Xavier’s girl Chapter 3: New girl


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I was currently in front of my home room class. Yes the stupid teacher is making me introduce myself. The students looked like they didn't give two shit who I was.

"Erm hi my name is Vanessa Morales"I said awkwardly "I just moved from DC" I added quickly and going to the at the sit that was available. "Thank you Vanessa" the old lady said.

She started talking about what she expected of us and reminding us to join extra curriculum activities that will boost our college application. She went over the school policy and rules normal fast day stuff.

There was a girl beside me that had really curly hair that I couldn't stop staring at. She was really pretty. And I loved what she was wearing. She noticed me staring and introduce herself. Her name was mary. We spoke and found out we have the same biology class so she offered to take me.

I knew she was just being nice. Probably felt bad for the new girl. "You should sit with us at lunch" I heard her say on our way to class. "Us" I questioned her.

"Yeah me and my friends and don't worry they are very welcoming"

Not like I had anything planned. "Thanks I will love too" I said.

"Good, they will love you"

I hope so. I didn't plan on making friends. I though I would spend my lunch time in the library or eating in the toilet like the in movies.

But it would be good to have friends I could eat with. I didn't really have friends back either.

As we got into biology she started telling me the dos and donts. I liked the fact that she talked a lot cause i was still taking in all the facts. And the enjoying the fact that on one knows my father. I'm sure there are students with parents that were in politics as well. But as long as they don't know yet that will be good. Don't wanna to be blamed for America problems.

And yes it has happened thousands of time. At the mall or supermarket. People who hate my father or any government would blame me a 17 year old. Apparently it was my fault. Which I didn't know. So I hope that wouldn't happen here.

"So why did you move here" mary asked

"My father thought I needed a fresh start"

I didn't want to tell her I lost my mother and brother. Hate that pity look on people's faces. Thanks fully the teacher came in.

"Morning" he said putting his things on desk. "I see you have all chosen your sit" he said looking at the class.

"That will change tomorrow" he added making the class groan.

I didn't mind moving. But I also didn't want a lazy panther and Mary was nice so far.

"My name is Mr Jim, you may call me Jim not jimmy or dude" he said making the class laugh.

He started talking what we would be going through this semester.

And we have a quiz every week. And to stay in his class we have to maintain a Grade A. That wouldn't be hard. I need to make sure I am revising everyday.

I didn't mind him. He looked like a cool teacher but he always made a joke in every sentence and I knew that would irritate me soon.

We spent the rest of the 2 hours going over all the experiments we are have and taking down notes. I was surprised everyone was taking down notes. I mean in my other school some students didn't come with pens. But I guess this student have parents they want to please and actually care about their education.

The bell rang. It was time for lunch. The high school cafeteria. I wasn't ready yet. That will be the place everything happens. The fights, kissing. The mean girls picking on other girls. The boy's being pigs. And of course the disgusting school food.

I picked up my bag and looked at Mary. "Ready, but can I stop by my locker first and I need to sign up for clubs" I told her as we left.

"Okay. And you haven't signed up for clubs. Wow you are very late, I'm sure most of the good clubs are already gone"

"What do you mean late, this is the first day of school" I asked confused.

"Students in this school live in clubs. Most join  and never attend just to have it on their college application. And they do most of their sign up online"

"What how come I wasn't told this"

"Don't worry, I'm sure there is something for you to do"

" I joined art, even know I can't draw to save my life" she said makings me laugh.

I opened up my locker and put my books in and took out my history for the next class. Closing it and facing her. "I don't mind joining arts" I said.

I mean I'm not the best at painting but it would be fun.

"Yay, let go the sign up board is next to the cafeteria" she said pulling me.

From the map, I knew the cafeteria was in C block. So it wasn't too. I just hope we had a table. I don't wanna walk in and not know where to go.

"So tell me Vanessa do you have a boyfriend" she asked making my eyes wide.

"Erm, no I don't date" I told her. Okay it's not that I don't date. I lot of guys had asked me out before I just always said no.

"Why, your a very pretty girl guys will fight over you"

"I don't think I want that" I said making her to laugh.

"Okay this is it" she said pointing to a board that was filled with papers.

I walked closer to it looking for art. All the other club paper was filled with names already. I found art but it was also full.

"Oh no it's filled" I said. I would have to join a club myself. I tried looking for any other club but they were all filled.

"Oh look there's a space in football" mary said making me laugh.

"I'm sure the team would love me on their team" I said rolling my eyes.

"I am screwed"

"Hey don't worry, I'm sure something will open up" she said pulling me in for a hug.

"Now smile, time to eat"  I liked her already.

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