Xavier’s girl Chapter 10: You look ho


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It was half way through the day I have checked my phone twice. The last time I checked I had 4K followers. It was kinda scary knowing this people were watching me. Ok not watching but that what it felt like.

It was currently lunch time and I thought I should go say hi to them. And plus I didn't have any work to do today. And besides Mary texted me saying I should come and I kinda missed them.

I made my way to the cafeteria. And it was packed like always. I went towards their table. I could see Josh, Xavier, Mary , Laura, Brooke and callum.

There were all talking but Josh saw me walking a smiled "hey Vanessa where have you been" he said making them look my way.

"Sorry guy I have been busy with school work" I wasn't lying.

"Come sit" Mary said telling them to move aside" I saw Xavier looking at me like he always did. I smiled at him but his face reminded hard. I looked away and rolled my eye.

"Where Stephanie" I noticed she wasn't there. In fact Alan wasn't here either.

"She has the school council meeting" Laura said. I nodded at her. I didn't know she was in the school council.

"You still coming tonight" Josh asked me

"Yeah I am" I smiled at him. "Good, cause it's gonna be so lit" he said making me laugh.

"What time does it start" I asked him but Xavier answered instead.

I haven't heard his voice in a while. It made my tummy flutter when he spoke.

"9" was all he said looking at me. And I nodded at him. He eyes moved down to my lips as I licked them. And his eyes got hard again.

I looked away from him. I felt Mary pulling my arm. I looked at her confused and she was giving me wtf face. I gave her a what face she mouthed don't worry.

"Did you see the picture" I heard Brooke say.

" I did, it kinda creeped me out" I told them.

"Don't worry you look hot in them" Laura said making me laugh.

"I wanna know who the creep is" mary said.

"Same, I feel like I have to look behind my shoulders every time now" I told her.

"At least you got followers" Laura added.

"Okay but I'm not sure why they are following me. Like I'm not gonna start posting of all a sudden" I said to them.

"Maybe they think you look hot" Josh said making me blush.

"Thank you, but it still a bit creepy" I said to him.

"Girl if I was you, I would use it and maybe became an instagram girl. They make money" Mary said. "We could go out and take pictures of you in your cute outfits and post them" I could see the excitement in her eyes making me laugh.

"No way Mary. Not happening" I told her. I wasn't photogenic. And I didn't have time to go out and start talking pictures.

They will probably realise that and unfollow me by this weekend.

"Have you seen Jenna since last night" I heard Callum ask Xavier. I wonder what he meant.

All Xavier said was no. Why did Callum care if he saw Jenna. Did they have a fight or something. But everyone ignore the conversation so I didn't ask questions.

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