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Translated by: La0o9
Proofreader: Arya

The secret room.

Gu Qing Shan was holding a jade tag in each hand, calculating the Soul Points expenditure.

Currently, his knowledge of formation had reached this world’s intermediate level.

A few moments later.

Gu Qing Shan put the jade tag down with a heavy expression on his face.

The amount of Soul Points necessary to learn formation was staggering.

He would need to spend more Soul Points to reach this world’s middle-advanced level.

And Qi Yan’s level was at least first-rate.

And then, to be able to unlock the Two-world warp formation plate, he must be at least 1 grade above Qi Yan.

He needed more Soul Points.

Gu Qing Shan checked his remaining Soul Points amount.

To undo the two girl’s Spirit Shackles, he spent 100 Soul Points.

So he had 1003 Soul Points left.

At most, he’ll only be able to reach Qi Yan’s standard after using all 1003 Soul Points he had left.

Which means he won’t be able to unlock the formation plate.

Of course, even if he didn’t undo the two girls’ shackles, the amount he had earlier wasn’t enough anyways.

Are there any other solutions?

Gu Qing Shan fell into contemplation.

Right, undoing shackles…
If he helps Ye Ying Mei and Zhao Wu Chui undo the restraints placed on their bodies, wouldn’t that allow them to attack at once?
Qing Rou, Wan Er, Ye Ying Mei, Zhao Wu Chui.
Two Tribulation realm cultivators and 2 Virtualized realm cultivators, a total of 4 people.
4 against a heavily wounded Wang Hong Dao, maybe there’s a chance.
Ye Ying Mei holds a very deep grudge against Wang Hong Dao, from her actions and the intelligence he gathered, this assumption should be correct.
As for Zhao Wu Chui…
He’s the one with the highest cultivation out of the three Hallmasters.
And since he’s a Virtualized realm Martial cultivator, his fighting strength is extraordinary.
If Zhao Wu Chui really didn’t want to cooperate with Qi Yan, he would’ve attacked me on the spot.
But he didn’t.
From that, it’s quite reasonable to assume his stance.
Undoing the two Virtualized realm cultivators’ restraints might be a reasonable idea!

Gu Qing Shan then went to the shelf of lock seal jade tags and searched.

“Gongzi, what jade tag are you looking for?” Qing Rou asked.

Returning together with Wan Er, they still had undried tears on their faces.

But their expressions were completely different from before.

They appeared more spirited and revitalized, changing their presence greatly.

Gu Qing Shan told them his goal.

“Then let us search with you gongzi, it’ll be faster” Wan Er said.

Saying so, the two girls glanced at him a bit before beginning to search for the jade tags.

Shortly after, Qing Rou found the first one.

It was the jade tag that held the method to Zhao Wu Chui’s restraints.

“The other one isn’t here” Shannu said.

“Maybe it’s on one of the other shelves, let’s split up to look” Qing Rou suggested.

The three girls split up to find that jade tag on the other shelves.

Gu Qing Shan carefully observed the jade tag in his hand.

This one was coated with a coat of black runes, giving off faint waves of formation.

After glancing at it, Gu Qing Shan could tell there were a few sealing formations placed on here.

This jade tag was sealed so that no inner sight could pass through.

If anyone tried, the formations would be triggered and destroy the jade tag.

Not giving up, Gu Qing Shan glanced at the War God UI.

Two lines of glowing text were hovering on the UI.

[Life Devouring Rejuvenation Insect]
[This Secret Art has been sealed, if a cultivator attempts to read it with their inner sight, the jade tag will be destroyed]

Reading through, Gu Qing Shan muttered, sure enough.
This jade tag can’t be studied------
Wait a damn minute!

Gu Qing Shan regained his spirit and asked: “System, you said cultivators cannot read the jade tag with inner sight, but what about you? Can you read the content of the jade tag?”

The System replied: [The System is able to accept your consignment, but the System will take 50 Soul Points of protocol fees, 100 Soul Points of service fees and 50 Soul Points of health fees]

“Why are there health fees as well?” Gu Qing Shan was surprised.

[Weaving through this sort of strictly confidential anti-theft measures to collect Secret Arts is a very hard thing to do, the System requires Soul Points as nutrition to focus its spirit and conduct this assignment]

“…fine” Gu Qing Shan muttered.

[Would you like to spend 200 Soul Points to search for this Secret Art?] the System asked.

Gu Qing Shan hesitated.

Behind him, the three girls called out: “Gongzi, we couldn’t find the other jade tag”

“Alright, I understand” Gu Qing Shan nodded.

If that’s the case, I won’t be able to undo Ye Ying Mei’s restraints.
Then should I undo Zhao Wu Chui’s restraints?

Gu Qing Shan went into thought.

I should do it after all.
His fighting strength is immense as a Virtualized realm Martial cultivator.
His participation in the battle could change a lot of things.

Thinking that, Gu Qing Shan made his choice.

“I’ll pay the 200 Soul Points, help me get this Secret Art, System” Gu Qing Shan said.

The System quickly replied: [Soul Points spent]
[Collecting the jade tag’s Secret Art now]
[Secret Art: Life Devouring Rejuvenation Insect]
[Life Devouring Rejuvenation Insect: Through the practice of this Secret Art, you learn of how to plant a life-devouring insect in both your and your target’s body]
[Once affected by this insect, the target’s life will become linked to yours, their life force origin will slowly become your life force’s nutrition]
[As your lives are linked, once you die, the target’s life will cease, but if they die, you won’t be affected]
[Practicing this Secret Art requires 500 Soul Points]
[Would you like to comprehend this Secret Art?]

Reading through the words on the War God UI, Gu Qing Shan froze.

He felt his heart sinking to the abyss.

“So that’s what happened…”

Gu Qing Shan muttered bitterly.

Grand Elder Wang Hong Dao was a cruel, merciless and distrusting person.

With his personality, he would of course tell Zhao Wu Chui the most crucial characteristic of this technique.

[As your lives are linked, once you die, the target’s life will cease, but if they die, you won’t be affected]

If Wang Hong Dao dies, Zhao Wu Chui will also die.

As long as Zhao Wu Chui doesn’t want to die, there was no way for him to escape Wang Hong Dao’s control.

But then why did Zhao Wu Chui cooperated with Ye Ying Mei and even created the treasure tool to go against Wang Hong Dao?
Why did Zhao Wu Chui support Qi Yan’s proposal to cooperate and kill Wang Hong Dao when he spoke about the new world?

Putting the jade tag down, Gu Qing Shan quickly thought about it.

Carefully recalling the situation at the time, Gu Qing Shan slowly understood.

The only one who truly wanted revenge was Ye Ying Mei alone.

Zhao Wu Chui had only been pretending from the very start.

In other words, Zhao Wu Chui was acting the whole time.

Which was why Zhao Wu Chui didn’t dismiss Qi Yan’s suggestion in front of Ye Ying Mei.

Because the fact that Qi Yan put out the new world as a lifeline and volunteering to kill Wang Hong Dao himself was 100% suited to Ye Ying Mei’s goal.

On the other hand, both Ye Ying Mei and Zhao Wu Chui have been preparing to kill Wang Hong Dao for several years.

If Zhao Wu Chui rejected Qi Yan’s proposal, that would just be revealing himself.

Ye Ying Mei wasn’t an idiot, she would’ve understood right away that Zhao Wu Chui has been fooling her all these years.

If the proposal was only to go to the new world, Zhao Wu Chui was more than willing.

But killing Wang Hong Dao…

Zhao Wu Chui’s life was linked with Wang Hong Dao.

Even if he was forced to attack him, he wouldn’t let Wang Hong Dao die.

Because if he did, Zhao Wu Chui himself would also die.

So when Qi Yan swore to kill Wang Hong Dao, Zhao Wu Chui was already on Wang Hong Dao’s side.

Zhao Wu Chui will definitely tell Wang Hong Dao about this.

Soon, when Wang Hong Dao returns, he’ll kill Qi Yan.

As for Zhao Wu Chui’s cooperation with Ye Ying Mei for the past years, that was probably Wang Hong Dao’s idea as well.

Seeing a woman do everything to struggle without being able to escape his palm, that’s probably Wang Hong Dao’s fetish.

Thinking clearly through all this, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but sigh heavily.

“Gongzi, what’s the matter?” Shannu came to him, asking worriedly.

“If something happen then tell us, since Wan Er’s and my cultivation has been released, we’d be able to do anything to help” Qing Rou

“That’s right” Wan Er said.

Gu Qing Shan looked at the three of them.

The three girls all nodded.

Gu Qing Shan shook his head with a bitter smile: “Originally I thought I had did things well enough, but it seems like there’s someone even more excellent”

“What do you mean?” Qing Rou asked.

“Basically, Wang Hong Dao probably knows anything and everything that goes on in the sect” Gu Qing Shan told them.

The three girls all became alert.

“How can that be? No one should be able to do it to that degree?” Qing Rou asked in confusion.

Gu Qing Shan.

“We’re dealing with a movie-king-level character, I myself almost got fooled by him”
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