Xavier’s girl Chapter 29: Who is she?


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We landed a while ago and were now on the road. I stayed up thinking about what he said. It was the middle of the night. Xavier woke up a few minutes before we landed. I was staring at him, maybe he would address what he said. But he didn't. I asked him how he slept and he said good. Nothing else. I was hurt by the fact that he didn't remember saying it or he was dreaming and saying it to someone else. That one would hurt more.

We were currently in the back of a SUV. Scott and Dan were at the front. And I have glancing at Xavier every few seconds. And he would look at me weird giving me a questioning look. I wanted to scream at him but with Scott and Dan in the car i knew couldn't. We drove out the city and was now on the high way.

There wasn't any traffic as it was still early. It was filled with trucks and vans instead of cars. He told me we were going to a lake house that was out of the city. Which I didn't minded we needed the privacy. I wondered how many houses he owned.

He was texting someone on his phone for a while now. I knew it was probably Alan. He would look over at me once a while and smile gently. I was gonna asked him when he got there. If he was dreams or actually meant it. I didn't know what my reply would be if he meant it. Did I love him? I didn't even know what love is.


The lake house was very beautiful and bigger than I thought. It was well isolated with no other house around it. It had huge glass window that you couldn't see through from outside. It was two stories tall. And was surrounded by thick trees.

It was still dark out when we got there, I wasn't sure what time it was but I was really hungry and tired.

Scott and Dan drove off when they dropped us off. I was surprised cause I thought they would be staying with us, but apparently they have a different place and would be here later in the day. I would miss there company.

I watched as Xavier carried the two black bags he packed into the house and followed behind him. I knew someone was inside as the lights were on. Hopefully it was a cook or something. I was really hungry.

He was already inside the house making me walk faster. I felt uneasy cause of the trees, reminded me of the woods. I walked through the door and closed it behind me.

There was a staircase leading upstairs and two opened room downstairs. I could hear his voice and someone else coming from one of it. It sounded like a woman. I walked towards their voice, curious too see who it was.

"It's very nice to have you here Mr knight" I heard but there wasn't a response from him.

I turned a corner and was greeted by a kitchen. It was very modern and fancy kitchen. There was a young lady standing behind the counter, she looked beautiful. I insistently got jealous, looking at her made me feel ugly. Her blonde hair was pulled into a smooth and neat ponytail. She was wearing a tight red dress that hugged her curves, which were too die for. Her lips were red and she had a small smile on her face.

She hadn't seen me yet. I couldn't see Xavier face because he had his back to me and was facing her. I knew he was probably affected by her beauty. I knew I was and I wasn't even a man. She looked like a woman that had men falling at her feet. I wondered what she was doing here.

It been a while she spoke and Xavier didn't reply to her. I watched as she moved towards him slowly. He seemed as if he was frozen. Like he was surprised or shocked. She stopped a few inches a away from him.

"I have been waiting for your arrival" she said with her sweet soothing voice. She placed her perfectly manicured hands on his arm that was still holding the bags. I didn't know how I felt about that. But my heart tugged.

"Alan informed you?" he finally spoke but more in a questioning tone

"Yes, he told me to get the house ready" she was still standing too close to him for my liking.

I moved forward before I could stop myself. I walked towards them and cleared my throat. She jumped back frighten. I don't think she knew he was here with someone.

"excuse me who are you" she asked confused, sounding angry

"This is Vanessa" Xavier said before I could answer her myself. "She will be staying here with me" her face fell as he said that.

Did they have a thing? Why did she look so affected by what he said. She even looked older than him. Probably in her 20 twenties.

"Oh, he didn't tell me your bringing a friend" she straighter her self " I need to prepare the other room then"

"No need, she's sleeping with me" Xavier answered her again, placing the bags on the table. I looked at him embarrassed he said that. I knew she took it the wrong way which wasn't a lie.

"Oh" she said looking between the two of us as if she couldn't believe it. I stood there staring at her, trying to figure out what she was to him.

"Vanessa this is Cara, an old friend of mind"

I smiled at her gently. She had a look on her face that I didn't recognise but is wasn't a friendly one.

"Nice to meet you" I said moving closer to Xavier. I felt the need to be next to him and also felt like she could see through me or something.

He pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss on my head. I watched her face grow colder and descant as he did it.

"Is there anything to eat, We haven't eaten " he asked her while he played with the end of the shirt I was wearing.

"No, but I can prepare something" she was avoiding looking at his eyes.

"Do that, we'll be upstairs" I felt for her. I knew they had something between them before. And Xavier was acting like the dick he was.

"Thank you" I called out to her as he pulled me upstairs. I didn't want her to think I was brat or had no manners.


"Who is she" I asked the second he closed the door.

We were in the master bedroom upstairs. There was a huge glass window with a balcony facing the king size bed that looked on to the lake. I would admire the view later. I needed answers now.

"Cara is an old friend of mind" he said causally walking into the bathroom

"And by old friend you mean you fucked right"

"I never said I was a saint Vanessa" he called out.

I knew that. I didn't know why that bothered me so much, perhaps because I was jealous

of her.

"I don't know how I feel about that Xavier" i didn't feel comfortable knowing they had sex and she was staying here. She looked older than him. How is that even possible.

He came out the bathroom in his boxer. Walking towards me, smiling

"I don't care about her anymore" he said  "i want you and only you"

My heart freefalls as he said that. I look at him remembering what he said on the plane.

Locking an arm around my waist to draw me against him, and giving me a lingering kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. His free hand moves to cradle my face and he deepens the kiss. His tongue tangles with mine and sends an answering jolt of electricity through my veins.

Thoughts of yesterday morning suddenly spring to mind, memories of his hands on my body, the tightness of arousal in my core, that incredible fullness when he pushed himself inside me.

That tightness is back, twisting and tugging. His arm around my waist loosens and his hand drops lower so he can grab my ass while he kisses me. I gasp against his mouth, making him smile. Closing my eyes and dropping down from my tiptoes to break the kiss before we get too carried away.

Cara was just downstairs.

Resting my head against his as I catch my breath. I need to know if me meant what he said.

"Let's shower" he said pulling my shirt off.


We got out the shower not too long ago. I was watching him closely when he washed me. Maybe his face would give something away. But it didn't, he was behaving normal. He didn't try to do anything in the shower, he just washed me. The sun was raising by the time we were done.

I still didn't have clothes to wear, so he provided me with his shirt and boxers. He promised me that would change. I need a bra and underwear. I didn't feel comfortable walking around with no bra on.

He walked out the closet that was filled with men clothes still in his towel. His phone had ring the second we were out the shower. I was scared when I heard the sound. Did he find us again. But it was just Dan calling him.

"Xavier" I called him as he opened the dresser. I was having this conversation now.

"You said you loved me" his back straightened as I said that.

He didn't say anything for a few seconds, but it seemed like a life time before he replied.

"I know" he said still not facing me.

I gasped, I didn't expect to agree to it. I thought he would say it was just a dream.

"Did you mean it?" I whispered making he turned around.

He walked over to me, his face emotion less.

I wanted him to mean it.

Bending his head to kiss my neck, he murmurs near my ear, "I've never met anyone I could talk to the way I can with you. You make me feel. You know exactly who you are, but you have a kindness I've never encountered before. Your stubborn; which I like. You aren't greedy and don't care about materialistic things. I love just hanging out and talking with you, and..." He kissed my neck. "I'm a pretty big fan of everything else we do, too."

This time, I don't even stall. His hands went down the boxer sliding his hand down inside. Lust twists low in my belly and I let my eyes drift closed as his hand cups me, his fingers sliding under the fabric of my boxer so he can touch me.

Pushing a finger inside me, he leans close and catches my gasp in his mouth. "I love the way you feel," he mumbles against my lips. "The way you taste. I love your little cries when I make you come."

With his words warming me up so effectively, my response to his touch is immediate and electrifying. His finger rubs against my clit and my whole body jerks, lightning rods of pleasure coursing straight through me. I grab onto his shoulders and pull him closer, feeling the pronounced rise and fall of my chest as I breathe harder.

"I spend every day of my life with people who wear a mask, like me. You're the only person who makes me what to take it off."

"Xavier," I murmur, needing to kiss him, to express affection. I bend to reach him, brushing my lips against his. His words massage my mind and my heart, his fingers work my body, and in no time at all, I cry out against his mouth as I come apart.

My body is weak and my eyes drift closed. I'm tired, satisfied. He moves down the bed and pulls off my shirt My boxer come off next.

I sit up enough for him to drag the shirt off over my head, then start to recline against the mattress again. Before I can,  gets his hand around my back and puts his mouth on my breast, sucking on it. On instinct, I arch my breasts closer to him, craving his touch.

His hand slides down my side and he anchors it on my hip, pulling me as he rolls onto his back so that I end up on top of him.

"Are you sore" he asks referring to yesterday's morning

"Yeah, but it's okay," I assure him.

He smirks. "I wasn't offering to stop."

I roll my eyes at him. "Of course you weren't."

"Take out your pony tail. I like your hair down."

As I reach back to pull the elastic band out and free my hair from the heavy pony tail, I murmur sarcastically, "Yes, sir."

"Damn right."

"I've never met anyone who could say things that make me want to smack them, but also kiss them. You're the first."

He leans in and kisses his way up my neck, lighting up my nerve endings and drawing a shudder of pleasure out of me. He follows up the assault to my senses by pulling back and looking down at me with unrestrained tenderness. When he looks at me like that, all I want to do is kiss him.

"I care about you a little bit, too," I offer back. Teasing him

He smiles. "Just a little bit, huh?"

I hold up my thumb and forefinger to show a distance between them. Laughing.

"Let's see what I can do to change that," he murmurs, before resuming his trail of kisses but this time, down my abdomen, across my pelvic bone, and finally, between my thighs.

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