Within a dungeons grasp Chapter 9: What happens in Morse


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While wandering around Morse, me and Cannon found an alley that for whatever reason, Cannon found interesting, I assume it's because she saw something sticking out of a wall.

"What is it?"
*Sarcastically* "I don't know Tune, what does it look like?"
"Well it looks like a wheel sticking out of a stone wall. But that can't be it."
"We've seen weirder stuff."

It was a stone wall with a cart wheel half sticking out of it, there was a picture between each part of the wheel and when I tried to touch it, the wheel fell out revealing a hole in the wall leading inside, not big enough to move through, but enough to see into the house it had been sticking out of.

"I-I didn't mean to!"
"I know you didn't. I was watching."
"Oh, right... Don't look into the house Cannon."
"Why would I do that?!"
"Cause your much more curious than what's good for you."
"Fair enough."

She immediately pushed me to the side and before I could stop her, she looked into the hole.

"Hey! Cannon!"
"What's the harm? It's just a bunch of acydium on tables."

Acydium was a rare crystal made out of monster guts, sounds disgusting, but when monsters die, they may not entirely fade away, they may leave items like horns or guts behind, horns are used to craft weapons and guts are edible, but when guts are left out for too long, they crystallize, these crystallized guts can be ground up to a drug that's used to nullify pain. Drugs in this world are illegal as they can be dangerous, so we just use magic or potions instead, but being illegal just made them more valuable and now there's black markets for those who want to get high or drunk or whatever.

"Acydium? Isn't that illegal?"
"Yeah but only when ground up, this is still in crystal form."

A person with a large hammer entered the room and started crushing the acydium.

"Okay now it's illegal."

The person had a brown beard, glasses, large muscles, and a bald head. He was obviously a blacksmith for his day job but apparently needed a bit more money. He looked towards the wall and Cannon almost screamed. He had green eyes and was staring right at the hole in the wall.

Stranger: "So what do you want?"
Cannon: "Umm, nothing!"
Tune: "What?"

Cannon grabbed my arm, pointed her other hand down, and blasted us out into the sky.

"What the?! Cannon what are you doing?!"
"He saw me!"

The house erupted and shot pieces of wall and roof everywhere, the man jumped into the sky after us.

"Your not getting away that easy."
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