Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 456: Wang Hong Dao returns


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Translated by: La0o9
Proofreader: Arya

Let’s rewind time a bit

Right as Gu Qing Shan went to Xiong Ji Hall to find the secret scriptures.

Ye Ying Mei and Zhao Wu Chui both left the platform.

Zhao Wu Chui returned to his own accommodation.

He first turned on all the formations before closing all the doors and windows.

Going through a long hallway, passing a flower garden, Zhao Wu Chui finally reached his own cultivation room.

Lowering his head, he stood silently for a while.

Right now, there was nobody to bother him.

All unnecessary people and things were left outside of this room.

Zhao Wu Chui massaged his own face with his hands.

Slowly, his expression loosened.

“New world…”

Zhao Wu Chui muttered.

After a while, he sighed regretfully.

“Damn it, why did you have to swear to kill Wang Hong Dao!”


He slammed his fist on the wall, breaking a large chunk off of it.

Right below where he hit, a small path opened up.

After standing there blankly for a while, Zhao Wu Chui finally sighed and went down the path.

Deep underground, there was a large formation set up.

Taking out a few dozen spirit stones, Zhao Wu Chui appeared unwilling.

Every piece of spirit stone used was one less that he had.

But he can’t not use it now.

Zhao Wu Chui put a total of 7 pieces of spirit stones into the formation.

The formation activated, letting out a constant humming sound.

The humming continued for a while, but there was no change.

Zhao Wu Chui became a bit anxious.

“It can’t…”

He couldn’t help but put his hand on his own chest.

His heart wasn’t beating abnormally.

A few moments later, a pained and dry coughing came from the formation.

He only managed to calm down as he heard the coughing.

Zhao Wu Chui silently stood there waiting, holding his breath so that he wasn’t breathing heavily.

The coughing slowly went away.

Replaced by an angry voice.

“Didn’t I say not to bother me unless there’s an emergency?”

The voice was extremely impatient and even sounded a bit pained.

“There really was an emergency I needed to report”

Zhao Wu Chui carefully chose his words.

“Emergency? What kind of dog shit emergency could there be, fine, speak”

Zhao Wu Chui then summed up the crucial points and told him.

“What! You said Qi Yan claimed to have two new worlds in his hands!?”

His impatience from before completely disappeared, he even sounded a bit excited now.

“Yes, I’ve confirmed this” Zhao Wu Chui respectfully said.

“Good! Very good! I’ll return right away” the old voice replied.

“But then… your wounds…”

“It doesn’t matter” he coldly laughed, “I managed to kill his father, what is a spring chick like him going to do?”

Then the old voice changed a bit, asking: “However, how is Ye Ying Mei’s treasure tool?”

“Don’t worry master, I sabotaged both of the treasure tools already, Qi Yan wouldn’t be able to use either of them against you” Zhao Wu Chui said.

“That’s good, where’s that brat Qi Yan now?”

“He’s currently in Xiong Ji Hall, checking the scripture jade tags”

“Hm, you did well, that’ll keep him occupied, he won’t be able to learn much in this short time anyways”
The old voice became relaxed: “If that’s all, I’ll be returning to let him see his father now”

Zhao Wu Chui was still a bit nervous: “But I still haven’t gotten information out of him, we still don’t know the new world’s coordinates”

“Coordinates… I’ll think of a solution to that myself, I’ll go back right now”

Saying so, the voice on the other side cut off.

Zhao Wu Chui kept staring blankly at the formation for a while later.

As if he was reminiscing.

“I’m only doing this to live, none of you can blame me”

He told himself.

While he was talking.

Guang Yang sect.

In the air.

At the top of the quarantine formation.

A figure showed up.

It was an old man with a menacing expression.

Wang Hong Dao.

He was wearing a grey robe that had fresh red blood stains on both sleeves.

There was a shocking wound on his shoulder.

A sharp golden light stuck close to the wound, leaving it unable to close.

A faint mist of blood drifted from the wound into the air around.

“…Qi Ruo Ya, you don’t need to wait for me on your way to Huang Quan, this old man will definitely recover”

Wang Hong Dao begrudgingly cursed, then formed a hand seal.

Countless grey shadows flew from all over the floating island and came before Wang Hong Dao.

When they stopped, it was clear that they were corpses of cultivators with blank open eyes.

Wang Hong Dao’s hand seal changed.

Following his seal, the corpses all opened their mouths.

Grey fog came out from the corpses and gathered, forming a large cloud of grey fog.

This cloud of grey fog then poured themselves into Wang Hong Dao’s body.


While Wang Hong Dao moaned in pain, the wounds on his shoulder already closed up quite a bit.

After he was done, Wang Hong Dao wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Who is Wu San?” he asked with a hoarse voice.

A corpse with a crooked neck flew out in front.

Wang Hong Dao squinted his eyes to observe Wu San’s corpse.

“Ah? Sainted realm? But a complete non-combatant, neck got broke defenselessly after being knocked unconscious”
“Leaving such a useless shit alive really was a waste of natural essence”

Wang Hong Dao sighed.

He took out a fuzzy purple insect from somewhere and flung it forward.

The purple insect landed on Wu San’s shoulder and quickly crawled into his ear.

A few moments of silence.

Wu San began to move.

Crack, cra-aick!

He was trying to move his neck back in place, letting out some strange cracking noises in the process.

“No need to try, the neck bone was completely smashed, you’re not going to fix it” Wang Hong Dao said.

Wu San stopped trying.

He opened his eyes.

There was no iris, the entire eye was white.

The Corpse Insect had taken over this body.

“What does master want to know?” while speaking, Wu San’s mouth was drooling nonstop.

“Did Qi Yan really find another world?”

“He did”

“Why didn’t this person go as well?”


“Why did Qi Yan kill this person?”

“Unsure, I only know that before he died Ye Ying Mei and Zhao Wu Chui conducted Soul Reading on him”

“If that’s so, it must be to seal his mouth”
Wang Hong Dao smirked heavily: “Unfortunately, that brat doesn’t know that I have a way to force the dead to speak”

“Master, is it done?” Wu San asked.

“Not yet, try and recall carefully where the new world’s coordinates are hidden” Wang Hong Dao said.

Wu San closed his eyes and fell into a blank state again.

“Seems like this level of insect isn’t enough” Wang Hong Dao muttered.

He spat out some blood.

The blood gathered in midair, slowly turning into a ball of blood.

As Wang Hong Dao opened his robe, a white insect about the size of his thumb jumped out, swallowing the ball of blood whole.

Wang Hong Dao caught the white insect and shoved it into Wu San’s mouth.

The white insect crawled inside.

A few moments later.

Wu San opened his eyes again.

With a hoarse voice, he spoke: “According to his body’s memories, Qi Yan didn’t trust anyone with the world’s coordinates and only Qi Yan himself knew it”

Wang Hong Dao was surprised.

“Only Qi Yan knew it? That doesn’t match what Zhao Wu Chui told me at all”

Wang Hong Dao carefully recalled Zhao Wu Chui’s words.

Qi Yan swore an oath to heaven and earth to prove that he really didn’t know the new world’s coordinates.

He said he already hid the coordinates away, even if they tried anything with him, they wouldn’t find the coordinates.

But as Qi Yan’s close aide, Wu San claimed that only Qi Yan knew the coordinates.

Thinking about it briefly, Wang Hong Dao understood.

This was very simple to explain.

The two new worlds’ coordinates really are known to Qi Yan alone.

But the oath couldn’t be false.

So the truth must be this: to guarantee his own safety, Qi Yan had given the coordinates to someone else to protect.

And Wu San simply doesn’t know that Qi Yan did this.

Wu San was only a subordinate, so he assumed that the world coordinates were still in his master’s hands.

That must be it.

Wang Hong Dao nodded.

In this entire Guang Yang sect, as long as he wanted to know, no one can hide anything from him.

Wu San stared at Wang Hong Dao.

Wu San asked: “Is it over yet? And I can eat this Sainted realm corpse?”

“Wait a bit longer”

Wang Hong Dao said and continued to think.

The brat Qi Yan is sly.
But then, who would that brat give the coordinates to keep to be able to protect his own safety?

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