Xavier’s girl Chapter 15: Trust me


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He took me to his house. I was a bit surprised, confused and scared at the same time. I knew we would be alone in his huge house. He was pulling into the driveway, it was empty unlike Friday night. There wasn't any much playing. I could hear the birds.

He parked and got out of the car. It took me a second to come out cause I wasn't sure if I was safer in his car or house. I figured none. He could do whatever he wanted to me anywhere.

He waited for me to catch up with him at the door. He opened the door walking into an empty house or so I thought.

When he closed the door behind me I heard voices and footsteps. I looked at him alarmed were his parents home. I was about to ask when I saw a tiny girl running screaming his name.

He bent to pick up the little girl and I stood surprised. I didn't know he had a little sister. "I'm sorry master Xavier, she refused to sleep" I heard a woman say. She came for the same place the little girl ran out of.

"It alright Grace" he said giving the little girl to the woman. She looked about 50. She was wearing a flower maxi dress with her grey hair in a bun.

"Who are you" I heard the girl ask looking at me up and down. My eye widened not knowing what to say. She looked exactly like him. They had the same green eyes. "Are you my new mummy?" she asked making me chock on my spit.

Girl no, I thought.

"Take her to her room" Xavier told the nanny ignoring her question. The nanny nodded and left. Leaving us alone in an awkward silence.

"Why did she ask think I was her mummy" I asked him confused. What about there own mother.

Oh god was she his kid. He saw where I was going and he said "no she's isn't mine, if that's what your going to ask" he said walking upstairs.

I didn't move. I didn't know if he wanted me upstairs. Hell I don't know if I wanted me upstairs.

When he noticed I wasn't behind him he stopped and turned. "Come" was all he said and be kept walking.

I followed him. Slowly. He wouldn't do anything with his little sister and nanny in the house right. I hope he wouldn't.

I followed him inside his room. But he wasn't there. I heard the water running in the bathroom so I figured he was inside.

Being back in his room brought back he memory of me on my knees sucking his dick. I saw his king bed was unmade. I blushed thinking about him naked in his bed. What the hell was wrong with me.

I heard something dropped and him screaming fuck from the bathroom making me jump. I ran towards the bathroom thinking he fell. Dropping my bag on the Floor.

I opened the door to see him trying to clean his face. And the first aid box on the floor.

"What the fuck do you want" he asked angrily. He was back to his normal self. I walked in and close the door behind me ignoring him. I didn't know what I was doing but I bent to pick up the first aid box. Placing it on the sink. He was looking at me through the mirror.

I opened the box brought out the alcohol rub. "Come" I said softly to him. He turned to face me. I grabbed the his face softly and started cleaning this dried blood.

He was way taller than me so I had trouble reaching his face. He noticed and he lifted me placing me on the counter as I squealed.

But he kept a straight face and let me clean his face. He was staring me weirdly whilst I was doing it. I noticed how green his eyes were and his curls on his face. I pushed some away from his face. He had bags underneath his eyes like he hadn't slept for days. I wonder what could be keeping him awake.

"Done" I said putting my hands down. There was no longer blood on his face. Just a bruise. That is turning purple reminding me of the one on my neck.

He was looking at my face as If trying to figure me out. I bite my lips nervously making him growl. He pushed against my legs and I felt his hard dick.

I looked at him surprised when he was turned on. But he was smirking.

"Take off your top" he voice sounded hoarse. I was nervous but I took it off. I didn't want him to get angry.

I place it on the counter as he looked at my breast. Before he started taking off his top. I haven't seen his body before. But I was surprised to see how muscly and tan he was. He had a six pack and huge arms. I could see little scars around his chest. They looked like little claw marks. I wanted to touch them, but I didn't. I wondered what happened to him.

"Take off the bra" he said as he buttoned his jeans making my heart pound. Was he going to have sex with me now.

"Take off your bra baby" he said again when I didn't do it.

I started taking it off slowly, pulling it off my body. He sucked in a breathe as he looked at my hard nipple groaning. " I love you tits" he said

pulling his jeans off and was standing there in his boxers. I could see his dick wanting to come out.

He raised my skirt pulling it off over my head. Leaving me naked in front of him. My panties were still in my bag.

"God baby, your perfect" he said kissing my collarbone. I threw my head back moaning.

He moved down to breast taking my nipples in my mouth playing with it. Biting it softly I could feel the wetness slipping out of me. He pulled my legs apart leaving me exposed to him like before.

With my nipples still in his mouth he put a finger inside me making me scream. Oh god. It felt good. I wanted more. I could feel my pussy pulling his finger in as he feed on my breast. 

I pushed him away for my breast and he let out a growl. I held his face in my hands. " I wanna kiss you" I said stroking his face.  I kissed the corned of his mouth. Moving to his lips he grows and pulling my face to his lips claiming my lips aggressively, pushing me against the mirror as his hand moves to cup my breast.

He squeezes them while he kisses me, harder and faster. This was more passionate then the one we had in he car.

Something stirs inside me, and this time it's not fear it was pleasure. I wanted more. His tongue demands entrance to my mouth, I open my mouth on a gasp and he sweeps in, his tongue tangling with mine. I'm lost in a ocean of pleasure already, then, I felt his hands move and he took out his dick. I pulled away scared he was going to put in.

"I'm not gonna put it in" he said "trust me" I was a having a hard time doing that with you blackmailing me I wanted to say. But I shocked my head saying no. I didn't trust him.

His eyes went cold for a second "I Promise I won't put it in, if wanted too I would have by now" he said. I hesitated but nodded.

His lips claimed mine again kissing me hard. I felt him grabbing his dick and started rubbing it against my clit.

I gasp against his mouth. He catches my bottom lip between his and bites not too hard, but enough to startle me. He strokes my clit with his dick and I moan, my eyes rolling back, my chest working.

He leaves a trail of rough kisses along my jaw, making his way to my neck, rubbing his dick against me. I felt it twitch as he presses it against my opening making me gasp. I thought he was going to put it in but he didn't.

I cried out and trembling, chills of arousal hitting me on and off. I can't even think, I can only want. Need. Feel.

"Xavier," I cry. I don't even know why, I don't know what I was asking for.

"Feel good, baby?"

With my eyes closed, I nod my head. "Yeah." At this point I wanted him to put it in. I was a mess. I needed more.

I spread my leg wider making him growl moving against his dick. "Oh baby your gonna make me come" he said sucking on my nipple.

"Xavier please" I begged.

"You want me to make you come" he asks pulling away from my nipples.

Licking my lips, I nod my head. My heart falters as I do, but I'm so close, I can feel it sneaking up on me. I need him to take me there again. I need it. "Please," I whisper.

He moved back to my breast sucking at each nipples. Rubbing his dick that was covered in my wetness against me. I could feel it coming. He groan and did on finally stroke and I come apart.

I cry out and he moan. I felt his body shaking. He was coming with me. He moved to take my lips in his making me moan and cry out against his mouth, the sharp pleasure taking its time moving through me. Oh, God, it feels incredible. I felt him release between my legs as he groans moving as he wanks his dick emptying himself between I legs.

We stayed still. Breathing hard. In between my thighs felt very slimy and wet. My come mixed with his. He suddenly moves grabbing a face towel. He wets its and bends down in front of me.

My legs were still wide open, shaking. He wipes me clean of his come and mine. He standing up and took my perky nipples in his mouth before moving away.

"Go get dressed, you can wear my shirt" he said pulling me off the counter. "Stay in my room, I will be out in a minute" he pushed me out the bathroom.

He was in the bathroom for while. But I heard the shower running so I sat at the edge of the bed and waited. I had picked out a plain black tee to wear. I still had the one he gave me on Friday it was currently on my dresser.

I had texted Paul saying he didn't need to pick me up and that I would be home late. It was currently 2 something. I would have been on my way to gym class by now. Kinda happy I was missing it.

He walked out the bathroom with a towel on his waist. Water was dripping from his hair down his body; he looked like god. He walked into the closet and didn't come out for a few minutes.

"Are you hungry" I heard him asked.

I was actually starving. My belly growled when I started thinking about food. Right when he walked out the closet.

"I will take that as a yes" he said smirking making me cheek hot. He was wearing a black nike tee and black fleece.

"Come" he said walking towards the door. I followed him and he took my hands in his and lead me out his room.

Thinking he was taking me to the kitchen but he lead down a fight of stairs to the basement. He opened a door. I knew this was his cave. There was a huge tv on the wall I could see his Xbox and stacks of games CDs.

There was a huge couch in the middle in front of the pool table. "Sit" he pointing to the couch. I sat down and he sat beside me texting on his phone. I wondered who he was always texting. Probably Alan.

"You want pizza" he asked not looking up from his phone.

I didn't mind pizza "yes" I said softly. And he nodded and kept texting.

He put his phone down and looked at me. "It's on the way" he said confusing me. Took me a second to realise he was talking about the pizza. He was ordering it.

He pulled me to him and turned on the tv. He rested his head on my chest as he looked for something to watch. I was scared to move or breathe.

"Why am I here?" I asked him. He didn't need to bring me to his house.

He stopped what his he was doing and lifted his head from my chest. He stared at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

"Because I need you"

I stopped breathing as he said that. He was fucked up. After everything he did to control me. Just because he couldn't leave me alone. He definitely had some mental issues. But my heart was heavy as he said that.

"Is that why your blackmailing me" I asked confused "if you liked me you could have just asked me on a date or something like a normal person"

He shakes his head "I didn't want to give you chance to say no." he said "I would had have to sit at the cafeteria everyday and watch Josh touch you" I could feel him getting angry.

"I needed to have you. For you to be mine. So I did what I had to do so I could have you and now I'm incapable of leaving you alone"

He was sounding crazier than before. He was trapping me. I didn't know if I should be scared or happy that he wanted me.

"Then don't" I hear myself whispering to him. Where they hell did that come from. Was I falling for him?

I think I even surprised him. He looked shocked for a second but he nodded and faced the tv. He didn't say anything after that. He had put a movie for us to watch. But I wasn't really watching it. I was shivering so he used the blanket on the couch to cover me.

The woman Grace had come with a box of pizza a while ago. We ate in silence, which I didn't mind cause I was hungry. He had about four slicing and I had three. He said i could eat the rest but I told him I was full.

My thought went back to his little sister. He didn't even tell me her name and I didn't wanna ask. I was still a bit freaked out that she thought I was her mum. Maybe she just thought everyone was her mother. But what about their parents. He didn't really talk about them.

I felt myself falling asleep half way through the movie. I was tired after not sleeping well last night and after everything that happened today.

I felt his hands moving up the shirt I was wearing. He pulled it up exposing my breast. I was too sleepy to protest. So I mumble a stop. But of course he didn't listen.

I felt his wet tongue taking my nipples into his mouth, latching on it like a baby. I was waiting for him to try something else but he didn't. His hands stayed on my stomach as he sucked my breast. I opened my eyes confused why he was just sucking my breast. Normally he would had put his hands down there.

His eyes was on the tv but his mouth on my breast. I moaned and closed my eyes letting him do it cause it felt nice and was making me more sleepy. I closed my eyes welcoming the sleep as he sucked and licked my nipples. I think he had a breast fetish.

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