Xavier’s girl Chapter 18: What did you say


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The sounds of my alarm woke me up from my deep sleep that morning. All at once, before I could even open my eyes, last night came rushing back to me. But there was the obvious signs of hard sex in my aching muscles.

After we had sex Xavier seemed almost human. He had been staring into my eyes and held me for a long time after we finally caught our breath. I had fallen asleep looking into his green eyes.

I had opened my eyes in the middle of the night to see him staring down at me and looking dark and sinful. He was shirtless but wearing his jeans and I could tell he'd already been up and gotten dressed or he simply never went to sleep. I on the other hand had passed out from exhaustion and the unfamiliar stress on my body last night so I don't remember much of what happened after he finished.

I dragged myself off the bed and went into the bathroom with the sheets wrapped around me. However, once I dropped the sheet and took one look at myself in the mirror, the sight that greeted me shocked me awake. There were red marks where he held me too tight and bites all over my skin. I felt every last one of them last night.

I touched one of the marks and winced from the pain. "What are you doing?" I jumped at the sudden sound of his voice behind me.

I thought he had left. "Why are you still here Greta can't see you" I said picking up a towel to cover myself.

He was standing at my room door. He looked freshen. He had on a different jeans and shirt. Did he go home to change and come back?

"She thinks I'm a friend from school" he said walking in

"She let you in?" I asked confused.

"Don't be surprise, I can pretty persuasive" he said sitting on my chair.

I looked at be confused and baffled. What the hell was he doing.

"If you stand there gawking at me we won't make it to school"

"I don't think I can go to school" I said looking at myself in the mirror again.


"Erm.. I'm sore and I look like I got hit by a fucking truck" I said blushing as last nights events came back to me.

"If I recall, you were begging" he said smirking

I rolled my eyes at him. And closed the bathroom door. He was in a good mood today. Maybe he was a morning person.

"Shit, Shit. Shit" it all came back to me. He wasn't wearing a condom. He came inside me. Twice if I recall.

"What's wrong" he asked through the door.

"Nothing" I said.

It's fine, I don't need to panic. I will stop at the pharmacy before school and get the pill. There was no way I could be pregnant already. It takes time, right? Please god. My father would kill me.

"Hurry the fuck up Vanessa, I'm not patient" he yelled.

I wanted to yell back I didn't ask you to wait from me. I don't even know what he was planning. Did he want to drive me to school? I was under the impression that he didn't like me. He just wanted to ruin me.

And I can't believe Greta let him in. I will have to talk to her. What if he planned on killing me. I got in the shower and risen off all the sweat that had melted into my body.

I took a while in the bathroom. I was putting my hair into a bun, which took me forever because the first one wasn't tight and the second one looked flat.

I walked out the bathroom and saw him sitting in front of my makeup table. He was on his phone. I looked at the time. It was 7. I had 30min to get ready.

I walked into my closet to put on the clothes I put out yesterday to wear. But it wasn't there. It had be replaced with a long white turtleneck dress. I picked it up confused. Did he take my clothes. How dare he touch my clothes.

I picked up the clothes and stormed out the closet "what the hell is this" I asked showing him the clothes

"What your wearing" he said casually

"And before you think to argue with me, remember what I can do"

"You don't get to tell me what the fuck to wear Xavier!" I screamed throwing the stupid dress on the bed.

"Think again Vanessa, it's for your own good, unless you wanna show everyone the pretty bruises I left on your body last night" he got up from the chair angrily and walked towards me.

"It's raining, I don't what you wearing your little skirt. You can catch a cold"

I laughed. Like a full on belly laugh. This was the same guy who fucked be like a whore last night. The same guy who video me showering naked.

He suddenly cared that I could get a cold. He face got hard and he went to pick up the dress.

"I'm sorry" I said laughing "it's just I didn't know you cared if I got a cold"

"I don't care, I just don't wanna get sick too when I fuck you"

Not surprised. Of course he didn't want to get sick. I didn't want to be late so I collect the dress "this is the last time you pick my clothes" I said walking back to the closet so I could get dressed.


Greta looked like she won the lottery when she saw us walking down the stairs. She kept looking at me smiling. I think she knew he spent the night. I blushed, oh god I'm sure she's heard. I wasn't exactly quite.

She made us both breakfast to go. The way she looked at Xavier who would think she was in loved. She even tired to get him to come from dinner but i kindly reminded her that dad would be home today.

I pulled Xavier's out the house as he was to busy charming her. I was surprised of how polite and charming he was being. I think I drooled a little bit. He had told her that he will be dropping me home so Paul won't need to pick me up.

The driver to school was quite. Not that I was expecting much conversation. I was still angry that he had the nerve to pick my outfit. I think he knew cause he had a little smile on his face. I still sore from last night but I was trying not to show it.

I asked him if he could stop at the pharmacy on the way. And he asked why. I don't know why I didn't tell him that I wanted to get a pill. But I felt the need to say that I was running out of tampons and need to stock up. He didn't question me after that. It was a quick trip. The woman at the till had asked me how long ago was the sex and I told her last night. She told me I should be fine that there was no way I could be pregnant. But I still wanted to be save.

I bought a pack of the pill just incase it happens again. And made sure not forgetting a pack of tampon.


"You had sex!"

I chocked on the strawberry I was eating. I looked at Mary's surprises face. And the others looking at me. Josh looked surprised and sad for a second.

I looked at where Xavier was sitting with some girl on his lap. My heart was breaking with every second she was sitting on him but I ignored it. I think her name was Nicole. She came with him to lunch.

He hadn't said a word to me after he dropped me off this morning and told me to meet him there after practice.

"Who told you that" I looked back at Mary. Ignoring the others eyes. Xavier wouldn't tell her. Right?

"Because it's all over your face. Who he is? I want details and don't forget the dirty ones."

I didn't quite know if it was a good idea to share the one night stand I had with Xavier with everyone. Especially with Josh looking at me like I stole his toy.

"Ooo, is it someone from this table" she said still down.

I looked around the table. Some of the football player was here and I didn't even know there's name. I was only here cause of her.

"It not something I wanna share with a bunch of strangers looking at me Mary"

"Come on, I wanna know. It must have been something If your glowing like a stick" she pushed

I gave her a hard look for her to drop it. But she didn't.

She looked at Josh and gasp.

"OMG, was it Josh, is that why you were begging me for his address yesterday"

At this point the boys were already congratulating Josh. I looked at him ashamed.

"It wasn't Josh" I told her angrily. Does she know when to shut up.

She opened her mouth to speak but Josh beat her to it "just shut the fuck up Mary, she doesn't want to tell you!" He yelled at her, making the table go silent. He got up and stormed off.

"You never know when you stop talking Mary" Stephanie say as she got up and ran after Josh. I still wasn't talking to her. And she has been avoiding looking at me.

The table was now awkward. I looked at Xavier and the girl was gone from his lap and he was looking at Mary with a hard look on his face. "Fuck you" she said to him getting up and leaving. Making me confused. What did he do?

"Mary, Wait" I said going to run after her. I didn't want her to be upset. I wasn't really mad at her. But I felt something pulling my hands. I looked and saw Xavier firm hands on mine.

"Leave her" he said pulling me back down. "She needs to cool off"

"Don't fucking touch me" I said a little too loud surprising him

"What did you say"

"I said don't fucking touch me, not after you just finished touching one of your whores" I screamed at him. The boys were surprised at my outburst. To be honest so was I. I didn't know I was that affected by it.

"Don't forget you were one of my whores last night" he said smirking.

I was sick of his stupid face. I wanted to rip it off. This was all because of him. Josh hated me. Mary was gone and Stephanie won't even look at me.

"I am sick of you Xavier, I don't know who the fuck you think you are but I won't let you control me anymore. And before you say anything about the video. I don't fucking care . Post it. Show it too the whole world for all I care. Everyone already knows what a tits looks like" I screamed. I was out of breath at this point. The whole cafeteria was looking but I didn't care. His face was red. He looked like he was about to explode. He had gotten up from his sit

"You don't get to fuck me and have a girl on your lap on the same day fucking day Xavier. You don't get to pick my fucking clothes. I choose my clothes. And you don't get to touch me when you have that slut all over you

"Are you sure about that Vanessa" he said sinisterly

"Yes I'm sure. Post it, I fucking dare you. Post that video and everyone will see how crazy and messed up you are just like your mother!"

His face fell for a second. He looked vulnerable as I said that. I quickly regret saying he was crazy like his mother. He looked like he wanted to kill me. He started walking towards me but Alan grabbed his arms and whispered something in his ear.

I heard hushed whispered around me. I knew everyone heard what I said.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean that" I said softly. But his bright green eyes were gone. It looked empty. I knew he didn't want people knowing about his mother.

He ignored me and started leaving. "Xavier!" I screamed his name but he didn't stop. I didn't even realise I was crying. I didn't mean to say his mother was crazy. I know what it felt like to not have a present mother.

I was gonna run after him but Alan grabbed me and said "I don't think that's a god idea" in my ear as I cried.

"Come on" he said taking me out the cafeteria. I promised myself I will never go there again. Too much drama happens there.

I didn't even know where Alan was taking me. He could be taking me to kill me but I didn't care. I was too tired to fight at this point. I just wanted to sleep.

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