of danger, she released a long sigh to calm her down however her heart started to go wild. She just realized that the person who took her out of danger is no other than Joseph. She can smell her shower fresh cologne. She could feel his hard chest rising and falling against her back and strong muscles at her sides as if he was hugging her. He had the horse walk gently back to the barn which made the friction between their bodies ignite the fire inside her.

She can feel the heat spread her whole body. It's a different feeling and she could not help but sigh. She felt her face is like burning and that burning sensation spreads down her body to the center of her being. She felt a sudden throb in between her legs

"Ahhh", a groan escaped her throat which made her eyes go wide in shock. She thinks this is more shocking than what had happened earlier. She closed her eyes to hide her embarrassment even though he could not see her face since her back is against him.

"Enjoying so far?", he sensually whispered in her left ear. His warm breath fanning the side of her face. Her eyes opened in shock. He felt it. It is so humiliating, she thought to herself. She cursed and scolded herself so many times.

"Could not have a better plan to seduce me?", he asked as he planted a light kiss on her nape and then her shoulders.

"I'm sorry baby, but I don't take leftovers", he continued and he had the horse to run faster.

It felt like a pail of cold water was poured over her upon hearing what he said. She was about to ask what he meant but she lost it due to the sudden movement of the horse, She closed my eyes and just focused on holding on to the saddle to avoid herself from falling.

When they got to the barn, Gary, Jolo and the other farm workers were already outside waiting for them.

"She's already inside boss, still a little bit restless", Gary, referring to the horse, reported to Joseph with a worried look in his eyes.

A small "hmm" was heard from Joseph.

Christine can see Jolo's worried look so she gave him an assuring smile which made him feel relaxed.

"Easy to change flavors, huh", Joseph scoffed before getting off Poseidon. He then asked Gary to help Christine get off the horse. Before she knew it, he was already gone inside the barn where Sky is.

Jolo went to her side immediately. "Are you ok? Were you hurt?", he asked and touched her forehead, her face, her arms and made her turn around.

She laughed at him. "I'm alright", she said and held his hands.

"Gosh, I was so scared. Sky is very friendly that is why I chose him for you. I don't know what made him act that way", Jolo explained, feeling sorry for what happened.

"You don't need to worry, I'm alright and that is what's important now", Christine assured him and patted him at the back.

Little did they know that someone manipulated the horse before they got there and that someone was furious at the moment since the plan failed.

Christine felt a pair of eyes at her back but when she turned to see who it was, there was no one around. Gary and the rest of the boys went to help Joseph inside the barn while Christine and Jolo are outside. She shook the idea of someone trying to harm her aside.

From that time on she never tried to ride a horse again and she learned that Joseph sold the horse. She tried to ask why but Jolo had no idea. He was also told not to allow her near a horse without Gary or Joseph.

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