World's Conquest Chapter 21: A heated battle


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The 11 Dragon Knights Bug out their eyes when they saw what happened the their captains Mount. Even so they still didn't let this opportunity to spill away. They controlled their on dragon mount to pincer the free falling Velrod.

Arrows flew, another poison breath released. All their long ranged attack aimed at the descending Velrod.

But Velrod didn't even look at this attacks, he simply twisted his body in mid air and perform a circle swing. When he swang his sword it created a ring of winds that shot outward, this ring of winds forced back the attacks coming from all directions.

With a grimace, Brand lifted his head to look at the incoming knight, shocked. A few seconds ago, when Velrod killed his dragon he fell from the sky with it. Bearing the full brunt of the fall his bodie ache all over, however, this pain could never expel the shock he felt when he had realized that this knight is much more stronger than he thought.

When he saw Velrod was about to land on the ground, he knitted his brows. He know that with his current strength can't even last a second fighting this monster. He needed to regroup with his squad.


Velrod landed on the ground with an incredible momentun.A crater was created where he landed. Without wasting any more time, he madly dash toward Brand who was still trying to create a safe distance between them.

Velrod's speed is greater than Brand, and Brand know this too. But this is not a one vs one fight, so he must use his advantage to over power this monster of a Knight.

"Battle archers cover me! And the rest get down here to assist me." Brand commanded his squadron. He then looked at their position calculating the exact time that they could land on the ground.

His squadron is more or less 500 meters above the ground and 100 meters away from him. 4-5 seconds, that's was the time when he could reunite with them on the ground. He then looked behind him to see how far behind his opponent from him.


He couldn't help but curse when he discovered that Velrod was already 3 meters behind him. His face darkened and his brows furrowed. But he didn't gave up, he pulled himself back together and remove all the unnecessary thoughts to let him focus on this fight.

"I must hold him up until my back up arrived!"

The 11 Dragon Riders saw that their captain was in a terrible predicament, hence, the 4 archers hurried to assist him and the rest dismounted their dragon mid air and then jumped down for faster descend.

Swoosh! But that wasn't fast enough because Velrod already swang his sword aiming at Brands back.

Brand had anticipated this move from Velrod. That's why he wasn't taken aback but this atttack. With a clear mindset, he rotated 180 degrees and brandished his spear.


The two attacks met, Brand parry's the attack from Velrod. He knows that Velrod is stronger than him, with this mind set he prepared a plan beforehand.

When the two attacks met Brand was pushed back a more than 10 steps, however he didn't tried to tried to resist this force and just let his body to be pushed back even more. That's right this was his plan, to use Velrods strength to gain more distance between them.

"Heh!" Seeing that his plan worked Brand grinned. He might be strong now but he can't continue this for long and after that he would become a mere punching bag.

At this moment the 4 battle archers arrived, with even waiting for their captains commands they open fired. Rains of arrow shot toward Velrod. They are only 4 archers but this arrows neared 1,000 in numbers.

This was one of the skills of battle archers. Arrow rain, battle archers would shot one arrow from their bow coupled with their passive skills, at the same time, they would activate the Arrow rain skill and that one arrow would multiply depending on their skill level.

Arrows rained down the sky and bombard Velrod. He tried to block this arrows by swinging his sword and creating a gust of strong winds to stop them from their tracks. Still, some arrows slipped and penetrated his body this made him slow down his pace. Nevertheless, this can't stop him from advancing. He continued to pursue Brand the captain of this squad.

Because of this Brand gained more time to create some distance between the two of them.

Numerous arrows penetrated his body from the front, despite of that he didn't stop and just continue dashing. Blood flowing from his wounds and covered his body, his strength is diminishing every seconds. But he must kill every last one of them before he dies for his Queen.

He saw an arrow was about to hit his head, Velrod hurriedly dodge it and then he slowed down his momentum. He then quickly took a stance, he leaned his body forward. Instantaneously, he put all his strength on his two feet then use this force to stomp the ground and propel his body forward.

Boom! When stomped the ground a loud 'boom' was created. The ground cracked and debris flew in every directions.

This all happened only by an instant.

He flew like a comet towards his opponents location.

At the other side, Brand and his subordinate had already regrouped. He ordered them to form a defensive position. He knew that those arrows can't stop Velrod, hence, he must organize his group fast.

"Tsk. This battle archers archers are weak, they can't even stop him." Brand was dissatisfied with his subordinates performance. Because he saw how easily Velrod passed through their attack formation.

In truth this 4 battle archers are his new recruits. This new recruits level is at 200, their battle experience is not high enough, however, Brand was expecting more from them because they are battle archers. Even at low level their arrows are deadly, their marksmanship is top notch.

So when he saw that Velrod passed through them he was dissatisfied with it. But this was not the right time to apprehend them because the enemy is already close-at-hand.

"Ready your spear and sword! Block his attacks!" Brand shouted his command.

"Yes captain." The seven simultaneously acknowledged his command.

The 8 of them formed their defensive formation and ready their heart from the incoming enemy.

Moments later Velrod arrived. He thrusts his sword forward and use the momentum to form an arrow like attack using his body. Brand and his subordinates attack at the same time. With their experience fighting with each other for a long time they could synchronize their attacks if they wanted to.

Their attack speed through at same time and aimed at the same spot, the tip of Velrod`s sword.

CLANG! weapons clashed, the ground below cracked and dust covered the area.

When the dust faded away brand and his subordinates could be seen standing at the center of the battlefield. No one get hurt from their side, but what about Velrod?

After that clash Velrod was thrown backwards by the impact. He was thrown a hundred meters away. His tattered clothes are now ripped off. His cut wounds opened more and his countenance paled. Clearly, he suffered from that attack and his strength was about to drain now. He can't evev move his body to stand.

"I failed." With a grimace he said those words.

"Noooo! Velrod." Queen Gy's countenance paled when she saw his Knight's predicament. Her eyes turned red and tears fell on the ground, she cried.

Queen Gy didn't know what to do, she can't even help his knight because of her lack of strength. she was a queen without any power to force this battle to stop. If this doesn't stop now Velrod would surely die.

"Please stop this now. Please." Queen Gy begged the dragon squadron to stop the fight." just take me with you and spare him, please."

"We can't do that, the king says left no one alive." Brand said. He looked at his former queen without any sign of pity or anything. He then looked at the two behind her, to know if they tried to escape. They can't escape him, however, it'll be troublesome to chase if they tried to run.

"Hmm?" Brand knitted his brows when he saw that one of the two is missing. "He run away?"

Brand saw that only the Queen and Yuimi was present, He didn't saw sky with this group so he concluded sky ran away.


Velrod saw a hand giving him a bottle of potion. This potion is bloodred, a natural color for a healing potion. He accepted it immediately, then drank it right away. Then he heard a voice say something to him.

"Why not just rest and let me take over?"
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