Xavier’s girl Chapter 27: I’m hungry


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He watched me with a tension that radiated from his gaze. I swallowed feeling hot all of a sudden.Keeping his stare, I could feel myself getting wet as I walked closer to him.

He stretched out, like he was getting comfortable. I got on my knees and

I unbuttoned his pants, and the sound of the zipper sent a seductive echo through the room. He rested his elbow on the armrest and watched me.

I hesitated. I knew I couldn't do this with perfection, and I wished I'd had more practice so I could. He certainly knew what he was doing in the oral department, unlike me.

"You gonna stare at my crotch all day or take it out?"

He smirked, looking demanding and impatient. Though, I believed he was close to unraveling by a tightness in his shoulders.

My hands trembled as I pulled his briefs down and wrapped my fingers around his erection. It looked bigger. I wanted him in my mouth. He was so smooth and warm. Hard and thick. He felt so good inside me, I leaned in and rubbed his erection across my cheek.

His thighs spread further, a hand running across his mouth while the other clamped into a fist on the armrest.

My mouth watered as I rubbed my face, my lips, all over him. I drew my tongue out and licked him. I did it again, all the way from the base to the top.

His stomach tightened, a quiet groan escaping him. His reaction was so hot that a hum of satisfaction traveled up my throat as I gave him little licks everywhere, not missing a spot.

"Quit playing with it," he said harshly.

Jeez, he was still a dick.

I shot him a narrowed gaze.

"Suck," he demanded.

In an unhealthy way, his tone sent a warm wave between my legs. I obeyed, running my tongue around the head before sucking it into my mouth.

His head fell back with a "Fuck, that's it."

My breasts rubbed against his thighs, and sparks of pleasure fluttered through me. I sucked him

"again, taking more in my mouth and gliding up and down. Just like that" he hissed, his hand grabbing a fistful of my hair hardly. He moved my head, controlling the rhythm. Up and down, and deeper into my mouth every time. "Look at me," he ordered roughly.

My gaze flicked to him.

"Fuck," he muttered.

When he pushed himself deep enough it hit the back of my throat, I gagged and my eyes watered. With a groan, he pulled me away from him. His breaths came out heavy as he rested his head against the couch and watched me with a half-lidded gaze.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "What's wrong?"

"Gonna come," was all he said.

My brows pulled together. "That was quick."

I meant it as I wasn't ready to be done, but as soon as I said it I realized how it sounded.

He let out a laugh. "I'm going to fuck you hard for that."

I flushed looking up at him.

His gaze burned hot and lazy. come here.

I stood and straddled him, his mouth latched onto my breast. Fever consumed me, a shot pouring straight in my bloodstream. He touched me, rough and urgent. I wanted more.

My hands buried in his hair as he sucked and nipped on my breasts, on my throat and neck. He squeezed and smacked my ass, grinding me against his erection.

"Stand up," he rasped. He barely got the words out before he was jerking me upward and then pulling me down on his face. I groaned, bracing a thigh on the back of the couch and a hand on his shoulder. He sucked and licked while I rolled my hips against his mouth. My skin burned. Pressure built.

"So close," I moaned.

I gripped a fistful of his hair right before the release shot through me, buckling my legs and stealing my breath. I slid to his lap, gasping for air. Before I realized his intentions, he grabbed my hips and slammed inside of me.

I choked and screamed "Xavier!"

His hands gentled on me. "Fuck, baby, I'm sorry." He leaned forward and captured my top lip "it's been forever"

He said between his, kissing me softly.

I knew he wasn't wearing a condom but i didn't care at this point. I didn't want him to stop.

Unease poured into my bloodstream; warm as whiskey neat, yet as cold as ice. He was deep inside of me, so deep it stung, but all I could focus on was how my mouth tingled where he'd kissed me. I licked my lips, and his gaze darkened as he followed the motion.

I could taste a hint of myself, but not enough of him.My heartbeats danced, warmed, pulsed like they were finally alive.

I couldn't stop myself.

My body shook as I leaned forward, close enough our breaths intermixed. And then closer until my mouth brushed his. So soft, so him, so mine. When he parted his lips, I pressed mine to his and slid my tongue inside. A groan came from deep in his chest, his hands tightening on my hips.

I pulled back, trying to catch my breath. But before I caught it, I leaned in and kissed him again. Lazy and wet, I licked inside his mouth. His hand cupped the back of my head, and he sucked on my tongue. I moaned, my fingers running down his tie. I didn't want too ever stop kissing him.

The next kiss was rough, with a scrape of his teeth before easing into a wet slide. My blood drummed in my ears, rushed through my veins, incinerated like fuel and flame.

I was so full of him, and with his mouth on mine I felt overwhelmed. Complete. Consumed. And I never wanted to come up for air.

He tried to slow the kiss, but I didn't want to stop. Couldn't.

I pressed my mouth to his, gave his top lip a gentle lick, stole his breath straight from his lungs. He tasted so good. Like me, and warm vanilla.

He nipped my bottom lip, telling me enough. He was done kissing.

"Fuck me or get off."

I faltered at his sudden change of mood. However, I soon realized what this was. He was pissed. My eyes narrowed, though I wasn't that moved.

I rolled my hips, slow and lazy at first. Then I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pressed my face into his neck.

A shiver rolled through me, pressure and heat sparking as I ground my clit against his pelvis. His hands ran down my back, gripping my ass and pulling me harder against him. I was only rubbing myself against him, not fucking him yet, but he didn't seem to mind.

The sensation of him deep and still inside of me drove me to the edge. An mmm sound escaped me as I rose an inch and then slid back down.

"Fuck, those noises." He captured the next one in his mouth. His palms ran to my ribs, spanning my waist. A shudder rolled under his skin as I began to slowly move up and down.

Rough hands held me tightly.

Teeth nipped my jaw.

Lips ran up my neck before pressing to my ear.

"You gonna run away from me again"

I shook my head.

"Because your mine?"

"Yes," I breathed. I was his.

He groaned from his throat before grabbing the back of my neck and kissing me hard. Wet and messy. Wild and rough. And then slow, wet glides and licks, like he was trying to taste every inch of my mouth. Warmth spilled into my chest and spread outward.

He let me get used to fucking him before his hands started moving me up and down. Sweet, hot pressure began to build. I moaned in his mouth. He kissed me and kissed me until I couldn't breathe anything but him.

When his head lowered and he sucked a nipple into his mouth, the pressure boiled over. A shudder shook me as pleasure burst and finally dissipated. My breath came out heavy and erratic, my forehead resting on his.

His body tensed, and his hands tightened on my waist as he rocked me.

"Ask me to come inside you."

"Please come inside me," I sighed against his lips.

He pressed his face against my throat, let out a masculine groan that sent goose bumps down my body, and bit my neck hard enough it would leave another mark.

I sat there with my arms around his shoulders, my breath fanning his throat. His presence soaked through my skin with each inhale. His touch and taste and smell sank so deep they filled the cracks of my heart. He was becoming a drug, an addiction I would have to feed every day. From the recent hit, euphoria filled my veins and relaxed my limbs.

He was an infatuation, a craving, a need. He was mine. But as my fingers ran down his chest and rested on his chest my heart started to ache. I didn't want to ever leave him.


I woke in to an empty bed. It was now night time. I slept all afternoon. Where did Xavier go. He was with be before I fell asleep. I was still naked from before. I can't believe we had sex without a condom again. It had to stop. I wasn't worried my period should be here in a few days.

I can't believe everything he told me was true. I didn't know people were this fucked up. And I can't believe how much people they had brainwashed. My dad tried to protect to me from them. But he still let them take me. I didn't know if I should be angry with him. He was gonna let them do stuff too me.

They wanted me to get with Xavier. Weren't we already together?

I heard voices outside the door. He was here. I got up slowly and picked up the shirt he gave me. I am in really need of clothes.

I made my way to the door slowly cause of me feet and opened it.

It was the guy that took me and Alan. There was another man on the couch with a scar on his face. They looked like they were having a serious conversation.

They all turned and looked at me when I closed the door. Xavier got up quickly and made his way to me. He picked me up, placing a kiss on my lips. Walking to the couch.

I blushed as all the guys looked at me as he placed me next to him. He wasn't acting like the normal Xavier.

"Good to see your wake" Alan said grinning at me. "Sorry about all of that"

"Yeah missed you" he guy that injected me said. He saw my face "I'm sorry about all that" he waved his hands and I caught the bandage where I bit him.

"I'm Scott and that's Dan" he said pointing to the other guy.

I nodded at them and said "hey" before looking at Xavier "I'm hungry" I whispered. I felt like I could eat a car.

He grinned and laughed telling Scott too tell the cook to bring me food. I held on to his shirt as they continued there conversation.

He ran his hands down my legs as they talked. I tuned out their conversation. I wondered what happened to my phone. I missed it. And my bed. I missed watching friends.

The smell of salmon brought me back to the room. I saw the woman from earlier places a plate of salmon and potatoes on the table. Oh god that looked good, I think I was drooling. She smiled at be before leaving.

Xavier picked the plate and gave it too me. "Thank you" I said not looking away from the food. I heard him laugh but I didn't care.

I dug in, almost moaning when it hit my tongue. This was the best. I could eat this for days.

A cell phone ringing made the room quiet. I looked up at Xavier to see him bring a phone to his ear. The quiet room made me nervous. I felt sick.

He talked for a few seconds giving blunt replies to whoever called. But his hard face and stiffed body gave it away. I knew who was calling him.

He put the phone down and took a breath. He didn't say anything and I knew they were almost at the edge of there sit. He sat there looking at me for a while. His grey eyes held so much emotion, it was hard or empty.

"He knows where we are" he whispered sending chills down my back. I knew this wouldn't  last for too long.

I heard them get up

"Bring the car around, get the bags, make sure it clear. we'll meet you down in 5 minutes" I heard him say as they all moved into action. I sat there forgetting about the food.

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