World Defying Dan God Chapter 1972


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Chen Xiang had originally planned to kill this Zhan Xi after the Large Competition, but he had met him now, and this Zhan Xi seemed to not be merciful to him, so Chen Xiang steeled his heart, and did not care about anything else.

"Yue Er, can you find any place with a godly fruit?" Chen Xiang was also planning on how to kill Zhan Xi, he did not know how strong Zhan Xi was right now, so he could not recklessly clash with Zhan Xi. If Zhan Xi returned to Supreme Divine Palace alive, it would bring him a lot of trouble.

Thus, in order to have a 100% chance of killing Zhan Xi, he had to use other methods to ensure that there wasn't a drop of water that leaked out.
Although it was night, the starlight was concealed by the thick clouds, and the starlight could not penetrate the clouds. Chen Xiang was worried that Yue'er was unable to communicate with the stars and moon, and could not find the divine fruit.

When I communicated with Xingyue, the information they gave me was not from today. It was from a few days ago, or even a few years ago, or perhaps even more. Littlemoon smiled. "I've already asked around. There's a fruit tree nearby. Because this tree looks rather ordinary and its location is rather remote, it wasn't discovered."

Yue'er had told him about the middle grade divine fruit that Chen Xiang had just described to him. Now that he thought about it, Yue'er had long since found that fruit tree.

"Let's set up the trap first and then call that guy over." Yue'er laughed, she had also guessed Chen Xiang's plan.

Chen Xiang followed the direction Yue'er pointed and quickly arrived at the location of the tree. The place where the tree grew was indeed very remote and even though it was very close to the village, it was not discovered.
"Although this fruit is a high-grade divine fruit, its main purpose is to be eaten. It is not suitable for alchemy." Yue Er said.
Chen Xiang entered through a crack in the mountain. After arriving inside, the crack had become much wider, large enough for a few people to walk in side by side. There were also many poisonous thorns blocking the crack, so it had not been discovered.
"Using Six Realms mirrors s to set up traps is for the best. Go and see if the Six Realms mirrors has this kind of effect. I heard our patriarch in Star Moon Divine Race mention that Six Realms mirrors s have this kind of ability." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang did not notice that even though he had merged with a Six Realms mirrors, he did not have a lot of understanding of it, and would need to excavate a bit. He silently blamed this Six Realms mirrors, and should have told his master about his abilities when it was time to fuse with it.

He could feel the Six Realms mirrors in his body, the mysterious communication between them, and soon he knew how to use this ability.
"This Six Realms mirrors is really magical, to think that it has this kind of power, I actually didn't know about it before." Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors, and with a thought, he activated the Six Realms mirrors's killing array ability. At this time, more than half of the Six Realms' Power in his body was taken away.

Yue'er was pleasantly surprised. "Does it really have this ability? Besides killing arrays, there are also other formations?"

After absorbing a large amount of Six Realms' Power s, and adding the ones stored in the mirror, the Six Realms mirrors in Chen Xiang's hands already possessed a very strong Six Realms' Power, at this moment, it flickered with a white light. Following Chen Xiang's mental control, the white light exploded, turning into a killing array formed by the Spirit grain, and seeped into the stone walls and ground on both sides of the mirror.
"There are only a few that I can use now. Although there are a few other powerful formations, my current Six Realms' Power cannot support them." Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors also left his body and sunk into the ground.
He was not worried that the Six Realms mirrors would be snatched away by others, because he only needed a thought to allow the Six Realms mirrors to travel through space and return to his body.
After finishing all this, he immediately took out the Communication jade Symbol paper that Zhan Xi had given him and sent a message to Zhan Xi: "Brother Zhan, I've already found that divine fruit. I'm not familiar with it enough, and I don't know if this is the time to pick it.
The moment Zhan Xi saw the village, he suddenly received Chen Xiang's sound transmission and couldn't help but be suspicious. However, he didn't really understand Chen Xiang well enough, so he thought that Chen Xiang was a guy who liked to show off his simple brain.
After knowing that Chen Xiang had found a divine fruit, Zhan Xi was hesitant. He wanted to immediately look for Chen Xiang or first look for the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's divine gods.
If Chen Xiang really could find the divine fruit, and if he went over with those Purple Smoke Divine Mountain Gods, he would definitely share the divine fruit with them. In his heart, he did not want to know too, that it was a high-grade divine fruit, even if it was inferior in quality, it would sell for a lot of Shen Yuan stone.
After struggling in his heart for a while, Zhan Xi still decided to believe in Chen Xiang. Because he felt that Chen Xiang trusted him a lot, he didn't think that Chen Xiang would lie to him.
Chen Xiang waited for less than an hour within the crevice before he sensed that someone was outside. Zhan Xi had arrived, and even though he was near, Zhan Xi did not leak out any of his aura, showing just how cautious he was.

When Zhan Xi came here and saw the many poison vines outside that had been eradicated, he knew that the crack in the mountain was well-hidden. That was why he did not get discovered after so many years, it was very possible that there were divine fruits growing inside.
After arriving at this place, Zhan Xi became even more careful. He was still extremely vigilant, and after walking through a narrow crevice for a while, he finally arrived at a spacious place. As expected, he saw a tree.

There were more than ten topaz like fruits on the tree. Although it was in the dark night, they emitted a faint yellow light, and these fruits were exquisite and transparent, one could see the core of the fruits. It was exactly as Chen Xiang had said, and it was obvious that they were ripe.

"Brother Zhan, you've finally come. Do you know what kind of fruit this is? I don't know what kind of fruit this is. It doesn't look like it can be used to refine pills." Chen Xiang laughed when he saw Zhan Xi. At the moment, he was casually sitting on the ground, leaning on a mountain wall.
This is the Mystic Yellow God Fruit. It is indeed not suitable for alchemy, but it is still extremely delicious. When the fruit core is immersed in the God's Water, it can produce a very delicious and fragrant Mystic Yellow Fruit Juice. Zhan Xi's eyes lit up, these ten odd profound yellow divine fruits and this tree were all extremely precious in his eyes, a wave of greed suddenly rose up from his heart.

Zhan Xi was a very greedy person in the first place, otherwise, he wouldn't have risked agreeing to the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's deities to lure Chen Xiang out. If the Supreme Divine Palace found out that he had colluded with an outer sect to harm a fellow sect disciple, the consequences would be extremely serious.
However, Zhan Xi was willing to take such risks just for the sake of tens of millions of Shen Yuan stone. One must know that the matter of him betraying Chen Xiang and the gods of those Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s knew that they would very likely leak it out, so the risk was extremely high.
Zhan Xi lowered his head and took out a Storage bag, and the moment he did so, his eyes became sinister and fierce, but it was only for a moment, and he took out a jade pot. He smiled at Chen Xiang: "Brother Shen, you must have expended a lot of effort when you came in, let us drink first."