World Defying Dan God Chapter 1973


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Chen Xiang had already expected that Zhan Xi would kill him to rob their goods. He had guessed that Zhan Xi would fight with him and either release a Yin Blade behind his back or use an array disc to attack him, but he never expected that Zhan Xi would give him poison.
Zhan Xi walked over with a smile. Looking at his elegant appearance, he looked like an elegant scholar, and it was difficult to tell that he had a stomach full of evil tricks.
He poured a big bowl of golden colored fruit juice for Chen Xiang. When he just opened the bottle, Chen Xiang smelled a rich fragrance, causing him to uncontrollably swallow his saliva.

"Good stuff." Chen Xiang immediately praised. At the same time he praised the juice, he was also praising Zhan Xi's good methods. He actually thought of using this thing to poison others.

Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "This thing must be poisonous, do you want to drink it or not?"
Chen Xiang replied with a smile: "Of course I drink. I have profound strength, I want to see how strong this poison is."

Zhan Xi handed a big bowl of fruit juice to Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang hurriedly took it. After smelling the rich fragrance, he praised it and then took a big gulp to finish it.

"Do you still have more? Delicious." Chen Xiang praised her as he handed the bowl over.
Seeing Chen Xiang drink so heartily, Zhan Xi also laughed happily: "Of course there is. This is a very precious thing, I used a special technique to refine it, and not just anyone can drink it."
Otherwise, he wouldn't have said these words out loud. In order to let Chen Xiang be completely poisoned, he poured a bowl full of poison for Chen Xiang.

Just like that, Chen Xiang burped after drinking three big bowls.

Originally, Zhan Xi did not plan to kill Chen Xiang on his own, because he was worried that the weakness would fall into the hands of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain Gods, and now that there was poison grass outside the crevice, he could tell the gods that Chen Xiang had been poisoned, and that he could take away the fruit tree and divine fruit, it was truly two birds with one stone.
Chen Xiang suddenly frowned, and shouted: "Aiyo!"
It was only when he really reacted that he cried out. He clutched his stomach and chest and shouted in shock, "What's going on, his stomach and chest are both stinging."

This was the reaction of the poison. Chen Xiang was also secretly shocked in his heart that this poison could actually make him feel this way, and the poison was also spreading, but the anti-poison energy in his body was also quickly gushing out, enveloping all the poison.
"When I entered earlier, I saw many poisonous grasses and poisonous thorns outside. Brother Shen might have bumped into them before, but I have an antidote pill here. Brother Shen, hurry up and consume it to suppress the spread of the poison." Zhan Xi looked anxious as he took out a black pill.

Chen Xiang secretly admired this Zhan Xi. He could tell that the pill here was a poisonous pill with just one look, and it was refined with several poisons at that. The poison was even more terrifying than those bowls of fruit juice.
Chen Xiang immediately received it. He didn't even frown as he ate the poison pellet. After that, he closed his eyes and pretended to refine the poison pellet.
Seeing Chen Xiang close his eyes, the corner of Zhan Xi's mouth raised slightly, revealing a very pleased and treacherous smile. Then, he took out a jade box and carefully plucked the ten over divine fruits.

He was worried that Chen Xiang would say something, so he did not immediately put the divine fruit into the Storage magic treasure, but continued to dig for the tree. This tree's value was the same as the divine fruit.

Zhan Xi was very careful when digging up trees. That degree of meticulousness surprised Chen Xiang, he actually did a very good job on this kind of meticulous work. He had to pay attention to the roots of these trees when digging up trees, it wouldn't hurt a single root or else it would affect the growth of the fruit trees in the future.
The place where this tree grew was entirely made of hard rocks. The fruit tree had already dug into the rocks, and it would be difficult to dig it out without damaging its roots.
Just as Zhan Xi finished, Chen Xiang immediately used the spatial extraction technique to retrieve the jade box that contained the Profound Illusion Divine Fruit.

With his sudden movement, Zhan Xi immediately noticed it. She was shocked and quickly said: "Brother Shen, don't move recklessly, or the poison will spread."
Chen Xiang laughed: "Thank you brother Zhan for the antidote, I am much better now."

After saying that, he waved his hand and the divine tree that had just been dug out disappeared. It had been taken away by Chen Xiang, "Thank you for your hard work, Brother Zhan."
Zhan Xi was stunned, he saw the smile on Chen Xiang's face, and it was as if he understood something, he finally realised that Chen Xiang had been pretending from the beginning, he had initially schemed against Chen Xiang, but he never expected that Chen Xiang had always been scheming against him.
"You … "You weren't poisoned." When Zhan Xi saw that Chen Xiang was completely fine, he didn't look like a person who had taken both his poisons. If it was a normal person, they would have already been poisoned to the point that their minds were muddled.
"I was poisoned, but Brother Zhan gave me a precious antidote pill and saved my life." Chen Xiang continued to smile, and his smile became even more brilliant.
Zhan Xi frowned, he finally could not continue pretending and coldly said: "Hmph, consider yourself powerful, don't think that you are stronger than me just because you can play tricks, let's see your true abilities right now."
This time, Zhan Xi had truly failed miserably, and it had even turned completely upside down. He was so angry that even the dregs would not come out, taking out a spear, releasing his killing intent. He immediately rushed towards Chen Xiang and stabbed it into Chen Xiang's throat.
He suddenly pulled out his spear, causing blood to spurt out from Chen Xiang's throat and splatter all over his face. The blood was still warm, which made Zhan Xi unable to believe it, because this victory was too easy, it was almost impossible.
Of course, Zhan Xi was not that easy to obtain, he had only pierced the doppelgänger Chen Xiang created using the Six Realms' Power, it could even condense fresh blood, thus it looked very real.

And the real Chen Xiang was already outside the crevice.
After Zhan Xi realized that something was wrong, he immediately ran outside, but suddenly felt that his feet were being sucked in, and immediately activated the Mysterious power inside the Divine Sense Sea, wanting to break away from his body, but the more he used the Mysterious power, the faster the Mysterious power would escape from his feet.

The killing array that Chen Xiang had set up had already started to activate, first locking down the target, then releasing the condensed Six Realms' Power, through the array formation inside the Six Realms mirrors s, transforming into a terrifying form of power, attacking the target inside the array.

The array was activated, and Zhan Xi was unable to move at all. On the walls of the mountain crevice, countless Six Realms' Power s suddenly shot out from all directions, the first round of piercing did not manage to break Zhan Xi's defense, the Divine Armor on his body was still very strong.
However, she was unable to endure the second round anymore, and her body was immediately riddled with holes and turned into a bloody mess. Chen Xiang saw that it was enough and walked in.
"Brother Zhan, I just came out to pee, and you became like this? What's going on?" Chen Xiang said as he laughed, a hand was already pressing on top of Zhan Xi's head, although Zhan Xi was looking at him viciously, he pretended not to see it.
Zhan Xi was very young, only a few decades old. Compared to an old fellow like Chen Xiang who had lived for thousands and thousands of years, he was really a little too young.
"You … You have no reason to harm me. " Zhan Xi felt that Chen Xiang was searching his memories, and asked in shock. He couldn't understand why Chen Xiang would scheme against him like that.

I'll send the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain guys over to accompany you later. When the time comes, you can ask them if I have a reason. " His words and his smile made Zhan Xi feel as if he had fallen into a bottomless pit of despair.