Xavier’s girl Chapter 20: Go Falcons!


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Thursday went really fast. I woke up had breakfast with my father and went to school. I stayed away from Xavier and his friends. Expect Mary, she apologised for acting like that which I told her that I wasn't angry at her in the first place. People were still talking about it. And I haven't heard a word from Xavier since he left my house. I was on edge in case he had anything planned. He didn't release the video yet. Which was surprising but meant he had planned something else.

I spent the rest of that day on alert. Mary just thought I was being weird. We spent lunch time in the library. She made me pack a bag for the beach house which was confusing because I didn't know why Xavier wanted me there.

All she said was that he told her to tell me to pack a bag for the weekend and bring it on Friday. The beach house was an hour drive from the city. So I will be riding with Mary and Brooke. We are leaving right after the game. Hopefully Xavier doesn't drown me the second we get there and I can have some fun. I know the whole gang was coming.

All Mary told me was to pack a lot of swimsuits. I only packed 3.The bikini we bought when we went shopping and two other swimsuits. I packed clothes to wear back home and a sun dress for the beach. Hopefully the house is big enough so I wouldn't run into Xavier.

My dad took me to dinner that night. We went to some fancy restaurant and ate small food. Which he complained about the whole ride home. It was fun. I missed going out with him. He asked me about Xavier, which I dogged. I told him we didn't have any class together. He was persistent that I got to know him. I wondered why. I mean I understand he was friends with his father but that doesn't mean he should set me up with his son. All he kept saying was Xavier was going into politics and that i would be good if I had connections in the future.

He left on Friday morning to New York. He promised to be back next weekend and we could do some sightseeing.


It was game day. I had to wear my cheerleading outfit to school. Everyone was excited. I was stalking Xavier just in case he decided to post a video. But all he posted was a girl wearing his jersey with his number at the back 7. I wasn't jealous.

The cheerleading outfit was a short skirt and a top that said falcons. It also came with a bow for your hair and a jacket. It looked good on me.

But I hated the bow. It made me feel like a child. But we had orders from Jenna to wear it. I had to put my hair in a ponytail and pin it the top.

The school was buzzing with excitement. I was a bit nervous this was my first game and we could still lose. But Mary told me the boys hardly lose a game but that didn't make me feel any better.

Most of the classes were cancelled today which surprised me. I didn't know they were that crazy over football. There was a pre rally in the afternoon that was crazy. We had to perform for the whole school and i almost shit my pants. But it went amazing. The students were amazing and I didn't fall on my face.

The band performed, the mascot also performed. It was like an hour long. The principal wrote a whole speech so did the coach. I could see why the boys thought they owned the school. Everyone loved them. It was like one direction came on stage when they walked out. Girls screaming there names, I think I even heard a few female teachers as well.

The game started at 4. It was lunch time. I was dying in this clothes. I couldn't even bend down to pick up something without an ass show for everyone. I wish I brought some joggers. All the boys were acting like pigs. Whistling as I walked past. I think it was the cheerleader outfit. I planned on finding another extra curriculum activity.

I was heading to my locker were I told Mary I would meet her after the pep rally. Most of the cheerleader girls were with the football players. I didn't even want to know what they were doing. I saw Brittany sticking her lizard tongue into Xavier mouth before I left. I was confused because I thought she was friends with Jenna.

Stephanie was with that Mark guy. She was all giddily when I saw her. We weren't still talking.

"GO FALCONS!!" Some random guy screams making me laugh

I opened my locker to take out my phone so I could text Mary as she wasn't here. I know we she wanted to eat lunch and I was hungry as well.

"Erm... Hey" I heard from behind me

"Noah" i said surprised

He was part of the football team. He was quiet and shy. Doesn't really speak a lot. But he was tall like the rest, probably 6'3 and cute. We've only spoke once before and he was goofy. Kinda reminded me of my brother.

"You were good today" he said walking closer to me

"Thank you"

"This outfits suits you" he said touch the edge of my skirt. I looked around just in case Xavier or anyone was walking past cause we looked too comfortable.

"Thank you" I said again looking at him weird

"Yh sorry" he cleared his throat and moved back "I was just wondering if you would wear my jersey" he said giving me the jersey.

"I don't think that's a good idea Noah" I frowned. I didn't want to give people the wrong impression. Especially Xavier.

"It's for good luck. I was gonna give it to Stephanie but she's already wearing Marks. So I thought about you"

I looked at him for a second. I knew other cheerleaders were wearing the boys jerseys as well. So I wouldn't look like anything else. And besides Xavier had Brittany so he can't say shit.

"Ok, I will wear your jersey for good luck" I collected it off him and put it over my head. It had the number 14 at the back.

It was a bit big but it covered my butt which was a bonus. "Thank you" he smiled "it looks good on you"

I laughed cause I know I probably look like a child wearing adults clothes.

"Why are you here" he asked confused.

"I am waiting for Mary, but I don't think she's coming"

"Yeah she's not, I was her making out with Callum"

"Well I guess I will be eating lunch alone" I closed my locker.

"Don't be silly, your sitting with us" he said pulling me towards the cafeteria.

"Erm no, I don't to cause any trouble" I pulled my arms away from his. He was there he day of the incident.

I know for sure that Xavier and Alan didn't want me there. And I want this day to be drama free. Especially if Xavier sees me with Noah. He would lose his shit. Actually that sounds good. If he wanted to stick his tongue into Brittany's mouth then I will hangout with Noah.

"Actually, I don't mind let's go" I said surprising him. Xavier can suck my dick.

"Okay good, by the way your getting me lunch, I don't money on me" he said making me laugh.

"Okay Noah" I rolled my eyes. He was too cute.


The cafeteria was louder today. I think it was because everyone was excited about the game. We went to get food before sitting down. I got a sandwich and a fruit salad. And Noah got two burgers and large fries. He said he needed energy for the game. Not that I was judging him.

He spent the whole time telling me cringe pick ups line that made me laugh. He got them of tumblr. I told him never to use it too actually hit on a girl.

We got looks from the table when we sat down. Especially Xavier, he was staring at Noah like he wanted to kill him. Which I didn't understand when he had Brittany sitting right next to him.

"Hey, do you happen to have a Bandaid? I scraped my knee up pretty bad when I fell for you" Noah said and I bust out laughing

"No, don't ever use that on a girl" I said laughing hard and he was smiling at me

"What's so funny" Laura asked interested

"Noah has this cringe pick up line he use on girl"

"I don't use it on girl, just to make them laugh" he said pushing me softly

"Tell me one" Laura asked. She was clearly interested in Noah, but I don't think he noticed. He started talking to her and I tuned the out.

I felt Xavier eyes on me and I looked up and mouth can I help you. But he didn't reply just kept staring like the creep he was. I ignored him and went back to my food.

"Heyyour sharing a room with me and Mary right?" Brooke asked me

She was talking about the beach house. "I don't mind sharing a room, we could have a girl sleepover" I said making her laugh. "Laura you can come" I told her and she nodded but went back to talking to Noah.

I noticed Stephanie looking at me from across the table. "Stephanie are you gonna come?" She was surprised that I was talking to her. I didn't want her to feel left out. I wasn't that type of person.

She opened her mouth to reply but Xavier opened his fat mouth like usual.

"Vanessa is sleeping with me" he said shocking everyone.

I choke on my fruit. There is no way in hell I was sleeping with him. That would be the perfect time for him to kill me.

"No thank you" I shake my head "I will be sleeping with the girls"

"The girls will be fucking the guys before night fall" the girls glared at him. But didn't say anything, I guess he wasn't wrong. I wish Mary was here. She would have said something back to him. I think the others were scared of him.

"I will not be sleeping with you, even if hell freezes over" I told him and his face got harder. "Brittany over there will happily sleep with you" I pointed over to her and she smiled thinking it was a compliment.

"Brittany is not invited" he said making her pout. "Your dad told me to take care of you and that is what I'm going to do"

"I don't think he meant you forcing me to sleep with you Xavier" I said making the guys laugh.

"I'm not fucking playing games with you Vanessa, get your shit after the game and we will walk to my car. I will be driving you to the house and you will be sleeping in my room" he slammed his hands on the table making me jump.

"I am not—"

"Say anything and I will take off that little skirt of yours and fuck you right here for everyone too see" he said angrily.

And I knew it wasn't a treat. He would really do it if he wanted too. The table was now awkward. I looked down at my food and started plotting ways to kill him in his sleep.


The game was amazing. I have never felt so much adrenaline before. The crowds were screaming. I was screaming. I think I lost my voice. I spent most of the game watching Xavier play. He played amazing. He moves so fast and hardly got hit.

They won 24-15. The crowds went crazy after the last touchdown. I understood why people love football. The crowds , the game and of course the adrenaline. It felt like a drug.

I even ran up to Xavier when the game was over surprising him and myself . But I was screamed how amazing he was. And he laughing like an idiot. I think we forgot that we hated each other at that point. But the moment was ruined when the boys came and took him away. Screaming "GO FALCONS!" I will never take football for granted again.

But that was half an hour ago. I was angry and irritated now. I have been holding my bags waiting for the idiot to come out the changing room. Mary had left to go home. So I was stuck with him. I didn't know boys took this long to get dressed. Some of them already walked out the changing room. But I can still hear them screaming inside. I drop my bags on the floor and went in. Ready to scream at him.

"Hey!, where is Xavier" I asked a guy surprising him but he pointed to the corner holding the towel on his waist.

I made my to were the noise was coming from. Most of them were in there towel. I knew must of them. But I didn't recognise some.

"Xavier!" they all looked back surprise

"Dude a chick is looking for you" a random guy said.

I looked around and he wasn't even there. I saw the whole gang but not him. Did he leave me?

"I said wait outside Vanessa" I heard his deep voice behind me.

I turned around to see him in a towel. Water dripping from his abs. I wanted to touch it. His hair was wet, dripping water onto his face. Oh god. I should have stayed outside.

He noticed me staring and smirked. "Like what you see baby" he whispers walking closer to me.

I could here the boys commenting at the back. Ignored them.

"Please hurry up, my feet is hurting and I'm hungry" I whined. I was getting tired and cranky.

"Ok, sit down, I will be a sec" he said walking to his locker.

"I will wait outside" I told him, going back out.

I didn't want to see anything that will blind me. I was out the changing room and back to where I was waiting for him with my bags.

Five minutes later he was out. "Come on" he said looking at me.

I went to pick up my bag. Thinking he would offer to help but he didn't. Don't know why I was thinking he was a gentleman.

We walked to the parking lot in silent. He was a headed of me and left me with my bags. He opened his car door and finally took it off me and placed in at the back sit with other black bag that I assumed was his.

I got in the car and melted into the chair. We had a hour drive. Shit I will be with him for an hour. He could kill me and dump me in the woods.

He got in the car and was about to start "don't you think we should wait for the guys" I asked him. I didn't want to be alone with him.

"They are driving there cars and they going to pick up some food and alcohol for the weekend" he started the car.

"We could go with them"

"Nah, I wanna to get there first" he said looking at me weirdly "sleep we have a long way"

Yeah right. There is no way in hell I was sleeping. I was gonna to have my phone in my hands and 911 on dial in case he tries anything.

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