Xavier’s girl Chapter 24: You need to cool off


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He walked off as he said that. What a dick. I know the dress didn't make me look like a slut, he was just being his normal douchey self. I won't let him ruin my night. Let me go back to that cute guy I was talking to before he leaves. I figured his name was Alec. I remembered him saying something like that.

I made my way through the people towards the pool, trying to walk in a straight line, which seems impossible in these heels.

"Hey!" I felt someone grabbing my arms

I looked to a saw Stephanie face. She was talking to me now?

"Do I look like a slut Stephanie?" I asked her pouting "Xavier said I looked like a slut"

She looked at me confused and shakes her head

"Listen don't drink whatever he gives you" she said looking panicked. That sober me up quickly.

"Drink what?" I asked confused

"Don't drink whatever they give you" she glanced around as if looking for someone

"Who is they?" I was so confused. Was someone trying to drug me?

She pulled me closer and whispers in my ear  "Listen, I'm not meant to be talking to you.But I'm sorry about what happened at the party, but it was part of the plan. Don't trust anyone, especially Mary" she walked away leaving me baffled.

Don't trust anyone? Was she talking about the Xavier and Mary? Why would she tell me not to trust Mary. What plan? My neck suddenly stiffen and tense, and I felt tingling sensation. I felt eyes on me. I looked around looking for who was staring at me. It was Alan. He was hold a bottle of beer, leaning on the wall watching me.

Okay I need to act normal. I don't want him to think I was paranoid. I smiled at him giving him the middle finger and he smirked. I turned around and made my way to the pool still feeling his gaze. I was shitting myself on the inside. Why the hell will she drop something like that and walk away.

"Hey, I was beginning to think you weren't coming back" Alec was still waiting for me where I left him.

"Sorry, had to pee" i said giving him a tight smile

"It's fine, so Erm how long have you known Xavier" he asked looking at me cautious

"Not long, just a few days. Why?"

"Because he keeps giving me the death stare" he laughed pointing behind me

I looked behind and saw he was standing there smoking. Staring at us, his face was hard like always as he.

"Yeah, just ignore him, he is under strict instruction to watch me" I laugh not wanting him to scare off.

"Is that gonna be a problem?" He asked wry

Looking at him confused what he meant by that. "No I don't think so" I lied. I knew what would happen if he tried anything.

"Good" he said moving closer to me

I could still feel Xavier stare at the back of my head. I didn't move. I wanted to hurt him. I want to get him angry. He should feel what I feel when his with another girl.

Alec was amused by it all, appearing to know everything I did. Apparently people were talking about the new girl in town. He was perceptive, and hot. He only got hotter the more I drank, but, for some illogical reason, I couldn't push Xavier out of my mind for a second. I was continually aware of his presence.

My gaze caught his through the glass window. He watched me, his hands in his pockets, while talking to Alan. The cigarette was gone. His expression was unexpected; indifferent and calm. Like the exchange in the kitchen didn't happened.

He'd told me to stay way from Alec unfortunately, I would soon know consequences for not listening.

Five minutes later, my cheeks felt hot from my fifth drink of the night, and I was beginning to tune out what Alex was saying. He was talking about his parents cabin out of town. I listened as he told me about a cabin, how the lake was beautiful in the summer.

"Sounds beautiful," I commented. "I would love to see it." I wouldn't.

"See what?"

My shoulders tensed at Xavier's deep voice behind my back. I knew he came for trouble

"My cabin in cedar creek,"Alec responded, while I said, "None of your business," at the same time. I didn't want him to think I would actually go with him.

"You sound angry, Vanessa ." Xavier's voice was tainted with something dangerous. "Maybe you should cool off" he sounded angry

My brows knitted. "What? No—"

I never got to finish what I had to say.

Because, he pushed me into the pool.


I climbed out of pool, soaking wet, they stood a foot apart staring at one another.

Alec lips tipped up as he brought his drink to his mouth, but his gaze never left Xavier. He looked uncomfortable.

"Vanessa" Mary gasped, running onto the patio. "What happened?"

Everyone's eyes touched my skin, and it felt like I was on display at the zoo.

My teeth clenched. "I fell."

"How many drinks have you had?" 

"Apparently more than I thought," I muttered.

Her hesitant gaze ran to Xavier and Alec. Ignoring them she ran back inside with.

She back came a few minutes later with a towel, and Alec flicked a slow gaze to her over his glass, like the glance was equal parts involuntary and unwanted.

"Thank you," I mumbled, accepting it.

"Come on, let's get you out of that dress" She said grabbing the heels I pulled off so I could get out of the pool.

I wanted to throw it at Xavier's head, but by that time I had the entire party's attention. They were all staring and he had a stupid grin on his face that I wanted to slap off.

As I followed Mary inside, everyone stared at me with wide eyes. I saw Stephanie, but she wasn't looking at me her attention was on the two men on the patio, her expression darkening.

My stomach dipped.

Was she talking about Alec.why would he do something like? Did he plan on drugging me? I should have known from the beginning. He was too interested in me.

I followed Mary up the stairs into the room she was sleeping in while drying my hair with a towel. She dug through a bag on the bed, and something twisted in my chest. Was she actually my friend? Or was Stephanie telling me truth when she said not too trust her. Why would Stephanie say that? She was her friend. Was she part of the plan?

Xavier had pushed me into a damn pool. What a dick.

Mary found a pair of red shorts that had white trim on the edges and up the sides, and a plain white t-shirt. The outfit was from the seventies. I was beginning to wonder where she shopped.

I accepted the clothes and a sports bra—thankfully,

"Thank you. I'm sorry about the dress I guess I'm just . . ."


Ugh. I hate him.

Mary laughed. "You don't have to lie. I saw Xavier push you in."

I paused with the dress around my waist while I pulled the t-shirt on. "How many saw?"

"Oh, I think everyone."

Of course they did. I blew out a breath, shimmied the dress down my hips, and then pulled the shorts on.

Turning around, I saw Mary lying on the bed, her feet on the floor and her arms stretched above her head. How could I not trust her, she was the only one that was nice to me

"Thank you for the clothes again," I said. "I'll get you a new dress and get these back to you"

"Keep them." She said getting up

"I'm going back out, you coming?"

"No, I think I'm gonna crash, I can't think clearly"

She left, and I made my way to our room. Too much information was in my head. I didn't know who I could call my friend, for all I know they might all be working together. But for what? What were they trying to do?

Were they just a bunch of rich kids that were bored.

Fuck this I was leaving before they do some weird shit. I didn't want to stay another night. I walked into the room and turned in the light. I quickly messaged Paul too come pick me up. Hopefully he was still awake. He answer saying he would be here in an hour. My heart was beating as I made my way to my bag.

I shoved all all my clothes inside don't and ran to the bathroom to get my face stuff. The music downstairs was loud, making me more anxious. I couldn't hear anything.

My hands were shaking as I closed my bag. I was thankful no one was looking for me. I could easily leave and they won't notice. I put on my shoes and picked up my bag. I couldn't wait to get out of this house. I was too uneasy.


It's been almost 40 minutes. I was sitting on the stairs outside waiting for Paul. The longer I waited the more paranoid I got. I hadn't looked away from my phone, waiting for his text.

"What are you doing" I heard his deep voice behind me making me jump.

Xavier looked at me confused and he looked at my bag then back at my face and he got angry.

"Where do you think your going?" He asked angrily

"Home" I whispered scared.

"Get back inside Vanessa" he said talking a step forward as I took a step back.

"I'm going home Xavier, I am sick of you guys!" I screamed frustrated.

"You all freak me out"

He paused and tilt his head to the side "why is that?"

I was shitting myself at this point. He looked like he was about to attack me. We stared at each other. Not saying anything.

The sound of a car broke away the stare. He looked behind me. Paul was here. Finally.

I started moving towards the gate still looking at him. "No Vanessa, get back here!" He shouted. He looked scared and worried. I wasn't falling for that.

"Vanessa!" he screams "I don't wanna hurt you I promise, come back" he sounded scared making me pause. What was he worried about? I was almost at the gate and he was still at the stairs.

He looked so vulnerable, I believed for a second that he didn't want to hurt me. But that was before Alan came behind him. I wasn't falling for this.

I picked up my speed and opened the gate. I looked back at them again and saw Alan holding an angry Xavier back. Telling him something.

"Miss" i jump back to see Paul looking at me. He smiled at me.

"Oh thank god Paul, please take me home" I told him. My body was trembling.

"Vanessa!!" I heard a pain scream before the gate closed.

He collected my bag and put it inside the car. "Thanks" I said getting in.

I couldn't wait to sleep on my bed tonight

He closed his door and got in the car. I got a shiver down my back. The atmosphere still felt uneasy. As the car started I melted into the sit.


The car ride was eerie quiet. But Paul didn't speak a lot. It was like a 30 minutes drive before I felt the car stop. Were we already home? That was quick. The window was dark so I couldn't see outside. He opened his door and got out. Finally home.

I opened the door and got out. I paused. Where were we? This wasn't the house. I looked around and saw nothing but woods. Okay maybe he took the wrong turn.

"Paul" I called out. No answer.

What the fuck. Where did he go? There was a cabin. Why were we at a cabin. I was trembling. I took my phone out my pocket. I need to call someone.

No service. Okay this was bad. Where the hell did Paul go? Where was I? Was I dreaming.

"Paul!" I screamed again but no answer.

I was crying at the point. Oh god I was going to die. My body was shaking.

I saw black hoodies through the glass. They were behind me. I looked back and saw 4 people wearing long cloaks that cover there face.

"If this is a prank. It's not funny" I screamed. They moved towards me, I was about the get back in the car and lock myself in. But some grabbed me and I screamed bloody murder, If they were going to kill me, I would destroy their eardrums.

The person grabbed my head almost making my neck snap. He hands were on my neck as I struggled against them. I wanted to see their face. Two held me down as I screamed and moved around. I saw one holding a syringe

"No, no please don't!" I begged. I moved my hand and grabbed his masks as he injects it in my neck.

The face I saw made me freeze. I couldn't believe it. Why was he doing this? "Josh" I whispered before my eyes became too heavy.

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