Xavier’s girl Chapter 21: Why did you run


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The drive was long. I spent the whole time on my phone and glancing at him. He noticed me looking at him weirdly but ignore it. I asked him why he didn't tell me he knew before when I was little he said it was not important. Which I didn't agree with. How come we haven't seen each then. How comes my dad never mentioned his dad. I had so many questions but I knew he wasn't going to give me the answer. He turned on the radio, which I took as a "don't talk to me".

The boys called him 30 minutes into the drive to tell him that they picked up the alcohol for Saturday. I didn't know they were having a party on Saturday. I thought we were just chilling this weekend. I didn't pack an outfit to wear for the party. I can't believe Mary didn't tell me to pack an outfit for the party. I asked him if I could go back home to pick up something but he just gave me a dirty look, so I shut up.

I didn't speak to him for the rest of the drive. I won't have to go to the party. I could just stay in a room and watch vampire diaries on my laptop and eat junk food. Yeah that sounds like a better plan than going to a party.


The beach house was more beautiful than I expected. It all white and had a huge black gate that Xavier had to open before driving in. The first floor of the house was opened with white huge curtains. I could see the beach from here. We got there round 7 so the sun was setting which made everything more beautiful.

The inside of the house was dark. I knew we were the first one to get here. Like he said. He got out of the car and went to collect our bags. I was shocked when I saw him taking mine as well. I got out the car and followed him into the house. Hopefully the others weren't far behind, I didn't want to be alone with him for too long.


He placed our bags in room upstairs. He didn't say a word as I followed him through the dark house. It didn't bother him that I was dark. He knew where everything was. I followed him upstairs. The room was huge and had a king bed in the middle. I knew it was the master bedroom.

He noticed me staring at the bed and smiled. I would have to sleep with him; I knew he wanted to do more than sleep. He had something planned. I just didn't know what. He placed my bag on a chair and his on the floor. He turned around slowly towards me. Creeping the fuck out of me. I went to grab me phone but I realised I left in the car.

"What are you doing?" I asked him with a shaking voice as he moved towards me

He didn't say anything and just kept walking towards me. I my heart was beating was fast. I had to get out of here. He was going to kill me.

I was out to the door. Running for my life. I ran towards the way we came from. I need to get to my phone. I heard him laughing behind me. Oh god why did I come.

I was in the kitchen, looking around for his car keys. I knew he dropped them on a table. I was out of breath and shaking. I was surprised I haven't already shit myself.

I heard his heavy footsteps walking down the stairs and I stopped moving when he came into view.

"Why did you run?" he asked looking at me confused

"Because you want to kill me!" I screamed at him

He smiled and said "I don't want to kill you.Yet" sending chills down my back

I looked at him carefully as he walked towards me "so why were you acting creepy"

"I didn't" he said confused

"I wanted you to be afraid of me"

"Well it worked, I almost pee myself"

"You called me crazy" he said making me paused

"Do you think I'm crazy?"

"Well, most of the thing you have done is crazy to me" his face went hard and cold

He moved towards me and held my hands to my side, trapping me against the table.

"Careful, Vanessa or I might show you how crazy I get" he whispered in my ear

"Let me go!" I screamed struggling against him he lets go of my hands and I slapped his face. Surprising him. The slap vibrated around the room. Why did i do that. I shouldn't have poked the bear.

He looked at me. So much anger in his eyes. If only looks could kill.

I need to get out of here. I can call myself an Uber and go home.

"No, I'm gonna show you crazy" he said crushing my body to his. I cried out when he bit down into my neck. I screamed again but he ignored my screams and bit down harder. Yeah he was definitely crazy.

He bent me over the kitchen table and pushed aside my panties. I heard a car pulling into the driveway. I know he heard as well. But that didn't stop him.

"Don't do this please, someone is here" I begged him screaming.

Hopefully it was Mary and the girl. They would help me if they saw this.

He ignored me and I heard heard the distinct sound of his joggers hitting the floor and soon after felt the force of his punishing thrust as he entered me.

I screamed and the table moved a few inches so I grabbed onto to keep me from falling. "No," I said and pushed my hips into him. We both moaned from the feeling of him burying deeper. My pussy clenched at his cock in welcome.

"Is this crazy?." he spoke with a hard thrust until he let go completely and was pounding all of his frustration and anger into me.

He bite into my spine I released a throaty moan. "You like this don't you? I can feel you creaming all over my dick." He grabbing my ponytail thrusting hard.

"Oh God why does it feel so good?" I screamed as I felt myself tightened around him.

"Good," he thrust deeper into me, stealing away my breath. "That means you feel all of me. You're mine, Vanessa. I won't let you go. Do you hear that. I won't."

"I'm not yours"

The sound of the a car door closing and footsteps could be heard over the sound of our fucking. Someone was coming.

But he continued to pound me. I knew he heard it as well. The sound of our skin slapping, his groans, and my screams were echoing throughout the kitchen and the living room.

"Stop. Someone is coming ," I moaned out weakly. Please god I hope it wasn't Josh. I would hate for him to walk in on us again.

"I can see you just fine sweetheart. Don't stop on my account. You look like your enjoying that." I looked to the side to see Alan leaning against the door watching us with a grin.

I immediately swung my arm behind me to push Xavier away but he caught it and held it at my back.

"Let me go. He's watching!" He pulled my hair harder silencing the rest of my protests. The need to come was strong but my release was leaving me.

" Xavier, please," I begged. I felt degraded as Alan stood and watch us. But it was thrilling.

"You've disrespected me today, Vanessa. You think you deserve to come?" He slowed down to a teasing rhythm. I looked to see Alan moving into the house. Like this was normally.

"please." My legs shook uncontrollably from the need to come.

He gripped the back of my neck and whisper in my ear. "Then take what you need. Fuck me"

His words were barely out before I pushed my hips back against him again and again, desperately searching for what only he could give me. "Damn, she looks like a hot like that" Alan groaned. I'd forgotten he was watching us. Why was he okay with people watching us. Did it get him off?

"Xavier , please!" I begged once more. I heard his low groans. I needed him so I beg.

I wasn't above begging. Not when his cock was buried deep. His fingers finally slid down to tease my clit. Once he touched me a powerful orgasm ripped through me. My back curved and locked in place as I let my orgasm take over as I screamed.

He was still moving inside me, slowly as he watched me come. I could feel his eyes on me even now. "Had enough?" he asked. I knew if I turned turning around he would be smirking at me.

"Stand up," he ordered.

"I can't." My legs were too weak to hold me up much less walk.

"Stand up or get fucked again."

He was still inside me, moving lightly. I stood up on shaking legs and rested my back against his chest and surprisingly he let me.

He slowly pulled out of me and it felt as if he was still hard which meant he hadn't come. I discreetly fixed my skirt and panties when I noticed Alan still watching us silently. He was now sitting in the living room.

I was thankful he was the one that walked in. He was as fucked up as he is so he won't judge or be surprised.

"Go upstairs and clean up"

I did as he ordered without arguing. I knew where that usually got me. And I was too tired.

I made my way upstairs. I can't believe he did that. I think the slap ticked him off. I shouldn't have slapped him. But he was scaring me.

I went to the bathroom and stripped naked. I was sick of wearing that cheerleader outfit. I heard sounds of cars and honking. I knew the others were here.

I decided to have a shower. I didn't want to go down there all smelling like sweat and sex.

The lights were on now, making it easier to move around.

The shower was amazing. I took forever enjoy the water. But it soon got cold and I had to get out. I walked towards my bag and took out my clothes. I didn't really bring a lot. I wore the bikini; incase we went to swim. And my huge shirt over it and sleeping shorts. It was already night time so I won't look weird.

I could here voices downstairs. It sounded like they were arguing. But I smelt food; making my stomach growl. There was no way I was missing food.

I made my way downstairs and there voices grew louder. I saw all of them, they were in the living room. Sitting down talking to each other. The boxes of pizza and some McDonald's caught my eyes. I walked towards the food ignoring them. I needed to eat.

"Hi girl" I heard Mary said for the couch. I waved my hands and made my way to the food making her laugh. She knows I don't joke with food. I took a pizza and almost moaned when I bit into it.

I blushed looking at the table where he just fucked me.

I looked around looking for him but he wasn't sitting with them. But I wasn't surprised. He didn't like crowds.

I saw his back and Alan's outside in the porch looking at the beach. It was like he felt me staring cause he turned around. I noticed the cigarette on his hands as he moved it to his lips, my eyes following it. I didn't know he smoked, he never smoked or smelled like it before. He stared intensely at me but kept listening to whatever Alan was telling him nodding his head.

"Hiii, Vanessa" my body froze as I heard the high pitched voice. Where did she come from. I was still looking at Xavier, he smiled and turned back around. Leaving me with his back.

I looked at my side to see Brittany in a bright pink bikini with shorts on, smiling at me. What the hell was she doing there. He told me she wasn't coming. He said she wasn't invited. I took an angry bite out of the pizza. Fuck him. Two can play at this game.

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