Xavier’s girl Chapter 23: You look like a slu


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I opened my eyes to an empty bed. He wasn't there, his side was already cold. I wonder what time it was. I probably slept in cause I was super tired yesterday. The room door was opened and I could hear their voices from downstairs. I didn't move for a while. Enjoying the big bed to myself. I knew I had to get up.

I got up and went to get my face stuff. I didn't bring any shampoo or body wash. I guess I will just use his. Hope he didn't mind. I made my way to the bathroom when I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I looked back and I saw him. Oh god he looked angry. He started charging towards me and I tired closing the bathroom door but I was too slow.

He pushed the door opened making backup into the sink. He looked fuming. His jaw was clenched. What happened? He was already dressed in jeans and a white tee. He looked sexy when he wasn't even trying.

I used my hands to cover my boobs, I felt too exposed standing in only my panties.

"You let him touch you!" he growled moving towards me.

I still as he say that. What did he say? Oh god no did he see me and Josh kissing. How?

"What?" I asked confused. There is no way he saw, did someone video us? No they were all upstairs. Unless he put a camera.

He didn't say anything just stared angrily at my face. I was starting to get uncomfortable and scared. What was he thinking about? Ways he could hurt me?

"Do you like him?" he asked out of the blue.

"If I did, would you let him have me"

"Never" he spat out angrily. He walks into the bathroom and locks the door. I saw shaking, was he going to hurt me?

"What did I say about him touching you" he walks forward looking too calm. Oh god what did he do to Josh.

"What did you?" I asked scared. Poor Josh. This wasn't his fault, I should never have kissed him. I hope he didn't kill him.

"He'll live" he said causally

"What the hell is wrong with you!" I screamed hitting his chest "he didn't do anything, it was my fault!"

"Hurt me not him" I pleaded hitting him. "I hate you!"

He grabs my hands as I said that. His eyes are almost black again, and I see the anger and desire. He holds my gaze as he ripped my panties off,and with his other hand, he grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him. His mouth, wet with rain, on mine, kisses me with so much fierce and anger as he he let the fall to the ground.

"Your mine."

I make a sound, wanting him again. I'm turned on by this violence, which I know is sick and wrong, but I am starting to believe it how I'm wired.

when he grips my hair and pulls my head back, I'm panting, and I want more.

He spins me around, putting my hands on the edge of the sink.

"Don't move." He gets behind me so I can see him in the mirror. He pushes the hair off my neck and kisses my thudding pulse, then bites just hard enough to hurt as but not to leave a mark like yesterday. he slides one hand down my stomach to my sex.

I moan with the contact, his fingers roughly kneading my clit, rougher than he was last night.

"Xavier." I turn my head to kiss him. I needed to kiss him.

He tugs my hair and pushes me forward a little. I look at him looking down at me, then feel a hard smack.

I gasp, meeting his black eyes in the mirror. He just spanked me.

"I should have spanked your ass for the night you went to see him, for wearing Noah's jersey and for letting him touch you last night."

He smacks me again three quick slaps to the same spot. The sting is sharp and does more to turn me on than punish me. He grins, raking his fingernails over my ass.

"You like this, Vanessa?" He spanks me again. "If I'd known..."

I hear the zipper of his jeans, and a moment later, I feel his length at my back.

"Watch. I want to see your eyes when I fuck you."

I turn to the mirror as he spreads my ass open, and I moan at the length of him as he rubs himself through my folds.

"Fuck." He sucks in a breath, and I'm panting. When I lean forward, he grips a handful of hair and tugs my head up. "I said I want to see your eyes when I fuck you."

He pushes into me then. I'm still sore from last night, but he feels even bigger than last night, and I can't get enough of him.

"I like fucking your tight little cunt, baby. I like coming inside your wet little cunt."

He's squeezing my ass cheek in one hand and pulling my hair with the other, and fuck, I want to come.

I slip my hand from the sink and slide it between my legs, and Xavier grins a wicked grin.

"This is your punishment for last night," he says, smacking my ass one more time before taking my hand and pressing it back to the counter, trapping it as he fucks me hard. He grunts with each thrust, his cock so deep I swear I can feel it in my belly.

"I need..." I try to pull my hand free, but he laughs.

"You need to come, but you're not going to." His thrusts come faster, and I feel him thickening inside me. "You get to watch me come instead."


My God. Fuck.

"Please Xavier!" I cry out, but his grip only tightens in my hair. He tilts my head to the side, and when he closes his mouth over my throat and stills inside me, I feel him throb, feel him empty himself. I watch his face, his beautiful, wicked face as he takes his fill of me, and I think I hate him and I love him at once. I want him. I want more of him. Him inside me like this.

When he's finished, he blinks his eyes, then draws his head back and groans.

He looks at the smear of red at my pulse and licks the spot he bite yesterday. He lets go of my hair and holds both of my wrists behind my back as he pulls out of me.

I feel the gush of warmth as cum slides down my thighs, and I smell us. I smell sex and want.

He didn't wear a condom again. This is not good. I don't know if I packed my pill.

He leans in close to my ear. "Get in the shower and keep your hands off your pussy."

When he lets go of my wrists and steps away, I have to grip the counter to stay upright. My legs were weak.

He tucks himself back into his jeans and zips up.

I turn to him.

"Hurry up, I need to feed you" he said crossing his arms across his chest and leans against the wall

I move towards the shower embarrassed as he watches me, embarrassed at the smear of his cum the insides of my thighs. I step into the shower and go to pull the curtain closed, but he shakes his head

"I want to watch. Make sure you don't make yourself cum when you wash my cum off you."

Fuck him.

I had a quick shower, embarrassed again, but also turned on. I was sick.

He checks his phone. I don't know if it's a message, or he's just checking the time. He didn't look so angry anymore. I wonder what he did to Josh. My butt was hurting from the spanking he gave me but I knew Josh had it worse.

"That's good enough," he says, after a while reaching in to switch off the water. He looks around for a towel, grabs one, and unfolds it.

I step out and let him wrap me in it. Let him dry me.

He walks me into my bedroom. "Get dressed before you get cold."

Why does he keep saying he doesn't want me getting a cold. It was like 100 degrees outside.

I moved towards my bag and brought out the sundress and panties. I didn't bother with a bra the dress doesn't really need one. It was a rushed red dress with flowers on them. I looked for the pill but I couldn't find it. It was probably in my purse. Next time I will make sure he wears a condom. I'm too young for a kid.

He sat there on his phone and waited for me to get dressed. I didn't do anything to my face cause I didn't want to keep him waiting. He was probably still angry. I let my hair down and put some sunscreen on.


Everyone was weird that day. And Josh and Brittany were missing. I asked Mary and she said when she woke up and they were gone but I could tell she was lying. I had woken up around 12, so I missed the morning and I knew something happened. They were all looking at me and Xavier when we came down smiling at us. I was a bit creeped out, but I figured they heard us having sex.

I noticed Stephanie was looking at me worried, like she knew something I didn't. But she didn't say anything so I didn't either. I just wanted to make sure Josh was still alive but he wasn't answering anything of my text. There is no way Xavier's actually killed him. He probably just sent him home.

He made sure I ate breakfast. As in he sat down and watched me eat. It was weird. But he was gone the second I was done eating. If this was his way of showing me he cared it was creepy.

I spent the rest of the day by the pool reading. Away from them cause I wasn't sure who was actually my friend. Like they were waiting for me to do something. I was starting to get really freaked out. I wish I just stayed home.

Mary came to get me around 6 saying we needed to get ready for the party. I told her I wasn't going, I wasn't in the mood to party and plus she didn't tell me to pack a dress. She said the reason was cause she knew I didn't have party outfits and she brought a dress for me to wear. It was a nice but weird gesture. I had clothes to wear to a party.

She brought me a red latex dress to wear. I loved it, but it was a bit tight but we made it work. We all got ready together everyone was excited expect Stephanie who kept to herself. I was starting to think she didn't really like me. We had a bit of alcohol to drink so I was tipsy before the party started. But I liked the feeling. It felt like I was floating.

And that's where I was, poring myself another drink in the kitchen. The place was so loud I couldn't hear myself think. There were people everywhere. Even down at the beach.

I knew I was drunk. I stumbled trying to find make way back to the pool. I was talking to this really cute guy. I wasn't sure what his name was but I told him I would be back.

I felt some pulling my arms. I already knew who it was, I could smell his shampoo. I was a bit angry with him. I saw him with a bunch of girls. They surrounded him and he let them touch him. I decided to do the same. And I found myself a cute guy to talk too.

"Your drunk" I heard him say angrily

I laughed, "you look cute" i said pinching him cheeks and he slapped my hands away.

"You never call me cute" I said feelings a little hurt. "Why are you such a asshole"

"Yeah? You think I'm an asshole" he looked hurt but I'm sure that was the alcohol. I reached across him for my cup, pretending that my arm grazing his didn't affect me at all, when in reality it sent a rush of warmth low in my stomach. "I assumed from day one that you were an asshole, and I was right." I paused with my hand on my cup.

"I'm sure you can a more suitable word than asshole" he had a hint of smile on his face "could have been better"

"How would Xavier knight do it, then?"

His gaze settled on mine. "If I was going to insult you, I'd make sure to leave you thinking about it for a while."

I stirred my drink, feeling like stirring up something else. "Tell me I look good, don't you like my dress" I asked looking down at my dress

His eyes narrowed. "You want me to complement you?" He asked licking his lips

I nodded, took a sip, and then licked the vodka off my lips. My breath turned shallow when his gaze fell to my lips.

He shakes his head.

"Aren't you gentleman tonight?"

"Nah. Just don't care to."

I scoffed. "Probably because you you've never given a complement —"

A breath of shock escaped me when his rough palm gripped the side of my throat and he pulled me to him as he eyes went darker. I felt his breath against my ear.

"You look like a slut in that dress, Vanessa."

A violent shudder rolled through me.

My eyes closed as his warm, scent over took my nose. I liked the dress.

"And stay the fuck away from Alec" he added angrily

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