Xavier’s girl Chapter 2: First day


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The sound of bells woke me up. I sat and hit the alarm beside my bed. Releasing I fell asleep in last nights clothes. Looking for my phone too see if my dad has call. Turning it one and looking at the time. Shit! It was 7. I had school

I had to be ready on 30 minutes. I got up from the bed taking off my clothes as fast as I could and ran inside the bathroom. I took the fastest shower ever and brushed my teeth in under 10 minutes.

Running out the bathroom realising I hadn't thought about what I was gonna wear. Not that I cared but I knew the school I was going and I didn't want to be the laughing stock on the first day.

I ran inside my closer and thanked Greta for arranging my closet. Everything was put in order. I didn't know how hot it was gonna be do I chose white shirt and a thin cream sweater that stopped mid thigh to wear on top. I pulled on a Valentino white boots and added a Gucci belt to my waist. I ran to my mirror and my hair was still wavy from yesterday so I just brushed it and added spray.

Makeup. I didn't have time. I put on some blush cause I looked like a zombie. My freckles were visible but I didn't have time for foundation. Adding mascara and pink lipgloss I was done. I ran back to the closet to get a bag. I didn't wanna look unserious by not having a bag.

I picked up my red velvet Valentino mini backpack that I used yesterday all my stuff was already inside. Picking up my phone I had 1 minute to get my ass downstairs.

Open the door running down the stairs. I saw Greta waiting at the door with a brown bag in her hands and a to go cup. "Morning" I screamed at her as I ran past her. "Wait Vanessa your breakfast and coffee" she called to me. Making me slow down. I couldn't say not to food.

I took it off her and screamed thanks as I ran out the door. I saw the same drive who was Paul. He was standing next to the same white Bentley that picked me up yesterday.

I know your wondering why I don't drive myself. I am 17 and should be able to drive but my father won't allow me to do that. He said he will provide me with a drive so I didn't complain.

"Morning Paul" I said as I opened the door. "Morning miss" was all he said. The car ride was quite.

I spent it texting my dad letting him know I was on my way to school and eating my breakfast. And he wished me well on my fast day.

I spent the rest 5 minutes looking up classes I was talking. Till I felt the car slowly down. Looking out the window and saw we were in front of a brick building. I saw students walking around. Screaming and hugging each other. I stared for about 10 seconds. I was nervous. "Miss" I heard Paul said. "I will be here at 4 to pick you up" he said.

"Alright, thanks Paul" I replied as I got out. I took my bag and step out the car. The sun was already high hitting my eyes a little bit.

I moved away from the car and when I heard he drive off I knew I was alone. Looking at my surroundings. I saw it other cars packed. All the cars were expensive with students around them talking. Not that I didn't know this school was filled with rich kids.

I put my phone in my bag and started walking towards the school. I felt people looking at me. They were probably wondering who was the new kids. Please god help me make a friend at least I beg him.

It took me a minute to get to the front door which was opened and students filled everywhere. Some standing by the lockers other at the side all talking to about their summer.

I made my way to the front office. I needed my locker and timetable. It was quite easy to find the front office as they were signs.

There was a woman at the front desk with very thick glasses. "Morning I'm here for my schedule" I said smiling.

She looked at me with a small smile. She already looked miserably. I'm there with you lady I thought. "Name" she asked.

"Vanessa..." she interrupted before I could finish "here it is" she said handing me some papers. "Your locked combination is also there. Have a great year" she said and looked back at her computer.

"Ok... thanks I guess" I said walking away.

She was weird. Looking down at my schedule. I had home room first. Then biology lunch history and gym. No way I have gym on the first day. Not that I was unfit but group work is not for me.

It said my locked was located in building B which is were my home room was. Lucky me. I looked down at the map and saw I was in A. It shouldn't take me long to find it. It was pretty straight forward.

I found it a few minutes later. I had 2 minutes to get to class. And I didn't wanna be late on my fast day. I opened it easily which was surprising. It was already filled with the books I will be needing and the gym clothes.

Wow this school is fancy I thought. I took out my biology book so I wouldn't have to come back and get it. Just as I closed my locker and picked up my bag I bumped into someone making me losing my balance tumbling back. Before I could hit the floor someone grabbed my waist making me gaps. "Hey watch where you going" a deep voice said.

I closed my eyes to scared to open them. I knew people were because it got quite. I released I was in someone hands. I moved back and open my eyes.

I came face to face with a black shirt. I noticed the arms first. And god was it a big arm. Oh god it was a boy. I literally just cuddled a boy in the middle of the hall way. I looked up slowly taking in the strongest jawline I have ever seen. Ok I was a bit dramatic. His pink lips and green eyes.

Oh god he was looking at me smirking. He was drop dead hot. I knew he had girls lining up to date him. The bell going off broke me way from the stares. Shit I was late.

"Sorry" I said trying to get past him. But only to see other giants behind him. Not knowing where to go. I stopped moving.

"Dude she's hot" I heard one said making me blush. Looking up at him. "Sorry I bumped into you, i didn't see you. Not that your small. I mean you big. Not big like fat but tall" I started rumbling.

God kill me now I thought. My face felt very hot. There wasn't a point in me wearing blushed today. I was a tomato. I heard him chuckling making me look up at him.

"Where you going" he said taking my schedule out my hands before I could reply. He looked at it for a second. "It's one the second door, third door" he said giving me back. "Thanks" I said quietly. Not sure he even heard me.

He walked away with his huge friends  

"Man she was hot" I heard then a "shut up".

I hope not all the boys are that big and hot. I wouldn't be able to concentration if they were. If they were this would be the best year. I though before making my way to class.

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