World Defying Dan God Chapter 1974


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- Tianhai flower
Zhan Xi had already given up all hope. He didn't have any chance now, he understood that since Chen Xiang knew he was this kind of person, then there was no way she could spare him.
"You must send them to me." Zhan Xi said coldly: "There is something related to them in my memories, it might be useful to you."

At this moment, Zhan Xi hated Chen Xiang very much, but he also hated those few Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's gods, because they were the ones who were too careless back then, causing this kind of thing to be leaked out. Otherwise, he wouldn't have fallen into Chen Xiang's hands right now.

"Definitely." Chen Xiang immediately swallowed Zhan Xi's memories and took out his Divine Deity.

Zhan Xi's divine soul had already been destroyed, and his body should not be burned by Chen Xiang either. He wanted to destroy the corpses and wipe out the evidence, as he had killed a relatively good young Alchemist in the Supreme Divine Palace.

From what he knew from Zhan Xi's memories, the gods of those Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s were famous all over the place. They would specially inquire about the Alchemist s who often gathered divine medicines, and after finding them in the precious land of the divine medicines, they would secretly follow them. As long as they found any divine medicines, they would immediately jump out to snatch them.

The last time they stole Xie Ao, they did not hide their identity, so Xie Ao was able to immediately see through their Purple Smoke Divine Mountain.
Other than that, Chen Xiang also knew that Zhan Xi often worked together with these robbers from the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain. Because Zhan Xi was very deceitful, he stayed in the Alchemist circle very well.

Furthermore, Zhan Xi and this bandit god had also discovered a few divine medicines, and those places were all extremely secretive. When the divine medicines matured, they would gather together and then go harvest them together.

And now, there was a place in this treasure land where the divine medicine was about to mature, and that was a Shangpin medicine.
Zhan Xi did not know what kind of divine medicine it was, he only knew that it was an ancient divine medicine from the mouths of those bandits, but it was very precious.

Chen Xiang estimated the time, there was still some time before the divine medicine would mature so he immediately rushed over. The route in Zhan Xi's memories was extremely detailed, he had to hurry in order to harvest it before the purple-clothed bandits did.
Chen Xiang told Yue'er about the flower's appearance. Although Yue'er didn't refine pills, she was an expert in this field, and even though this little guy often pretended to be cute and win over girls, she was definitely an old demonic cat.
After Yue'er heard Chen Xiang's description, she said: "This kind of flower is called the Tianhai flower, after eating it, it can increase the power of the Divine Sense Sea by a little. Of course, the main purpose of this flower is not to eat, but to store the power of the Divine Sense Sea."

"Your Six Realms' Power should be able to be stored in this kind of Tianhai flower as well. If you don't normally need it, you can store it inside, and when you rest during the night, you can replenish it. When you continue to store the Six Realms' Power, eating this kind of flower will allow you to immediately obtain the Six Realms' Power that you stored in the flower."

After Chen Xiang heard it, he felt that it was a little familiar. He frowned and said, "This effect is the same as the Divine Sense Sea Pellet. The Divine Sense Sea Pellet is a Shangpin dan.
The Divine Sense Sea Pill formula was chosen by Feng Yujie when she passed the Intermediate Alchemy God assessment, or was it chosen for her by Chen Xiang? It was just that he did not know the formula, and because he could not refine the Shangpin dan back then, he did not ask Feng Yujie.

"Tell me, what is the use of the Divine Sense Sea Pill? This Tianhai flower only has a limited amount of Divine Sense Sea's power." Yue Er said.
Chen Xiang told Yue'er about the effects of the Divine Sense Sea Pellet. Yue'er said: "The Divine Sense Sea Pellet that you mentioned is able to contain the power of one of the nine soul heavenly gods, it is many times stronger than a Tianhai flower and it cannot hold much. This Tianhai flower should be one of the ingredients to concoct the Divine Sense Sea Pellet without fail."
Since this was the divine medicine that he needed, Chen Xiang wanted to obtain it even more. He was initially running wildly in the forest, but right now he was using the power of teleportation to rush to a cave.
He travelled through the night. Two days later, he was far away from Grass Wood Elves Village. He arrived at a small mountain and circled around it to look for the entrance to the cave.

This cave was already covered up by Zhan Xi and the violet-clothed bandit, and had even set up restrictions. It was to prevent people from discovering it, and to wait for the Tianhai flower to mature naturally, they could go and harvest it.

If you don't have a special ability to maintain this kind of wild medicine, you can never pick it before it has ripened, or else it will be hard to maintain the best quality if you go to other places to cultivate it. So if you find a divine medicine, you won't be in a hurry to pick it unless you have no other choice.
The divine medicine treasured land had a different kind of nourishment compared to other places. The divine medicine here naturally grew at a rate of ten to a hundred times faster than other places. Legend has it that even some Divine Nations s would send people here to search for rare divine medicine.
Chen Xiang originally did not understand much about this treasure land, but after he devoured some of Zhan Xi's memories, he found out that this treasure land was extremely special and magical. Even though this place should be very small at the border between the six realms and the Sovereign Realm, but for some reason, this place gave birth to a space, causing the entire treasure land to continuously expand for a long time.
"I've found it. Those guys aren't here yet. I have to hurry up and make a move." Chen Xiang discovered the mark of the restriction and immediately teleported, passing through that place and entering the cave.
Chen Xiang originally thought that after entering the passage, it would be very dark, but he never expected that the entire passage would be filled with green light, and these strong green light rays were somewhat glaring.

He was inside the passage, and when he looked forward, he discovered that the light had come from the end of the passage. The source of the light was emitting an even more piercing green light, and he could not see what it was.

If it matures, it will not emit this strong light. This kind of flower is rather special, and it also has a certain spirit, he only emits light to protect himself because he sensed someone approaching him, and if he matures, he can burrow into the ground by himself. But there should already be a barrier placed around this place to prevent the Shangpin medicine from escaping. " Yue'er said, "If you pick it now, it might affect your future quality. As for this flower, it should be maturing soon."
Chen Xiang took out a jade bottle, inside it was the spirit liquid he condensed. Whenever he wasn't with Feng Yujie, he would cultivate this kind of spirit liquid like the Alive Slain Method.

"Then I'll let him mature." Chen Xiang laughed, and walked towards the bright light.