Xavier’s girl Chapter 28: Are you leaving me?


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I stood and watched in stock as he moved around the room. Everything happened so quickly. One minute we were sitting the next everyone was leaving. I watched as Xavier moved around the room, taking things out the closet. He had two black bags in his hands. I stood by the door watching him. I wasn't surprised they found us. I knew his father would have no problem finding us. It was just a matter of time.

"Put this on" he said forcefully throwing cloth at me. It fell at my feet.

I forgot I was only wearing his t shirt. I picked up the black joggers and put it on too slowly. They were a big on me but the rope held it up. I tied it with my shaking hands.

"Hurry the fuck up Vanessa, we don't have time!" I jumped when he screamed at me. I knew he was stressed, I would be too. So I didn't take his screaming to heart.

"Put this on too" he passed me a pair of trainers that looked like my size. I even forgot about shoes.

He watched me as I slide the shoes on. Tapping his feet impatiently on the floor. He was holding the bags that was now filled with things. I wonder were we would go this time.

"Come on" he pulled me up the second I was done.

The apartment was quiet. The place that was filled with laughter and voices not too long ago. It looked like no one was ever here. Even the plate of food was gone, I assume to the kitchen. Was the woman also coming with us? Was this a no man left behind situation.

He pulled me towards a sit of sliver doors that I assume was the lift. The doors opened slowly, I heard him let out a breathe. Was he expecting it not to be empty?

Before I got the chance to asked he pulled me in and pressed the button. -1. I assume it was the car park. Where were we even going? I watched as the floor number changes. We were on floor 13, the more the number decreases the more anxious I got.

The tension in the lift was killing me. I could feel the angry coming of his body. I looked at him and he looked tense. I didn't know he cared so much about me. Or was he just rebelling against his father?

The lift doors opened. And we were greeted with Scott and Dan, Waiting for us. But no Alan. Where did he go? 

I wonder where he found the two of them. They both looked like someone I would turn the other way from if I saw them on the street.

"The car's ready boss and the jet on stand by" Dan said collecting the bags off Xavier'a hands.

"Jet" I asked confused, we were talking a plane

"Yes ma" he said before walking towards two black Range Rovers making me feel old. No one ever called me ma before. I kinda liked it. Made me feel older and important.

"Where are we going?" I pulled on Xavier's hands. Put he didn't reply. He just pulled towards the cars completely ignoring me.

"Xavier!" I yelled pulled my arms away from his.

"What!" He screamed making me jump "I don't have time for your bullshit Vanessa, just get in the fucking car"

Well I guess nice Xavier was gone. I was kinda hurt with what he said. I could feel myself tearing up. No way was I going to cry. What the hell, I wasn't a cryer. I wasn't gonna cry because of him.

I moved towards the car,  got in slowly and slammed the door. I wasn't going to talk to him. Fuck him, if he doesn't have time for my 'bullshit'.

I kept looking out the window when I heard him get in the car. He was quite as well. I looked over at him, he face was hard. His hands firm against the steering wheel. He looked over and we made eye contact for a second before I looked away.


We have been driver for a while. The city was almost dark now. The weather was dark and gloomy as well. It was raining and the clouds were grey. The morning sunshine was long gone now along with my happy mood. We haven't spoke still. I wasn't going to be the one to say the first word. Not till he apologised.

I couldn't help but look behind us once in a while, incase someone was following us. But it was just the Dan and Scott in the other Range Rover behind. I felt as easy every time I saw their car. I think Xavier did too. We got off the high way a while ago. We have been driving on a one way road.

The car slowed down in front of a gate. It had a restricted area sign on it. I looked at him confused. Was this the right place. It looked kinda off. I was about to ask when I heard a wiring sound. The gate was opening. They were expecting us? Of course.

He drove the car slowly driving around the building that was there. I sat up and looked around. It looked abandoned. That was until I was the jet. There was a guy standing waiting by the stairs. The jet was bigger than I thought. How rich was he?

He stopped the car not too far from it. But didn't move. Just sat and stared forward. The car was too silent. I could hear the rain beating the top and the sound of car door slamming. The others were out.

"Vanessa" he whispered my name slowly, almost painful.

I looked at him. There was so much emotions in his green eyes. I wasn't sure what they meant. I knew what he was going to tell me was not going to make this day any better.

Was he giving me back to his father?

He reached over, his hands brushing my knees. I could feel his warmth through the joggers. He pulled opened the glove compartment.

There was a few things inside. He brought out a small black bag and closed it. My eyes followed the bag to where he placed them on his lap.

He held it for a while before pulling the zip open slowly. The anticipation was killing me. What the hell was inside that bag.

"This is for you" he said as he pulled out something from the bag

"What is?" I asked confused. What was he giving me.

He reached over slowly holding something in his hand.

"It's a fake passport" I held my breath as he said that. "Everything in this bag is for you; a license and birth certificate"

"You can start a new life where no one would find you. There is an off sure account I set up for you. Alan is instructed to put in a lot of money every year, you won't have to work"

I think I stopped breathing. He wanted me to run away. He was going to leave me? I I thought he was coming with me. I can't survive on my own. I can't even cook for myself.

I looked at him panicked, staring at the passport in his hands.

"Are you leaving me?" I whispered letting the tears falling down.

Where would I go? I don't know anything. I'm still 17.

"Baby, never. I'm not leaving you" he said pulling my lips to his. He gave me a slowly soft wet kiss on my lips. I grabbed his collar pulling him closer pushing my tongue into his mouth making him groan. He pulled back giving me small pecks before releasing me.

"So what is it for?" I asked clearing my throat

"This is just a backup. In case something happens to me or the guys. I doubt anything will happen but just to be safe"

"If some how something happens and your alone. Just run okay. Go somewhere where they would never think of looking for you. Promise me"

What was going to happen to him?His father wouldn't actually hurt him. Would he?

"Promise me Vanessa" he said weeping the tears on my face.

I nodded my head unsure. There is no way I was going to leave him if something happened. I moved forward pressing my head against his. I closed my eyes, I almost forgot about everything that was happening. I wish we could go back to that day of the party, I wouldn't have left this time. I would stay with him.

The moment was ruined. There was a knock on the window making us separate, ruining the little moment.

"Boss we are ready for you" I looked at saw Scott outside. He was drenched from the rain.


The plane had taken off a few minutes ago. It didn't take us long to get on bored. The pilot already knew Xavier not sure how. There was only a pilot and a co pilot, no other cabin crew. I guess the less people knew the better.

They still haven't told me the destination of where we were going, which made me sulk for a while. But I found out on the little screen that was in front of us. We were going to Cleveland.

I never thought I would go to Cleveland. It was a 4 hours and 20 minutes flight. We have been

flying for 20 minutes.

Scott and Dan were a few sits behind us. I was still curious where Alan was. I knew how Xavier and him were close. They didn't go anywhere alone. I thought at the rest of them. Where they still going to school or was that all fake.

I was currently sitting next to Xavier, looking out the window. He had fallen asleep 10 minutes ago. I could tell he was really tired and stressed out. The conversation that we had in the car was still in my head. I can't believe he actually wanted me to run on my own. There was no one I could do that. I would rather go to the police than do that. I knew I wouldn't be able to survive on my own. I don't have people to help me like he does.

I looked at his peacefully face. He had small little frown line on his forehead. Even in his sleep he was disturbed. I wonder what he was dreaming about.

I still couldn't believe we were involved in this. I wondered how his upbringing was, was he loved by the people who took care of him. Based on the way he acts I doubt it. If this cult was anything like the ones I have read about, I knew it wasn't easy for them. Especially for him to betray  them for me.

He was brought up believing in what ever the fuck they believed in. What did they make them believe anyway? They were just kids. I have lot of questions that need answers. And I wasn't sure Xavier would be eager to answer them.

I was thankful my father got us out of there. But I wished I remembered him. The only childhood memory I had was of me and Brother in D.C.

It felt like a part of me was missing. My brother seemed fine as well. He was probably old enough to remember somethings. But he looked and behaved normal. But I knew if I sat down and analysed everything I would fine some holes.

I can't believe my father hide this from us. Not only did it cause us my mother but also my brother. All because he was trying to protect me. I was going to give him a hug if I ever see him again. I knew this must be hard for him, he was just trying to give us a normal life. He lost his wife and son. 

I didn't want him to lose another child.


I looked at Xavier's and his eyes were opened. He was smiling. Was he dreaming?

"Hi" I whispered smiling softly at him

He blinked slowly resting his head on my shoulder "I love you" he murmured into my neck. My eyes widened and I froze.

What the fuck!

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