Xavier’s girl Chapter 39: 10 hours


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Xavier's Pov

"Is everything in there" he collected the bag of me

"Yes, One million"

"Now, where is she" I asked impatient

We have been in New York for two nights now, the only lead we got was a guard that works in the new compound. He claims he saw her, she was being carried out of a car into the building. The couldn't not believe him, he was the only lead we had. He wasn't going too talk unless we gave him a million dollars in cash, I didn't hesitate too agree, that didn't mean anything to me. I had plenty more.

He opens and looked nice the bag, his eyes widen a little bit when he saw the money.

"She's in Kingston, outside of the city. 91miles away."

"The building address" I asked impatient

"I can only give you the zip code"


I nodded waiting for the confirmation from Scott, I need to make sure he wasn't lying to me.

"You know your father 'the lord' took her as his instead"

I froze as he said that, hoping I heard him wrong. My father wouldn't do that. Especially when she is already pregnant with my child.

"I heard her screams that night" he added "must have been good"

I snapped as he said that, one second he was standing looking dreaming the next he was on the floor with a bullet in his head. The gun shot echo off the walls.

"Boss, I didn't confirm the address yet!" Scott yelled through the phone

Stepping over his dead body I picked up the bag he dropped. Making my way back too the car.

"He raped her Scott" I say trying not too feel any emotions right now. I didn't want to react in a way that Vanessa might get hurt.

"Don't worry boss, just a few more hours and she will be back with you. The address check out"

"Good, send it too the FBI. Tell them I'm not waiting any longer." I was going too get my girl back. And kill that fucker called dad.

"I'm sending someone to clean up the body" he tells me when I'm back in the car.

"How long is the drive?"

"10 hours sir"

In 10 hours I will have her and my child in my arms, I will never let her leave my sight again. I will all of the people in that compound if I have to, they deserve too die for whatever they did to her. I have a sick way of showing her I love her, but I will kill them all for her. She was all I wanted since I was a child, the night she left the compound was the first day I cried, I wasn't allowed to cry. I always sneaked into her room at night even though I knew she could get in trouble. I was supposed to talk too her, she wasn't allowed to talk too anyone. They always kept her inside, away from the other kids. Away from me. She didn't understand why she was never allowed to play with us, I didn't either. The other kids thought she was just weird, they used too make fun of her when she stared down at us through her room window.

The sisters always told me that a Lord wasn't supposed too cry. I wasn't suppose to feel for them, I believed them as a six year old. I never cried, but the day I woke up and didn't see her I lost it. I begged my father to bring her back, but he didn't. He told me we would find someone else for me, hence Cara. I told him I didn't want her, he thought making her have sex with me would change my mind, It didn't. But ended up keeping her for my pleasure, until I found Vanessa.

"Let's go" I nodded at him.

Vanessa Pov

I could still hear the heartbeat after two days, the sounds enoch off the walls. That day was clear in my head, Josh took me to a white room that had medical equipments with a white ultrasound table in the middle. Instead of walls the room had a glass mirror on both side. I couldn't see what was going on on the other side but I felt eyes on me. People were watching, it gave me chills just thinking about it. I wondered how many people were behind there watching me getting tied to a table.

The nurse played the heart beat out loud, the way I was tied down restricted me from seeing the screen. I heard her saying the baby was big and strong due to Mr knight seed, I almost threw up when she said that.

I told myself I won't let them take my baby, I need to get out of here. I was going to play their game until they put their guards down.

I was losing a lot of weight, I couldn't keep anything they gave me too eat down. The throwing up was making me more sick, I was happy they moved me into a bigger room at least. I had my own bathroom and a mirror now, something I didn't know I missed. I was still locked in, but at least I could move around now.

I started actually looking forward too my daily reading, it was the only time I could leave the room and walk around. I was showing more interest making the sister happy, I stopped questioning whatever bullshit she was saying. They increased the pills they were giving me, I was more drowsy and tired but I thought that was just the baby.

I heard the locks on the door moving making me stand up, it was last at night. They already gave me my pills and dinner so I knew I was meant to be sleeping. Who I saw wasn't the person I was expecting. She never came to me unless she wanted my blood or something. Something about her looked so familiar every time I saw her.

"We need to go" she says closing the door "now"

I looked at her alarmed, what the hell was she talking about.

"Listen we don't have time for questions, your location have been compromised. The FBI is about too get here" she says throwing a bunch of clothes at me.

"Isn't that good" I asked confused. If the FBI was coming, I will get to go back home.

"Xavier will be looking for me" I tell her putting on the shirt she gave me.

"No, you can't go back to him. He isn't who he says he is" she said panicked

"What?" I asked confused "Xavier wouldn't hurt me" I said

"Vanessa, he has been lying too you"


"Do you know what he did to get you back?" She says

"What did he do?" I asked confused

"He gave the order to kill your mother and brother"

I stopped moving as she said that, Xavier didn't do it. His father did, I remember him telling me in Canada, his father gave the order. Oh god, was she tricking me. They were testing me to see if I would run away.

"I know you don't believe me, but I will never lie about the person that killed my sister and nephew"

My eyes widened, what the fuck.

"Yes Vanessa I am your aunt. But we don't have time, we have to go now" she pulled the door opened and looked down at the dark hallway. I stood there not knowing what to do with the information she just told me. She was my mother's sister? Was that why she was helping me all this time. Can I trust her?

"Listen, I promised your mother I will keep you away from them, if we don't leave now that won't happen. I know you have a lot of questions I will answer them later I promise you"

"How can I trust you?" I asked, She turned around a looked at me letting out a breath.

"Your mother always took you and your brother out on August the 5th to a man"

"Now can we go"

She was right, now that I looked at her I could see the resemblance in her. They had the same face structure, but different hair texture. I remember my mother taking us out of town every August. She would make us sit in the car while she went to meet a man that was always waiting for us. He would wave at us but we were never allowed too talk to him or about him. I didn't think anything of it till I got older, I thought she was having an affair with him. I hated her for that, but we never told our father. I didn't want too destroy their marriage.

"Xavier killed them" I whispered not believing it. He lied too me, again.

"We have to go now" she pulled my arm

All I kept thinking about as she dragged me down the hallway was how he lied to me and he that he killed them. Why didn't he tell me, I would have hated him but I would have found a way to forgive him. The order made him do it. It wasn't his fault, he was young and didn't know what he was doing.

She stopped when an alarm went off making all the lights turn one. Was this because they knew I was missing or the FBI were here. The screeching noise was too loud I couldn't hear what she was saying. I could see her mouth moving but didn't hear a single word. The man I loved killed my mother and brother, I didn't how too react too that. Was I sick because I still wanted him too save me.

She was typing a code onto the keypad of a metal sliver door, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs we just took. I could hear angry screams and yelling. The door opened loudly the metal creaking. I felt the wind on my face.

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