Xavier’s girl Chapter 38: Get up


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Vanessa Pov—(2 weeks later)

"Get up" the woman in white says, I was use to this now. I wasn't sure what day it was anymore, I don't know how long I have been in this tiny room. The first few days I forgot them off, screaming and scratching whoever touched me. They had too tie me up to a white hospital bed before taking my blood. The nurse refused to make eye contact with me as I begged her to help me.

I begged her because I knew she would find out I was pregnant, I could see it in her face, she knew. But surprised and confused when she told Josh that I wasn't, but glad. I didn't know if that meant she was on my side or just felt sorry for me. Not that it mattered. She could get in trouble for lying I'm sure.

Soon after that I got a visit from Mr knight, Xavier's father. I didn't want to remember what he did to me. I could still feel him inside me, I could still smell his aftershave, feel his rough palm on my breast. I fought him off the first time kicking his ribs, after that people came in to restrain me. He would refer to me as Amelia, my mothers name. Which was as fucked up as everything else was. 

I begged him to stop, that his sons wouldn't want this but his reply was I have no son. I scream for my father, waiting for him to barge in and take me away from here but he didn't. Mr Knight visited me three times, he would wait a day before coming again. After each visit the nurse would come in and take my blood again. I know they were trying to get me pregnant, but she already knew that. After the thrid visit she told him I was finally pregnant, with his child.

IEvery time I closed my eyes I see  Stephanie's dead eyes looking at me as she laid in a puddle of her blood. I hope Xavier got there in time to help her. I tried not thinking about him, every time I do I end up in tears. I hope he was still looking for me, he promised he would never leave me.

I followed the woman down the clean white hallway. I wondered where I was, the place was always empty and quite. But there was white doors that had numbers of them, it gave me chills thinking people were in them as well. Everyone I saw always wore white, they even gave me a white dress to wear as well. None of them ever spoke to me, other than to tell me to eat or get up from my tiny bed. He woman gave me multiple pills that knocked me out for hours sometimes, she told me it was too help me sleep, but I didn't believe her. I would wake up confused not remembering were I was, my arms and legs would be shaking uncontrollably for a while. And be drowsy throughout the day.

I tried looking for an exit every time they took me for my daily reading. The woman everyone called sister would read at me a book. She was a white women that looked olden that she sounds. She was always wearing a white gown that was sweeping the floor. I was locked in a room with her and she read to me. I wasn't sure what she was reading, but it sounded like bullshit. When I told her that she slapped me saying it was there sacred book. "It was the words of the lord" apparently which I knew was Mr knight. Everywhere was covered up, there wasn't a window or exit door in sight.

"The order is coming to see the baby today, I expect you to be on your best behaviour" she says when she was done reading today's chapter that was about how we each pay for our sins by giving the lord what he wants.

"Did you hear me?" I looked at her emotionless. I saw her hands coming before I felt the slap, my eyes teared up from the pain

"You answer when spoken too!" She yells, waiting for my reply. I looked up at her face not saying a word too her. Her hands flew up again, I closed my eye waiting to feel the impact on my cheek but the door opened.

"I think she's been read too enough today sister" my head snapped at the voice. Josh. I haven't seen him since he left me here.

"Yes sir" she nods looking down at her feet

"You can leave, I will take it from here" he says smiling at me

The bitch looked at me before moving to the door not making eye contact with Josh. This place can't get any weirder.

"I see you've learned to shut up" he smirks stepping into the room

"I heard Mr knight broke you in good, my boys heard your screams, maybe after he is done with you I will have my turn"

"Fuck you" I will kill myself before I let him touch me.

"Wouldn't you like that slut. How does it feel to be have both father and sons in you" he haunts me laughing.

I felt myself getting sick, I feel used and dirty like the sister said I was. I don't even want Xavier too look at me anymore. I don't think I can look into his eyes anymore.

"Now that your pregnant with his dad's kid..." he pauses "he will want nothing to do with you"

I wanted to open my mouth and scream that it was his kid, not his father's. But I knew that will cause a problem. I sit in bed crying, thinking about when I was going to abort my baby. Xavier can never find out I thought that, I hopes he believes this is his baby and not his father's. I cried thinking how horrible that was, I was going to kill an innocent for my selfish needs. But now, if we survive this together, I will never give him or her away.

"Get up!" he yells suddenly making me jump. But I got up slowly with my shaking legs, I didn't want him to kick my stomach again, I was still bruised from the last time. I can't believe this was the same Josh from school.

"The bosses wanna see the new lord" he says walking around me in circle.

"I am gonna to take you to the showing room. Now don't try too run or do anything stupid. They won't like it"

What the fuck was a showing room, and why the hell do they wanna see the baby. Did they want to make sure it was real? I started breathing heavy, the baby is going to be bigger than it's meant to be. I was only supposed to be a few day pregnant not weeks.


Xavier's Pov

"Where is she!" I punched his face again. It been two long weeks and still couldn't fine her, I have been to all the compound in LA but she wasn't there. I was losing my mind thinking about what she must be going through.

The FBI didn't want to go through with it now, I have been working with them for months trying to take down my father. I was providing them with all the information they need to take him down. But they didn't want too move in now, they needed something that will hold him. I couldn't sit down waiting for them to be ready to move, I need to find her before it's too late. They can't arrest him for kidnapping or anything related with the Order, there wasn't any proof that he was involved in taking Vanessa or forcing people to join the order.

"Xavier please stop!" Mary begged pulling on my arms.

I looked down at a bleeding Callum, I knew he talked to Josh recently and I wanted to know what he knows. I stopped at Mary's cause I knew he was staying there, I haven't gotten anything out of him yet. He claims he doesn't know where they took her.

"We don't know anything, please!" She pleaded holding the cover against her naked body.

"I don't know where she is man" Callum says when I let go of him

"I'm sorry they took her but you knew that would happen" Mary says helping him up "You can't escape the order. Even you know that"

"He killed Stephanie" I tell her sitting on her bed

I watch her face waiting for her reaction, I knew she didn't like Stephanie. Mary was a jealous girl, she always wanted the attention on her since we were little. She comes across nice and sweet but I knew the dark side to her. I saw it when she attacked Mia when she was just 12 over a doll, leaving her in a coma.

"Oh no, how is Alan" she asked sounding concerned but I knew better.

Alan was still in Cleveland, he was in bad shape right now. He just lost his twin, I didn't want to leave him but he understood I had to find Vanessa. She was his second half, no one understood how close they were expect me.

"Not good" I whisper pulling my hair. I was so tired. I haven't been sleeping well, I couldn't rest knowing she was out there. They probably knew she was pregnant now, if they get their hands on that baby before I find her. I will never see my child.

"He told was she was pregnant? Is it yours" Callum asked, so he did talk too Josh.

"Yes" I say looking at my bloody hands, I don't regret hitting him. I would kill them if it gets me my girl back.

"They are in New York" he rushed out. I got up grabbing his neck, pinning him against the wall

"Where in New York!"

"I don't know man, he just told me that she was in New York" he chocked out.

Letting go of him "if I find out you are lying I will be back to kill you. And don't even think of running cause"

"You too" I say looking at Mary, she already betrayed me at the party.

Taking out my phone calling Scott.

"Get the plane ready, we are going to New York"

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